Are Mask Mandates meant to Kill the Soul and Spirit of Humanity?

We are now almost a year into the so-called global pandemic, with daily COVID reminders – propaganda – shoved down our throat from the mainstream media – a never-ending barrage of fear and messaging designed to slowly beat you down and force you into compliance.

At this point, a rational doctor, scientist, or public policymaker would be looking at the data and starting to ask themselves that if this thing is indeed real — as they keep telling us it is — are the masks making it worse? After all, in most areas of the world, we are now at almost full compliance, yet they are saying things are getting worse!

But pre-covid science plainly tells us why; you can’t go around adjusting your mask 100 times an hour and not expect to spread all sorts of disease throughout the community. Next time you are at the grocery store checking out, note to yourself how many times the cashier touches her mask as she is scanning your food – it’s basic hygiene, are we going to continue to pretend the masks are not making things worse?

So why keep it going? Are they purposely trying to spread the virus, or is there some other agenda at work?

I believe there are definitely sick bastards that know this is happening and are allowing it to continue, but I also think the mask is designed to crush your spirit.

They are constructing a new world devoid of expression and feelings.

The soul of your humanity in many ways lives in your face; it tells your story. Every wrinkle, frown, smile, scowl and snarl tells the world who you are and what you’ve been through.

So much is being lost by not being able to see a person’s facial expressions. It sucks the life out of a conversation and slowly numbs your senses until you no longer remember what conversations and life were like before the mask.

Almost a year into the Great Reset and we know the masks have only made things worse, so what was the point?

To have dead soulless shells walking around, no expression, no feeling, no life. They are killing the human spirit with these masks — I believe by design!

Here is what you are losing!

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  1. “You probably have seen me wearing a double mask … it certainly can’t hurt and might help, but it doesn’t yet reach the point of an official recommendation from the CDC because of the lack of data,” Fauci said in a Washington Post Live interview on Tuesday when asked about the possibility of a double-masking recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said alongside Fauci in a CNN Town Hall last week that double masking is not necessary if you are wearing a single mask that fits and is made of at least two layers of fabric.
“The CDC does not recommend that you must wear two masks, nor does the CDC recommend that you have to wear an N95 mask,” Fauci said.

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