Media Ignores Mass Shooting in Florida – 19 Teens Shot, 2 Dead: Doesn’t fit Normal Agenda

Last night there was another attack on a Florida nightclub. This time, 17 teenagers were shot, and 2 teenagers died.

Club Blu in Ft. Myers, Florida

Normally this is about the time President Obama steps to the podium to talk about Gun violence in America, railing against those evil guns that he claims are responsible for all  of the mass shootings in America.

Oddly, there will be no comment from President Obama, you probably won’t hear about it on the cable news networks, and those that do talk about it are not going to commit to the 24/7 news coverage that most mass shootings receive. There are also no protests planned, Black Lives Matter has fallen silent, and all the street agitators that normally won’t shut up, are now nowhere to be found. But why?

Well, what happened last night is actually pretty common throughout this country’s gang filled urban areas, we just never hear about those stories.

You see, last night the kids who were shot were black, and by all accounts, the shooters in this story were also black. It seems black lives only matter when the media can make the story about racism, in hopes of further dividing our country with their political agenda of hate and misery.

Mass-Shooting in Ft. Myers Florida

Two teenagers were killed and at least 19 others were wounded early Monday, in a brutal attack at a Ft. Myers, Florida nightclub. The attack happened at Club Blu, which was hosting a nightclub themed event for teenagers. This area of Florida is known as a hotspot for gang and drug activity, with local youth referring to the area as “Lil Pakistan.”

The club was known as a violent hotspot, and had just lost their liquor license, yet parents in this community thought it was socially acceptable to send 13-year-old children to a club that advertised itself as a spot for starting trouble.

This is an Actual Advertisement from the Club: I guess they don’t want you to know people were sending KIDS to a place like this!

Club Blu Flyer

Witnesses said multiple black gunmen opened fire around 12:30 a.m. outside the nightclub. While police have stated that this was “not an act of terrorism”, they have refused to say what everyone else in the area knows, that this was probably yet another black on black gang related killing.

Fort Myers, with about 75,000 residents, has a huge gang and drug problem. In fact, according to F.B.I. reports, homicide and overall violent crime rates are about triple the national average.

There are Terrorists Roaming the Streets of the United States

Sadly, this type of shooting is growing in regularity in the United States; unfortunately, this specific style of shooting is rarely covered by the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit the agenda they are trying to push. This, just like dozens of other shootings that happened yesterday that will not receive media attention, highlights the epidemic level of gang violence that has invaded our country.

While the media spends countless hours talking about things like Islamic Terrorism – which, I do believe is a very real threat to the country – we already have 1.4 million terrorists in the United states that the media refuses to talk about.

According to the latest FBI statistics, there are over 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 1.4 million members active in the United States. This country’s gang problem is out of control, and a much larger threat to our security than the threat posed by ISIS.

According to the FBI, street gangs are responsible for 48 percent of the violent crimes in this country, and up to 90 percent of crime in some urban areas.

Why should we care about gangs in America?

Because what happened last night in Ft. Myers, Florida has been spilling over into suburban and rural areas of our country for years now. The riots we witnessed in New York, Ferguson, and Baltimore are all symptoms of a much larger problem – a problem that’s spreading like a vicious cancer throughout our country.

If you have kids in School they are being exposed to these Violent Gangs.

A study released by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported that 45 percent of U.S. high schools have gangs or gang members on their campuses. And according to a study by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 35 percent of middle-school students report a gang presence in their schools. I can tell you from my own experience; those numbers are massively underreported.

Department of Justice Gang Violence Stats:

  • 100% of cities with a population of more than 250,000 report gang activity.
  • 11% of rural counties and 35% of suburban counties report gang activity – I suspect these numbers are probably underreported, as many police departments don’t do a good job tracking locals gangs.
  • More than half of the homicides in Los Angeles and Chicago are gang related.
  • 94% of gang members are male: 47% Hispanic, 31% African-American, 13% white, 7% Asian.


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  1. Why should we be concerned about gangs? Because when TSHTF, they will be ruling the streets. I have always said, if you want a good taste of what we will be up againts, just watch a few episodes of Gangland on Spike TV. They control a large part of most large cities and during a WROL, they will be raping and killing at will. Large violent gangs will be a peppers worst threat.

