Heading towards a Complete meltdown of the global banking system: European Union Seizing Bank Accounts

If you aren’t following what’s going on over in Europe, you need to start paying attention because what’s happening over there will eventually effect you.

Over the weekend, the political and financial leaders in Europe made moves to confiscate bank accounts in the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus. The European Union, in league with the bankers, froze bank accounts and are going to steal, yes I said steal, 10% of every bank depositors savings. These are Private banks accounts that are now being raided to bail out European Union Banks.

This Should Be a Huge Wakeup Call to America!

Economic CollapseIf you don’t have cash at home, or if you have to go to an ATM to withdrawal money, you’re world could literally change on you over night. Just look at what’s happening to the people in Cyprus.

Without a word of warning, the banks have shut down until at least Thursday, and the government is threatening to take at least 10% of every depositor’s money. There STEALING people’s money to bail out the banks; banks where these greedy bastards are getting million dollar bonuses every year, are now taking working men and women’s money to bail out banks that they ran into the ground.

Don’t think it can’t happen here.

Like we pointed out a couple of weeks ago, the banking system is a very risky proposition. Remember, you can’t count on any of the money you have in the bank; most banks simply don’t have enough cash to deal with a run on the bank. During a collapse situation, your money is probably as good as gone. If you haven’t started, now is the time to prepare for an economic collapse; it could be a lot closer than you think.

Our government has allowed the bankers to run wild and create a system that is built on a facade. Doing business with the banks has become more risky to your financial future than placing every last one of your dollars on Black at a Las Vegas casino.

The system is incredibly vulnerable. If you’re a citizen in Cyprus, you cannot access your money right now. The banks are closed until at least Thursday, and even if they reopen there’s a good chance that most of your money may have been seized by the bankers and the government.

And don’t think this can’t happen here. What’s happening in Cyprus could be a sign of things to come. In fact, back during the 2008 banking crisis, a number of very high level Wall Street insiders were so concerned the system was about to crash that they were pulling out huge amounts of cash and stashing it at home.

Nothing has changed!

Just look at what’s happening throughout Europe. This isn’t just Cyprus; eventually it will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world. In fact, the chaos is already spreading into Italy and Spain, with many fearing those countries could be the next ones to see a run on the banks.

The problems of 2008 never really went away; in fact, most insiders will tell you there even worse today. You need to prepare yourself for the very real possibility of waking up one day, to find you can’t access your money… It’s gone!

Once people see what happened in Cyprus, once they realize these bankers don’t consider your deposits to really be yours, you’re going to see people panicking. Your idiot neighbors, who made fun of people who realized how vulnerable our system is, are going to be the first morons to cause a run on the banks.

These are the people I worry about, the ones who failed to prepare for what’s coming. This is one of the biggest reasons I tell people to avoid large urban population centers. If the system collapses, people are going to be one of the biggest threats to your safety and security.

The financial problems that lead to the housing / financial market crash of 2008 are even worse today than they were in 2008. You can choose to believe the government, just like the people in Cyprus, or you can wake up and start preparing to survive the coming crisis.

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  1. Take advantage of the time while the crisis is still at bay. It’s coming, soon. But, get any last minute items that you need before the collapse and the sheep try to scramble for any goods left. Get it while it’s still in stock and can be delivered. Semper Fi

  2. I keep a simple 20 dollars in my bank account so that I can cash my checks. Im called an idiot for it but if this situation comes to the states I have damn near all my cash, presious metal, and a small stockpile of ammo, drink, and food stuffs to barter or keep for my family while everyone else around me calls me a nut. Gurantee these folk will be the first to be knocking at my door for a handout that the government will no longer give to them. Live within your means and prepare my countrymen cuz its gonna be a bumpy ride

  3. Appears the tax was voted down. No rush on American banks in sight – yet. Had this passed, it would of sent a ripple through the entire financial system that it could of never recovered from.

    I suspect they will try this sort of thing again in a different country sometimes soon. Too many countries in trouble right now for it not to happen eventually.

  4. I may be one of those nuts but for the last year or so i have kept all of my money in a fire safe. I learned very early to keep twenty and ten dollar bills instead of hundreds.much easier to get change for.also invest in precious metals (brass and lead).we might all go down the tube but i want to be one of the last ones standing.also trade goods are a good idea,you would be surprised what some people would do for alcohol and something to smoke even if they are hungry.as for big brother i bet they have their butts covered no matter what happens.keep your pantry full and your powder dry!!

  5. “(I) bet they have their butts covered no matter what happens.”

    yup they have a seat in the bunkers below DIA…

    “Though they hide themselves on the top of Carmel, there I will hunt them down and seize them. Though they hide from my eyes at the bottom of the sea, there I will command the serpent to bite them.” Amos 9:3

  6. I prep every time I go shopping. I buy at least one prep. even if its just a dollar. yard sales a must. especially in spring. you can get some really great gear.

  7. Yea, praise the Lord. Man is getting what he deserves. It is just about time that everything comes crashing down. And everybody learns a lesson or two about living in this world.Do the right thing and everything will stand. Do the wrong thing and we bring destruction to ourselves.

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