Media Scum Helping to Protect Antifa and Smear Man Who Used Gun to Save Himself from Terrorists!

Over the last couple of weeks, Antifa and BLM terrorists have declared war on hard-working patriotic Americans. Throughout the country they have attacked and killed numerous innocent people, yet the mainstream media has completely ignored their savage assaults and murders and instead started a campaign to smear and attack anyone who dares to defense themselves from these terrorists.

On Tuesday, Stephen Ray Baca, a patriotic former candidate for Albuquerque New Mexico’s city council was being savagely attacked by Antifa terrorists. One of them attempted to kill him, by slamming his skateboard into the man’s skull. Luckily, he was armed and shot the thug, instantly stopping the attack.

Sadly, the media went into attack mode and started claiming this man shot down peaceful protestors in cold blood – smearing him in the press with baseless claims that he was some sort of “right-wing, white national extremist or racist”.

He was then arrested by the same police officers who did nothing to stop the crown from destroying the city and attacking innocent citizens.

What they don’t tell you is Antifa terrorists had taken over the town and were destroying historic statues. Seconds before the shooting, they were attempting to destroy a statue of Juan de Oñate. The police were nowhere to be found, and did NOTHING to stop the terrorists who then started attacking citizens who were trying to prevent Antifa thugs from destroying their history.

Here is the video the media doesn’t want you to see!

UPDATE: Twitter is activily censoring the video and removing them as fast as they are put up… So here it is again:

This is what we are up against! Antifa and BLM Terrorists who have declared war and media and left-wing government officials that are helping them destroy our way of life!

Here are just a few of the attacks that we have covered:

Odd how none of these videos seem to make the evening news…

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  1. BLM is really just a racist democratic scam. The democrats have told black people that they have less rights than we white people do. Now they’re killing in open streets as the government arrests people for defending themselves. BLM isn’t peaceful, it’s downright evil. I’m onto you democrats and my generation is the one that will decide the path that America will take; I will fight for my rights and many others should too.

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