U.S. Military conducting massive training exercise in the streets of Los Angeles

Maybe it’s just the prepper in me, but when I heard the U.S. Military will be conducting a massive training exercise in the streets of Los Angeles, I must say it made me feel a little uneasy. And how could it not?

With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the President the power to arrest and detain American Citizens, it makes one wonder why the military is conducting drills in Urban America. While it could be, as LAPD insists, just a training exercise, the timing sure does make you wonder what’s going on.

This Thursday the military will be conducting a joint exercise in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. The joint exercise will have the Los Angeles Police Department providing situational support, and will take place at multiple simulated training locations throughout Los Angeles.

In a statement from the LAPD, the department insists that the exercises are designed to help the function in urban environments overseas.

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  1. do you have a link for this? AND, is it the NATIONAL GAURD? or the federal military? there is a difference. and the national guard engages in urban training all the time.

    • Does it make a difference? Most National Guard Units support an active duty unit and alot of these Guard units have combat experience from Iraq and Afghanistan. In some cases as much as the unit they are supporting. Also, the unit can federalized for a “conflict” like some units that were sent to Vietnam.

  2. I can understand how is looks, what with the timing, but as a former insider I may be able to offer some insight. First of all, the timing with NDAA is purely coincidental, for anything to happen in the military (especially something this complex) it takes a lot of lead time for planning. I would estimate the planning for this began at least 9 months ago, ‘they’ hardly knew what was going to happen with the NDAA at that point. Also, in my personal opinion, we have nothing to worry about from our active duty military folks. at least among military police, posse comitatus is something we all knew about, and strongly believed in.

    • I agree APD. I don’t fear the military. Most of them have taken the OATH and take it seriously. My worry is the commanders who could care less. I also worry that since 15% of the military is being cut and the Marines are being targeted by this administration the military in the future may look nothing like our current military. I’m afraid the real patriots are being run out of the military.

      • As an active duty Marine I agree cmpletely with what OGS posted. More and more I see the good guys getting punished and the numbers recede, this current administration may be ignorant to what they are doing but that is doubtful. I am certain that we are to to see the shtf before our time is up.

        • Thanks Ryan, And Thank You for your service!

          It’s an absolute crime what they’re trying to do to you guys.

      • “I’m afraid the real patriots are being run out of the military.” yeah and being replace with drones that don’t ask questions.

    • I agree with all three people that more than likely it is coincidental that these two things overlap, but I do have other questions. And most certainly there are a soldiers being ran out, but it is not the few good hearted individuals we have to worry about, but instead the masses of loyal drones they do keep.

      Why LA? With it’s history of riots, gang violence, and protests, it makes it the perfect place to learn how to subdue combatant civilians.

      Why is the LAPD a part of the exercise? Are there no off-site locations for them to train? It is near Hollywood after all, aren’t there any movie sites that could be used?

  3. Just playing devils advocate here, but having our military prepared for events such as a terrorist attack on a major city seems like another reason these training exercises might be taking place. I don’t think that these training exercises has a thing to do with our Constitutional Rights. I mean, we can act as if every thing they do is a “conspiracy” but come on, sometimes that train of thought can be not only non-productive, but a little ridiculous if you ask me. My point is, maybe these exercises aren’t about preparing to arrest American citizens, but to actually train our forces to be able to handle terrorist type situations. Sometimes things are what they are, at face value, not a government conspiracy. I personally don’t have the time for such alarmist positions. I have a healthy respect for my safety & preparedness but refuse to be ropped into some crazy theories such as this one.

    • I agree that it could be completely harmless. But we are living in crazy times and I think being informed on what’s going on is always a good thing.

      In the past I would have never thought the NDAA would pass with provisions that give the President the power to detain American Citizens. In fact when we first reported on it there were those that said we were crazy for reporting on it and it would never pass.

    • Speaking from experience, most exercises have a name and most exercises are tied to an OPPLAN or operations plan for an possible contingency or scenerio.An exercise is the flushing out or testing of the goals laid out in the OPPLAN or the projected scenerio in the plan. When the exercise is over there is a war gaming session at the end: what were mistakes were made; how can we improve the OPPLAN or avoid the mistakes we made. All that is put in a report and handed to the unit commander, who in turn briefs his superiors.

    • @Sam T,
      Remember, my brother, that some people in influential positions within our current government have a completely bizarre up idea of what a “Terrorist” actually is!

  4. Sorry. Someone has to call bullshit on this one. the gobers have …….TWENTY YEARS…… of Urban combat experience in Iraq alone. Not to mention the dozen other illegal wars we are in.

    There is no need to ever go into an american city. Ever unless its a relief effort. On the west coast alone there are military reservations totalling many million acres that are designated for practice.

    You are being lied to and falling right for it.

    Do they need skyscrapers to train? not a freakin one showed up at the twin towers and they will never show up at any disaster as early responders.

  5. None of the GOP Leadership is going to stand in the way of Obama. With the NDAA, why you ask? The dirty little secret is both Parites want this power over the people. It’s about Control it only matters which one is holding the Whip!!

