Mass Shooting in Brooklyn: Cable News Media Silent because Shooter Doesn’t Fit their Narrative!

Four men were killed and at least five people wounded in a shooting in Brooklyn, but you likely won’t see days worth of coverage on CNN, FOX or MSNBC, and you definitely won’t see the democrat presidential candidates rushing to the scene, because the shooting doesn’t fit the narrative they usually try to push – the lone white gunman.

It’s unfortunate, but the racists in the news media and the democrat party refuse to acknowledge an epidemic level of violence in minority communities throughout the country, doing so would highlight how the democrat party has oppressed these people for centuries. So instead, the violence continues, and just like thousands of other shootings like this that happen every year, this will also be forgotten.

The Mass Shooting that wasn’t a mass shooting?

The shots started just before 7 a.m. at an after-hours club called Triple A Aces on Utica Avenue in Crown Heights, police said. Around 30 people — including several hookers and strippers — were inside the small club, illegally gambling and playing the dice game cee-lo, when one of the players pulled out a gun in an attempt to rob his fellow gamblers, sources said.

In all, four men were pronounced dead at the scene, and five others were hurt, including several who were hit by gunfire, officials said.

The illegal club, which had no liquor license, was allowed to operate for decades, despite having multiple complaints filed with the New York Government. “It seems like this place has been around for a while, operating under the radar,” Community Advocate Tony Herbert of the New York Multi-Cultural Restaurant & Nightlife Chamber of Commerce told The Post.

There are dozens of these kinds of venues operating in NYC. The government and the police refuse to do anything about them, because they would rather pretend that the problem is gun-owners, not actual criminals who operate right out in the open throughout New York.  

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  1. When will the White majority (what little we still have) speak up and speak out. This silent majority crap has gone on to long. We’re getting destroyed in the press and media daily for just being White.

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