Mass Shooting in New Orleans: Almost Zero National Media Coverage, Zero Response from White House

Over the weekend 16 people were hospitalized in a mass shooting in New Orleans. While mass shootings usually receive almost instant 24/7 coverage from the mainstream media, followed by Democrat lawmakers demanding more gun control laws, this shooting received very little attention and not a single remark from the White House.

So what was different about this shooting?

Well, just like the over 500+ people who are murdered in the streets of Chicago every year, this shooting didn’t quite fit the media narrative of blaming evil NRA gun owners. Just like the under reported Chicago shootings, this mass shooting involved a bunch of criminal thugs who are apparently exempt from the Obama administration’s wrath.

New Orleans Police

The shooting broke out late Sunday at Bunny Friend Park in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans where at least 500 people were gathered to shoot a rap video. Police spokesman Tyler Gamble told the Associated Press that the video was being made without a permit to use the park. He added that police were on their way to break up the crowd when the shooting took place.

Terrorist’s already among us…

Sadly these types of incidents are growing in regularity throughout the country; unfortunately, they are rarely covered because they happen in democrat controlled areas of the country with some of the toughest gun control laws on the book. It seems highlighting the epidemic level of black on black crime and gang violence isn’t a story the media wants to touch. After all, pointing out the epidemic level of gun violence in areas that pretty much ban guns might highlight how ineffective these laws really are.

So while the media spends hours upon hours covering things like the ISIS threat – which, I do believe is a very real threat to the country – we already have 1.4 million terrorists in this country who are completely ignored by the mainstream media.

According to the latest FBI statistics, 33,000 violent street gangs, violent motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 1.4 million members are criminally active in the U.S. today. This country’s gang problem is out of control, and a much larger threat to our safety than the threat posed by Islamic extremism.

Every year thousands of people are gunned down by violent street gangs, hundreds of thousands are assaulted and robbed, and billions of dollars of illegal drugs are pumped into this country through these organizations. According to the FBI, gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in the country, and up to 90 percent in some urban areas.

Why should we care about what these gangs are doing?

Because what’s happening in New Orleans and Chicago has been spilling over into suburban and rural areas of the country for years now. The riots we witnessed earlier this year in New York, Ferguson, and Baltimore are all symptoms of a larger problem – a problem that is spreading like a cancer throughout the country.

The shootings in New Orleans highlight a very real problem in this country; epidemic levels of gang related violence that is being ignored by the mainstream media, politicians, law enforcement, and the federal government.

If you have kids in Public School they are being exposed to these Gangs.

According to the FBI, Drugs and weapons offenses are the most common crimes gangs commit on school property.

A study released by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported that 45 percent of high school students have gangs or gang members on their campuses. And according to a study by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention 35 percent of middle-school students report gangs presence in their schools. I can tell you from my own experience; those numbers are probably massively underestimated.

The truth is there are far more violent crimes and school shootings in this country than what we are being told. The reason you don’t hear about them is because they are usually gang related, and the stories are often ignored by the media or covered up by the school system.

During the last week there have been at least three school shootings that the media and the Obama administration has all but ignored. I believe they were ignored because they were all gang related, and didn’t fit the narrative the media is trying to push. Why else would the national media ignore these shootings, while devoting 24/7 coverage to every shooting that happens in a rural or suburban area?

Department of Justice Gang Violence Stats:

  • 100% of cities with a population of more than 250,000 report gang activity.
  • 11% of rural counties and 35% of suburban counties report gang activity – I suspect these numbers are probably under reported, as many police departments don’t do a good job tracking locals gangs..
  • More than half of the homicides in Los Angeles and Chicago are gang related.
  • 94% of gang members are male: 47% Hispanic, 31% African American, 13% white, 7% Asian.
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  1. You really need to specify the part about “motorcycle gangs”. People reading this could assume you mean ALL motorcycle clubs, if they are wearing their colors. To me, you are promoting the bias against anyone who rides and is in a club. You truly need to be more specific.

    • I think most people understand the difference between a motorcycle gang, and a couple local guys who enjoy riding motorcycles that might be part of a club. I think saying “gang” vs “club” is pretty specific. Also, that specific segment of the story is a quote from the FBI.

      • Come on “John” give us some credit. Do you really believe that the general public can’t tell the difference between gramps and his friends touring on Saturday afternoon and known biker gangs?!? Jeez how much time did it take to find something to be offended about?

  2. This kind of event will never be covered by the media, or commented on by Obama because they helped create it. This is what happens when people have no consequences for rioting, looting and burning down their own cities.

    Imagine these people during a SHTF disaster and now maybe it makes sense why us preppers prep. These are the bastards that will be coming for you.

  3. You guys are always spot on with your threat reports. Way too many survival sites write about wilderness survival crap or tiptoe around the issues instead of focusing on real threats that we will all face at some point. I’m an outdoor guy but come on, time to start focusing what’s really going on in this country.

    Over the last two months 3 of my neighbors have been robbed at gunpoint in home invasions. I live in a good area in a semi rural area. For those that think this isn’t a threat, you need to take a serious look at what you are actually prepping for. This can affect you anywhere, and during a disaster the threat increases tenfold.

    These thugs are out of control, they have no fear. I read the crime chapters in your book and I think you’re spot in your analysis of how they think and how to prepare for the threat. It’s a shame more people don’t understand the real threats.