  6. As a inactive combat trained Marine I can tell you this. If the federal government is taking some possible threat to our great country this seriously, we as Americans need to take the possible threat seriously too. I highly recommend that people should arm themselves and stock up on ammo. A little survival training wouldn’t hurt either. Trust your gut feeling. Mind is telling me that some bad stuff is going to be going down soon. Be ready to take care of your self and your loved ones. You never know when you may be forced to leave everything behind. A bug out bag would be a good idea also. Good luck.

  7. Great post OGS.

    IMHO, although it is a little weird that the military is choosing to train like this, the scarier thing by far is that the NDAA passed.

    I doubt that the military is really going to need to have large numbers and a serious tactical operation when it comes time to walk into your house, point a gun at you, and tell you to march.

  8. They don’t have Posse Comitatus any longer. NDAA made that a thing of the past, along with the Bill of Rights.
    Next on their agenda is the 2nd Amendment.
    Oh, forgot to mention the law which will take your citizenship from you, before they send you to a FEMA camp for execution.

    • You have not done your home work have you ? Think about what you just said; It’s STILL around = 33degree Mason is obliged to use it and any time it come’s up before the Templar Knights Loge that not part of eastern stare loge/the deferred 21degree is the KILLING ; Which I may add is part in a whole of the 13teen arrows of the first 13 teen states of the beginning of America .

  9. This was also done in North Carolina in 2000. Film is on youtube. They were searching vehicles and everything. Everyone needs to be prepared for military takeover.

  10. It’s high time that some thing like this has happen to one of the most crime ridden state owned and run by the Mexican Drug Cartel’s. You all should be happy that the U.S. Military is helping the Los Angeles law reinforcement clear out your street’s of these D.E.A sponsored terrorists, that will use Mexican young women for murder fore higher contracts = chopping off of heads, hands, feet, rape = sending a message = Extortion. Ho let’s not forget the Old people who ( ARE ) extorted of their SSI check’s by local druggies, or just simply beaten up and ripped off for what’s in there pocket’s., Yes it’s A good Day in my book When some thing like this happens For the non crime population of CA .

  11. Jan 25th, 1012 AT 1:59AM Wyoming. I think it’s a great thing to see the U.S.Military doing this in Los Angeles, CA. After all the crime they have their with the drugs,kidnappings,murder,rape,armed assaults,bank robberies,Mexican Cartel Murder for higher Mexican Young Women = (teenagers).

  12. they know we’re here… they know where… most importantly they know why we do what we do… the most recent breach of our Constitution was to open the gates for the lions to be let loose at their discretion… this and the multitude of other “training exercises” that will follow(the vast majority of which will never hit any form of media) are but logical preps for the inevitable…

  13. I think u r ALL f’d up!!! Think about what u r fantasizing about. US troops going against their own fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other family members who are suspected of terrorist activities. C’mon, as an x-military guy with more experience than most, u could NEVER F’ing get me or any of my buddies to do that. There wud b one f’ing hell’ve a revolution and overthrow of the criminals in DC so fast ur shorts would catch fire!!!!

    Having said that…I believe that there is shit going to happen. The DC criminals will lock down your assets and go to a cashless society so there is little or no chance of a funded revolt. Those criminals who are currently in power and/or running for office are scared shitless of a independent guy like Ron Paul bcoz they know their days of self aggrandizement are over. U may not agree with all he stands for but IMO he is the ONLY real option to what u hav now.

    While ur at it, please don’t vote for any of the criminal incumbents to return them to office. U need to choose independent, constitutionalists who will restore your country to what it once was. Yes, I said “your country”!!! I’m no longer living there and will probably never return unless there are major changes made. I got all my stuff out long ago and all I can say is good luck to you all. U r going to need it.

    BTW, everyone needs to stop paying taxes!!! No more filing or payments if possible. If just 3 million stopped paying it would bring the IRS to its knees. They can’t handle the 1 million or so plus another 200,000 who’ve dropped off the radar screen every year, now. Don’t ever answer any correspondence from them. Change ur bank accounts to cash only and cash out ur credit cards or LOC’s at ur bank. The end is closer than u think so don’t worry about paying them back. It’ll take years to go through the legal system. Go to gold, silver and platinum for real safety. Keep a minimal amount of cash on hand, to keep u going till the end. Load up on arms, ammo and non perishable food stuffs as well as water and as much fuel as u can store. A genset would be nice if u use it sparingly.

    Hybrid cars will be useless bcoz the Feds will stop all electric to the public. No more charging stations.

    Better yet….pack yup all ur shit thats important and leave for a safe place. Nooo I’m not telling where I am but its better than there!!! ;-))

    Good luck

    • I agree with you that most military would never go for this crap. What I worry about is the military in 5 years after they have run the patriots like yourself out.

      Our military in it’s current form is under assault. They are being raked over the coals by this government and I think the goal is to get rid of those who don’t fit the mold!

      They’re already planning to cut over 100,000 military and I’m afraid once happens our military will look very different than it does today.

      No disrespect to you our the Patriots who are still serving, most of you still believe in the Oath you took.

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