    • Exactly… 1.4 Million gang members (which is probably underreported) is nothing to laugh off. This is one of the largest threats in the country and will not only affect people during a WROL situation, it’s already affecting Americans. These people already live in a world without rule of law, and this will eventually start to spill out beyond the ghettos.

  2. Fixing the gang problem is relatively easy.

    Trump wants a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Good place to start. Mexico wants a wall between Mexico and its southern border. I say two walls are better than one. We, too, need a border on the North to keep out trouble. There is an influx of Muslims and the threat is not yet that great, but it is growing. As bad as black on black violence is, the possibility that these two merge and we have out and out warfare, with millions of Americans fleeing as refugees or dying. Death would be to all races. No one would be safe.

    Ok so we have two walls keeping out invaders.
    Step two is actually step one. We need to cut off services to illegals. Welfare, housing, EBT/food stamps, medical care. No anchor baby. Free travel back home with a small amount of money. We’re still kind and decent and should handle the inevitable exit of illegals humanely.
    Step three is probably number one. The criminal alphabet agency responsible for importing drugs needs to be disbanded and its drug cartel operation from Afganistan curtailed.
    Step four is returning the schools to the curriculum of the 1920’s before it was dumbed down. Students whose minds are not challenged in the classroom will be easy prey.
    Step five is returning to the values this Country was founded on. Teaching respect. Respect for Christianity. Christianity is the Religion of America. Other religions will be tolerated up to a point only. If you don’t like it, you get exiled pronto. No fooling around.
    Step six is prison. Murders and rapists get the gas chamber. No more holding hands with pedophiles. Death is too good for them but that’s the best we can do.
    We must provide safety for our children.
    Step seven is not less important. It is probably more important. We must end this single mother catastrophe. Marriage preparation needs to start young in the home, the school, and the Church.
    Step eight is crucial. We must break up the media monopoly. Bring back the old system where indecency in TV, radio, and movies is not tolerated. Filth is not Art.

    Return police to walking in neighborhoods so they become acquainted with the people who live and work in our towns and cities. They can be backed up with cops in cars. But we need both.
    There is more. But we have to start somewhere if we want a normal healthy safe long life for our children.

    • I have one issue with your rapist situation, in todays society, young women can be very deceitful and a male might have everyone reason to believe they are 18 or over. such as an ID that look authentic, among possible vouches for age from other people in attendance.

      it would of course all be a lie, but the male, believing the female to be of age of consent, would still be tried and held guilty for statutory.

    • b from ca,
      the unwed mother problem is a root of gangs.
      the unfathered boy, especially as he enters teenage, will gravitate toward gangs, and places where there is nothing constructive to do to use their energy will have more trouble. that is, urban areas.

      believe it or not, it is a problem among elephants orphaned by ivory poachers.
      they are raised on preserves and will form gangs of destructive male juveniles because they are with out parental restraint.

  3. I think if SHTF, and gangs are roaming the streets as a group, it will make them much easier to deal with.

  4. That poster for the club makes me sick. Ship them all back to where they came from.. IF you want to act like an animal you can go back to the jungles in my opinion.

  5. Iv lived in fort myers for 43 years and these things actually happen more often then people know. Fort Myers is a huge tourist city so they have allways kept these things out of the media. The only difference here is the blacks don’t go cry to the black Lives matter group they handle things there self. You kill one of there family members they will hunt you and your family. No bullshit. Also they don’t call this place little Pakistan for no reason. This is a great place to live but I must say it is getting more and more dangerous every year the great obama has made it were with section 8 housing and other government housing programs there moving these get to families into the good neighborhoods.

  6. Mike, that is a racist comment. Teenagers in today’s society rather, black, white or Hispanic are all out of control. These teens did not come from the jungle, but was born in US. If the poster were of white teens where will you tell them to go back too? Are you implying white teen girls don’t behave like that? What world are you living in? The point about the article was to get readers to see how the media is being used to promote civil unrest, which is part of the government plan.

  7. All you people are falling right into the hands of big brother. Propaganda is working on u all. All I’m reading here is fear, hate, discrimination. Wake up. Two walls, back to the jungle. Come on people. Pull it together. Don’t become the news, step back and be the witness. Love not hate.

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