    • Three of your neighbors robbed at gun point during home invasions: And JFK, the question begs, “Where were you when these robberies occurred?” Ok, seriously, you are correct that these ‘situations’ need to take up more space on prepper websites. Frankly, I already knew it, and have no intentions of bugging in. We just hope we can skedaddle out before they find us. Blessings to all, and please keep the families of the Russian Pilots in your prayers. thanks for your time.

  4. Uhm, actually, it’s been covered a LOT! I heard about it in NOLA before flying out to ATL and then it was covered on the national news when I arrived, and again on Today. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND CHECK RESOURCES BEFORE YOU GO YEE-HAWING IT UP, WILL YA?

    • If you call a whole 2 seconds of coverage covering it then you obviously have been ignoring the 24/7 coverage of every other school shooting/mass shooting. There is also a big difference between local news stations covering it, and the national media who has no problem sending out there reporters for week’s worth of 24/7 coverage when it fits their anti-gun agenda. These type of events are not covered in the same way as rural or suburban area mass shooting.

      Any time gangs are involved, or it happens in a democratic run city, the event is ignored because it shows their gun control laws do nothing to stop the real criminals. And where is the White House on this? They can’t help but run to the mic during every other mass shooting!

      • It’s because this wasn’t a white kid doing the shooting and they can’t pin it on the NRA.

        The Obama administration doesn’t actually care about black lives, if they did they would be rushing to the mic about this, the thousands shot in Chicago every year, and all the other black on black crimes in this country. The truth is this guy has done more to divide the country and more to hurt black people than any other man in recent history.

        And to Lyn who seems to think her YEE-HAWING comment is somehow funny. I know exactly what you mean by that comment, and I can tell you that liberals are among the most racist and divisive people in this country. They have no problem using stereotypes against white people, all the while crying about racism. And this is coming from a black man who understands who the real racists are and who is really trying to hold us back.

        I didn’t see Anderson Cooper out there reporting on this. But every time they want to stir the pot and whip up the BLM idiots he has no problem standing out there for hours on end telling them how racist white cops are the problem, not the criminal who just got done robbing a store.

        • As a foreign observer I fully agree with your initial statement. It is not the first time that a federal administration has fomented race hate domestically to distract from criminal foreign wars and interventions. Black people need to unite in the understanding that the government wants to instigate a race war. It fulfills many goals, chief of which is an excuse to declare martial law. Good people of all colour and political faction need to unite and rise against this criminal government and the factions they represent!

    • Seems like a pretty accurate story to me. I have had CNN on in my office all day and I think I saw them mention it once for maybe 15 seconds. Now put that in comparison to the amount of time they spent on the Sicko who shot up the theater or the months of coverage on Trayvon Martin or that fat criminal Michael Brown. What’s the difference, other than the fact that the shooters were black this time? Seems like they are trying to cover something up.

  5. Still think preppers are crazy? Just think about how these people will behave during an economic collapse or nationwide disaster. 1.4 million gang bangers roaming the streets looking for easy victims.

  6. This is a case of jumping to a conclusion without due cause and effect.
    The more likely scenario which is not only a USA thing is like the rest of the world these events get coverage when it’s white people dying. Paris was all over the world but Beirut a few days earlier had no attention. Same goes in Africa. I’m a us white citizen living abroad. I have no political affiliation. News covers stuff that scares the mainstream majority white population. Everyone is desensitised to gang violence because it is expected and it just doesn’t sell newspapers. That’s it it’s about money. Right wing or left wing news is the same. They sell to their audiences. Fox sells stories their right wind audience want s to hear. And NYT sells ones their lefties want to hear. And it’s all you people doing their dirty work without knowing it. You devote time and money and preach to each other about “your side”. You get elaborate and all the while you are pawns winding yourself up with hate for each other and the media band plays on. Wake up people

  7. I’m a newbie to this newsletter, as well as to the “off-the-grid” movement. However, it is refreshing to me to observe people of differing opinions expressing themselves without profanity and demeaning comments. Wow! I didn’t know that such a forum existed! With respect to the excellent article offered by Robert Richardson, I think that his assertion of “almost no news coverage” does not mean no news coverage. I read/listen to the news everyday and I don’t recall anything about the incident in New Orleans. Therefore, I thought that Robert’s observation was spot on. Also,having 1.4 million organized gang members (armed to the teeth with little or no regard for human life) living among us should rank higher on our list of domestic dangers (certainly higher than global warming). Now, if we could get domestic gang members to square off against the foreign terrorists maybe we could postpone doomsday for awhile? On another note, I too am sick to death of the liberal Media trying to constantly impose their distorted moral agenda upon everyone.

  8. The Government wants to disarm white Americans.
    This story doesn’t demonize whites. It doesn’t frighten whites. It doesn’t serve the goals of the ZioNWO. After the white man is gone, they will go
    after Asians, after that blacks or Mex/Hispanic/Natives. If there is any one left, they
    will serve as slaves. That’s the plan for world as
    master and slave. It is politically incorrect to use
    the word “Master”. But it is OK to be one.

  9. It would appear that thier is an agenda from the far left to use all of thier propaganda machine when it is a white cop shooting a black kid. They do not care about the black kid as much as they do about showing the world the evil white people with a gun,,,
    The only story a nola was about 15 secound spots on early news, not even prime time,,,but the story from chi-town is world wide,,,White cop shoots black kid from ten feet away,,,they are not mentioning the kid had a knife and was on pcp,,,
    the need to shoot and kill the kid was not waranted, beacause the cop had plenty of time to try other means of take down.

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