Mysterious Mass Animal Die-Offs

Over the last couple of years the mysterious mass deaths of birds, bees, fish and other wildlife has been raising alarm bells for many in the scientific community. While the reaction from those in the mainstream news has been largely dismissive, it’s getting hard to ignore the numbers.

For instance, did you know that there have been over 6.7 Million Bat deaths in the U.S. over the last 5 years?

And what about all the strange die-offs this years?

2012 Wildlife Kill-Off Timeline:

January 2, 2012
20 Tons of Dead Fish Wash up in Norway

Residents in a small Norwegian town woke to find millions of dead fish on the shores of Kvaenes, in Nordreisa. The school of Herring literally blanketed the entire shoreline.

Dead Fish

January 5,2012
100 tons of Fish Die in Brazil

An estimates 100 tons of sardines, croaker, and catfish have died off the shores of Paraná, Brazil.

January 19, 2012
3 Tons of dead fish wash up in Somalia (TWICE)

For the second time in less than a month Dead fish washed up on the Bossaso shores in Somalia. The first incident happened in January followed by a second die-off in February. Both incidents happened all along the coast of Puntland.

February 18, 2012
52,000 Sea Urchins dead off Kaumakani Hawaii

An estimated 52,000 sea urchins were found dead by divers near Kaumakani Hawaii. Scientists say that the death of these sea urchins should serve as an early warning sign indicating that large-scale changes are happening in our oceans.

March 2012
Hundreds of Dead Dolphins in the Atlantic

Hundred of dead dolphins have been found dead on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, off the United States. A majority of the dead dolphins are being found on the shores of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

April 24, 2012
28,613 dead fish in Ohio

The Ohio Division of Wildlife finds 28,613 fish and other aquatic species dead along a three-mile stretch of the Rocky River. The fish included bass, darters, a large variety of minnows, rainbow trout and white suckers.

April 25, 2012
11,000 Dead Fish Kettering Ohio

11,000 Fish found dead at Little Beaver Creek in Kettering Ohio. Wildlife officials say it’s the third fish die-off in the last two weeks to hit the Dayton Ohio area. The dead aquatic species included bass, catfish, suckers, darters, salamanders, frogs and crayfish.

April 2012
3000 Dead Dolphins Peru

As many as 3000 Dead dolphins have been found near Peru and around 900 of them have washed up on the Shores of Peru since January 2012.

April 29, 2012
1,200 Dead Pelicans Peru

Almost 1,200 Dead pelicans were found on the shores of Peru. 600 of the dead birds were found on the same stretch of coast that the dead Dolphins were found earlier this month. The country’s health ministry ordered 1,500 miles of beaches closed.

May 10, 2012
Thousands of dead sand eels New Jersey

The New Jersey Environmental Department reported thousands of dead sand eels found washed up on New Jersey beaches in St Clement, Bonne Nuit, St Ouen and Ouaisne.

May 10,2012
550 tons of dead farmed salmon

 Norwegian Fisheries are keeping a watchful eye on their fish, as a number of fishing facilities reported a large number of farmed salmon deaths. So far over 550 tons of dead salmon have been found in the last ten days.

May 12, 2012
Thousands of Dead Birds found of the Shores of Chile

Thousands of dead gray petrels, pelicans, gannets and cormorants were found on the beaches of central Chile. Some experts believe that this bird Die-off  may be related to the Peruvian pelican die-off.

July 2012

Nebraska – 40,000 shovelnose sturgeon, thousands of dead catfish, carp and other fish species dies off in the Lower Platte River.
Illinois –  Biologists in Illinois report Tens of thousands of large- and smallmouth bass and channel catfish die-off.

August 2012
Thousands of dead fish floating Garden Isles, MS

The Department of Marine Resources has confirmed thousands of dead fish to washed up in the bayous surrounding the Garden Isles community in Bay St Louis.

August 2012
Lake Erie – Tens of Thousands of Dead Birds and Fish

Tens of thousands of dead fish washed up along a 25 miles stretch of shoreline on Lake Erie.

So why are so many animals mysteriously dying off?

