Tyrannical Mayor of Chicago Threatens to Arrest and Jail Anyone who Violates Stay-at-Home Order

Chicago Mayor

The Tyrannical Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, is threatening residents who violate here unconstitutional stay-at-home orders with arrest and imprisonment. This is the same democrat mayor who released actual criminals on to the streets in the name of public health, but it’s kind of starting to look like it may have been to make room to imprison freedom-loving patriots.

Lightfoot joined Chicago police in a call for compliance after officers broke up multiple large gatherings Friday night, including a house party with 150 guests.

“We will shut you down, we will cite you, and if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail,” Lightfoot said Saturday.

Mayor Lightfoot said compliance with the stay-at-home order has dropped from 82% down to 77% — and that has made her angry! She said the time for educating people into compliance is over. She know plans on jailing anyone who doesn’t comply with her tyrannical edicts.

She is so proud of her reign of terror that she proudly tweeted her threats to jail people who were gathering with friends:  

Keep in mind, Chicago’s Cook County Jail once had a population of roughly 10,000 inmates. They’re now down to around 4,200, an all-time low, because the Cook County Sheriff’s office released a large number of actual criminals due to the “ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”

A pattern is starting to emerge…

The latest attack on our freedom comes as democrat tyrants from around the country struggle to hold on to power as more and more Americans are starting to rebel against these unconstitutional attacks on liberty.

This weekend, after people in Oregon, started fighting back against the states attempt to basically imprison them. The Governor of Oregon threw a temper tantrum and extended her emergency declaration order until July 6th, basically giving Freedom-loving Oregonians a big fuck you and canceling Independence Day.

The attack on Freedom

As we’ve said from the beginning, while COVID-19 may be a threat to a small fraction of the country (mostly the elderly with existing medical problems) it is being politicized and used as a way to attack western culture, exterminate the American Dream, and destroy our livelihoods. It is nothing more than an attempt to push the socialist new world order on all of us.

They do not care that frontline doctors are saying this virus is NOT a threat, and that the hospitals are laying-off healthcare workers left and right. They have pushed this propaganda so hard that  40% of the country now say they may not leave their houses even if the so-called pandemic ends!

America has turned into a de facto police state:

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    • she has threaten churches that she would send military to churches and shoot the churches up in letter and now they are in courts fighting this threats

  1. Looks like she trashed her sworn oath again. I have seen evil and she is the real thing. Instead of developing a plan to open up Chicago and Illinois, this tyrant is living out her dreams of control and power. Don’t worry great citizens of Chicago land, they can’t enforce her orders…impossible. They can’t even keep track of all of the murders taking place in the Chicago area. Their police force has become a “reporting” agency, not a law “enforcement” agency.

  2. Welcome to the National Socialist Workers Party America IE NAZI America.
    have you seen the videos where cops are showing up at doors to intimidate people thanks to Nosy neighbors being good little informants? have you seen where they arrested a LONE SURFER, want social distancing the guy was literally hundreds of feet away from other people and out IN THE OCEAN ALONE. or the father and daughter playing catch ALONE, and father was arrested.

    WAKE up people, our brown shirts are right here in our own communities, stepping on your necks.

    • Oh I should also say to look at law enforcement against the non scared sheep firing non lethals at people POINT BLANK to enact their violence and intimidation to force compliance in ORLANDO.

      I am getting PISSED, and I am seeing peaceful protesting, and still peaceful armed entry for yelling in faces doing NOTHING. and as it does NOTHING how are we suppose to redress our grievances except by use of force?

  3. This would be the same “woman” who got her hair done because personal hygiene is very important to her and she has to make public appearances. Not showing very strong leadership skills.

  4. Tyrant, is exactly what this woman is. She sure isn’t a good leader for a good leader would lead by example, not by threats.
    Can’t she be removed from office, by impeachment or however?
    These mayors, governors and such all need to be taught a good lesson in Constitutional government. They all need to be removed from office.
    I don’t understand how they stay in office, unless they are spreading so much fear, most people are afraid to vote them out???

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