Military Turns on Enlisted: Threatens Unvaxxed Forces with Court Martials, Bars Promotions

Imagine enlisting to fight for the freedoms of your fellow countryman, thinking you are a patriot for helping uphold the American values and Constitution that you swore to defend, only to discover like so many before you, the system actually hates your kind, and you are now part of a government/military complex that is actively fighting against you, your values, the Constitution, and the American way.


With under a month from the Army’s deadline to vaccinate its entire active-duty force, the Army will begin barring soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid- from reenlistment, promotions, and other “favorable personnel actions.”

In a memo released on November 16th, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth warned soldiers who refuse the vaccine would be “flagged,” preventing them from “reenlistment, reassignment, promotion, appearance before a semi-centralized promotion board, issuance of awards and decorations” and more.

“The Soldier will remain flagged until they are fully vaccinated, receive an approved medical or administrative exemption, or are separated from the Army,” Wormuth wrote.

On Thursday, Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall threatened his troops that airmen who refuse the vaccine will be discharged.

“The bottom line is that willfully disobeying a lawful order is incompatible with military service and to get a vaccination is a lawful order,” Kendall said in a Facebook event when asked about the vaccine mandate.

Last month, the Navy announced that it will pursue discharge for any sailors who refuse vaccination without a pending or approved exemption.

“Commands shall not allow Sailors refusing the vaccine to promote or advance, reenlist, or execute orders with the exception of separation orders,” the Navy said in a press release in October.

Shortly after, the Marine Corps said in its vaccination guidance that Marines refusing the Covid-19 vaccine without an exemption would be processed for administrative separation.

“A Marine who has not yet been fully vaccinated is not considered worldwide deployable and shall be assigned or reassigned, locally, to billets which account for health risks to the unvaccinated marine and those working in proximity to the Marine,” the guidance said.

“Marines refusing the vaccine shall not reenlist or execute order, with the exception of separation orders.”

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  1. Went through the “Anthrax” mandate while in the Army Reserves back in 2003 I believe. I didn’t like it but sucked it up and got stabbed. It was a hard decision but it turned out OK. Didn’t experience any side effects and finished a 38 year career including about 9 years active duty with Guard and Reserve service (including 3 activation/deployments in 3 separate conflicts).
    Out here.

    • My brother said he still has headaches/migraines from the anthrax shots. He still went through accepting the poison death shots, though. He was concerned after reading the black box warnings on the CDC’s own website regarding myocarditis but decided to take out a huge life insurance policy on himself and roll the dice. He’s nearly 20 years in, has a family, and doesn’t feel as though he can afford to be cut loose early. It’s sad. I pray he’s okay.
      The pathogenic priming is really scary stuff! I’m afraid tons of people are going to start to get sick and never even make the connection that it’s from the shot they took months ago.

  2. The drug has not met all FDA requirements for full approval as such they are still all EUA ONLY, this means the order is NOT lawful as per Nuremberg trials precedent regarding experimental medical injection.

  3. Since it’s excruciatingly obvious by now that the vaccine isn’t protecting anyone from anything, the question is, what IS it for?

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