Massive Nationwide Alert Test by Feds: Public Safety or Another Federal Fear Tactic?

FEMA Alerts

On October 4th, FEMA plans to test the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts, sending a message to virtually every cellphone, TV, and radio in the United States. While we are 100% on board with being prepared, with D.C’s track record, one has to wonder if this is really about public safety. In fact, the latest test has many asking if this is just another attempt to control, invade of privacy, and dominate every aspect of our lives.

The test message will be sent to your phone as long as it’s switched on and within range of an active cell tower. That’s right; you don’t even have the choice to opt-out. FEMA proudly announced that the message will come in either English or Spanish, depending on your phone’s language settings, and will be accompanied by a “unique tone and vibration.” Now, the government is not only invading our digital space but also making sure we can’t ignore their unwelcome interruption.

The one-minute test will also take over your TVs and radios with an alert sound, followed by the message: “This is a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System.”

As you might expect, the government spin on this is all about preparedness. They claim it’s about ensuring the “readiness of the emergency alert infrastructure” and ensuring they can reach us all in times of crisis. But we’ve heard these assurances before, and if history is any guide, the government’s real agenda is usually not so straightforward.

Public Safety or more Fear-based Programming?

Is this test truly about public safety, or is it another attempt by the federal government to instill fear and anxiety in Americans? One can’t help but wonder if this nationwide alert is a precursor to another round of economy-killing COVID lockdowns or election season chaos. It’s hardly a stretch to imagine, given the lengths to which the government has gone to control the narrative and manipulate the public.

After the disaster in Maui and how COVID was used as a pretext to obliterate our economy and erode our civil liberties, should we trust the government to flood our personal devices with “emergency” messages? It’s almost laughable to think that the same government that failed so miserably in these other disasters now wants us to believe it is acting in our best interest.

Preparing for emergencies is essential, but the government is the last group we should rely on for that. Their track record proves that it rarely benefits people when they get involved. Instead, it often bolsters their power at the expense of our freedoms.

As we have said for years, and after we reminded the public after the failed response in Maui – YOU ARE YOUR OWN FIRST RESPONDER!!! If you’re waiting on the government to save you, you’re waiting on a death sentence!

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  1. Didn’t this also happen when President Trump was in office? I seem to remember those pesky dems/libs blowing a fuse over it or something similar. Solution to the “alert notice” invasion is to turn your phone off that day.

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