So far, the reaction from the scientific community has been mixed. A number of experts suggest that many of these events are probably natural and say that over reporting is causing unnecessary panic. But when you see reports of millions of dead fish washing up at the same time and then hear the media dismiss thousands of dead birds dropping form the sky as natural phenomenon, it starts to make you a little bit suspicious.

Are we poisoning the planet?

mass extinction of fishThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife service admits that “significant fish and bird kills have resulted from the legal application of pesticides, with millions of fish and birds estimated to die from pesticide exposure each year.”

A study out of Yale University suggests that pesticides have contaminated 90 percent of our major rivers and streams and over one-third of the nation’s aquifers. The pesticide problem is so large that researchers believe it’s responsible for at least three new diseases that have decimated amphibian, honeybee, and — most recently — bat populations around the world.

One of the first large scale die-offs, to be attributed to pesticides, started around 1998 when a huge number of amphibians began to die. Since then over 1,800 species of amphibians have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

Six years after scientists discovered the amphibian die-off, a mysterious disease started to wreak havoc on the world’s honeybee population. The mysterious disease, termed “Colony Collapse Disorder“, has killed over 35 percent of the U.S. honeybee population. Some beekeepers have reported losses of 30-90 percent of their hives.

Two years after Colony Collapse Disorder started decimating the honeybee population, bats across America began to mysteriously die. It’s estimated that 6.7 million bats have died since 2006.

While a number of studies are starting to show the connection between pesticide exposure and disease, the government seems to be doing very little to solve the problem. Unless something is done to fix the problem, we might have only seen the very beginning of  something hat could threaten wildlife, our food supply and eventually humankind.

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    • Yes and the intentional pollution of man made sonic sounds being sent- when food supply is controlled, those responsible will attempt control. Luckily, the world awakens to the resonate sound of Nature’s beauty of love and truth.

    • It is being caused by HAARP. We have having rapid north pole shifts. The HAARP Weapon is doing this. They can shift the plates at the center of the earth.

    • I agree with you on the pollution caused by man. I also think that Monsanto plays a part in this as well. Educate yourself for knowledge is power. Wake the sheeple one at a time.

      • Monsato is mostly owned by George Soros, the billionare socilist who has colapsed multiple countries economies and is pushing for a one world government.

        • You do realize how much of an oxymoron that is, right? You cannot be a billionaire AND a Socialist at the same time!

          • Uh, you do realize that Frances new President is a socialist yet owns 6 homes. These peoples political beliefs don’t really matter since all they care about is control.

  1. natural selection….animals die off all the time to make way for a stronger spices….yes people were there to see it but media wasn’t developed that could broadcast it around the globe till now so its not a big deal….if ya want to get upset think about the buffalo we natural selected to shoot them by the millions and they are making a major comeback…….

  2. Wish people would stop using many pestasides. On my land we use diatomasious earth to keep bugs out and under control. Had to thank my sis in law the other day for having my brother use all kinds of pestacides on her yard, and even ones the plants asorb so when the bugs eat the plants it kills them. Thanked her for killing bees and other polnating bugs , so people and farmers with gardens will have a harder time. I never expectied my brother would of married a sheeple. He is a gonner

  3. I think it is the methane gas coming from the Oceans ,now that the Antartica Ice is melting I am pretty sure, if you make a hole in the Ice and light a match to it,it will make a big flame,the deeper the hole the bigger the flame,the thing that concerns me is that we the humans are in danger of suffering the same faith of the millions of birds and dolphins and etc,

  4. NRC graphic of radiation release from Japan’s Fukushima nuke disaster is very disturbing. It explains the mass kills, increase cancer and other diseases and embryonic malformations and death.

  5. I wrote about this earlier on another article, I am still weirded-out by it. I was walking around the back yard in a fairly “normal” town, and noticed my dog over by the above ground (2 ft. high hard plastic pool–probably was a feeder trough, before we dragged it home, from a neighbor’s side of the road),with further investigation, there were, not 1 but 2!! drowned squirrels face down in the water!!! never had to dispose of any dead squirrels BEFORE!!!

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