Another Mall Terror Attack? Mass Shooting at Cascade Mall in Washington

Five people have been killed after a shooter walked into the Cascade Mall in Skagit County, Washington and opened fire.

The pattern is becoming sickeningly familiar; a lone gunman walking into a “gun-free” zone and firing on a crowd of defenseless people, who were unable to defend themselves because someone idiot decided that law-abiding citizens should not be able to carry their firearms or protect themselves from these maniacs.

Suspect Slips Away: Media Quickly Blames it on Mexicans

Despite many of the witnesses describing the shooter as a young Muslim man, the media instead choose to run with the narrative that it was a Hispanic male. Listen, I have no idea what the shooter was; at this point, I don’t think you can even tell from the grainy security pictures that were released.

But when initial reports say it was yet another Muslim, and them media instead tries to blame it on a Hispanic, so they don’t have to report on another possible terror attack, we have a serious problem in this country.

Terror Suspoect in Washington Mall Shooting

Third Terror Attack in the last Week?

It was only a week ago that an Islamic terrorist attempted to go on a violent killing spree at a mall in Minnesota. Luckily, in that case, a good guy with a gun shot the bastard and quickly put an end to his terror attack. That same night, in what the media and government officials are calling an “unrelated incident,” another terrorist bastard placed bombs throughout New York and New Jersey.

It’s odd that we live in a country where the media is so quick to point the finger away from people who freely admit they want to kill us, it’s even odder that certain people want to take away our right to defend ourselves in public.

Why do they want us Defenseless?

Yesterday, I shared a story of a woman who successfully saved herself from three armed thugs who broke into her home in the middle of the night. She killed one of the scumbags and shot at the other two who fled like a bunch of little sissies out her front door. Had she not been armed, her night would have ended a lot differently.

I hate it when people turn these types of events into political talking points, but how many times are we going to allow the psychopaths of the world to walk into these gun-free zones and declare open season on the public?

The facts are simple: Criminals and terrorists DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW! Simply slapping up a gun-free zone sticker does nothing to deter these people from committing their violent crimes. The only thing that stops these people is a good guy (or a good woman) with a gun.

Official Press Release from the Washington State Patrol

5 confirmed dead after Cascade Mall shooting; investigation ongoing

Burlington – The shooter believed to be responsible for five deaths at the Cascade Mall in Burlington last night, Sept. 23, is still at large as the Skagit County Multiple Agency Response Team (SMART) continues to investigate the incident and actively search for the suspect. Anyone with information or tips about the suspect is urged to contact law enforcement at 360-428-3211 or<>

Four female victims were confirmed deceased last night; a male victim who was seriously injured and transported to Harborview Medical Center passed away overnight, bringing the total number of victims to five.

The SMART team is currently reconstructing the entire scene, conducting forensic scanning and collecting evidence. Detectives are pursing tips and leads from the public.

The Skagit County coroner has not yet determined the manner and cause of death for the victims. The Coroner’s office will release details about the identity of the victims following an autopsy and notification of immediate family.

At approximately 6:58 p.m. Sept. 23, Skagit 911 received a call from the Macy’s Department Store at Cascade Mall reporting an active shooter. The suspect was described as wearing black clothing and carrying a rifle. Only one shooter was reported. Local and regional law enforcement from more than 26 agencies immediately responded to the mall to secure the scene and evacuate workers and visitors. At the height of the incident, approximately 200 law enforcement officers were on scene.

According to surveillance video taken from the mall, the shooter appeared to enter the mall without a weapon; ten minutes later, he reappears on surveillance video at Macy’s with a rifle in his hand.

At 4:30 a.m. Sept. 24, teams of officers cleared the 434,000-square-foot mall. The mall and surrounding parking lots remain closed for the investigation. Mall patrons whose cars remain in the lot will be able to retrieve their vehicles later today, Sept. 24. Notification will be made via the @wspd7pio or @SkagitDEM Twitter accounts, and through local media.

The Cascade Mall remains closed to patrons today, Sept. 24. Adjacent businesses are not affected by the mall closure; please contact the businesses directly to determine if and when they will be open.

SWAT teams swept through both the inside and outside of the mall but were unable to find the suspect who police think may have fled towards a local highway.

Confirmed Shooter was Turkish Muslim not a Mexican!

Apparently, CNN thinks Turkish Muslims are Hispanic, or maybe they just like to cover up terrorist attacks!


  1. Rocky
    September 24, 2016 at 7:10 am

    That is the best picture of the supposed shooter? Hmmmm.

    Probably over 500 cameras in the mall and the picture they release is of such poor quality?

  2. Google-on-white crime is up
    September 24, 2016 at 7:35 am

    Notice it’s not an AR, but looks more like a .22 Ruger or some kind of youth rifle. Now they’ll just have to ban all guns, even sporting rifles, for our safety.

  3. B from CA
    September 24, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    Why are “we” importing people who want to kill us ??

    The U.S. is now under the control of foreigners. These people are, for the most part J*ws. Since before written history, there has been a struggle for power. As the song goes “Everybody wants to rule the world”.

    The J*ws are two peoples one, about ten per cent are descended from the biblical j*ws. The other 90% are converts from Kazakastan in an area of China. These people, commonly referred to as Kazars, are so warlike that they were expelled from China. They were so perverted that their leader decided to turn them into J*ws. Now, the 10% “real” J*ws were no saints either. They were making mischief for years. They still practiced Babylonian perversions. They followed a book that taught them it was OK to lie, steal, cheat, decieve, seduce,exploit, enslave, even murder, as long as the victim is a nonj*w. The book also allows j*ws to kill children, even righteous innocent great people as long as they are nonJ*ws.

    With such beliefs and by joining forces with such a warlike people, it is not as difficult to understand what is taking place.

    The globalists are an International group who over thousands of years has conspired to rule the world. And now they do. The globalists (J*ws) own the world banking system by which they have enslaved the world. They control governments including ours with their money. Every country who does not have one of their banks is demonized, and using the excuse of democratizing these people, the J*ws using American boys and girls goes into these countries killing and taking control. Then they put in their bank.

    Now, these Middle Eastern victims of this aggression naturally hate us for our stupid part in all of this. Naturally they want to kill us. But in addition to the wars against them, is their religion. Their religion came from Mohammed who many believe was a J*w.

    So, here we are with J*ws running the show. And duped Middle Eastern men waging war against us on our own soil. The idea is to keep us fighting, declare Marshall Law, and further enslave us through Sharia Law. Our globalist J*wish masters will reduce our population down to a manageable size, bred us into one homogenous race of slaves to serve them, the J*ws.

    But be careful now. Remember it was through the transfer agreement that the State of Rothschilds Isreal was formed in Palestine following expulsion from Europe.

    Furthermore, even the U.S. Was formed after the expulsion from Spain. Most of the signers of the constitution were Free Masons (J*ws). So what to do?

    The hell if I know!

    • Moman
      October 3, 2016 at 8:32 am

      Uhm.. WHAT? Jews are not muslims, different religion entirely.

      and isreal is a separate state of from Palestine. ( at least now anyway)

      why people fight over the rubble that remains is beyond me.

  4. Google-on-white crime is up
    September 24, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    The “j*ws” are deceived. Pray for them. If God will be glorified in their rejection of the Messiah, how much more will He be glorified by their (future) acceptance of Him?

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