Militia on their way to Bundy Ranch in Nevada: Showdown between Feds and State Rights Supporters

Over the last week, we have extensively covered the showdown at the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nevada; today, things took a turn for the worse as militia from around the country mobilized and started making their way into Nevada.

The showdown started when Federal officials sent in Armed BLM agents to steal Cliven Bundy’s cattle, and in the process closed off over 600,000 acres to the public. This land, which is used by hunters and fisherman throughout Nevada and Arizona, has been officially closed down by the BLM, who says it will remain closed until at least May 12th.

But many in the area are warning that this is about much more than just Cliven Bundy and his cattle. In fact, many people believe it could be about stealing mineral rights and handing the land over to oil shale development. According to documents from the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, over the last couple of years, a number of exploratory drilling sites have been set up within the closure zones.

Gas Oil Drilling near Bundy ranch

Whether this is about oil, or yet another attempt by the feds to limit State Rights isn’t really clear at this point. What is clear, is this is much larger than the Bundy family or their Cattle.

In the process of shutting down the land, the BLM has suspended Free Speech in the Area and has actually setup so-called free speech zones miles away from the ranch. That’s right, the federal government has actually banned free speech on over 600,000 acres of public land.

First Amendment Zone in Nevada
BLM designated First Amendment Zone in Clark County, Nevada

Dave Bundy, son of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy, spoke to us about what the BLM is doing, and how he was beat down by federal officers for taking pictures outside of these “Free Speech Zones.”

Over the weekend, while attempting to document the theft of his father’s cattle, Dave Bundy went onto his father’s land to take pictures of the cattle roundup. In the process, he was confronted by armed BLM agents who threatened to arrest him.

Bundy told the BLM officers, “How can you arrest me? I’m exercising my first amendment rights to be here.” When the BLM officers started advancing on him he dialed 911 in an attempt to get county officers to help him. In his words, “I called to let them know these guys were getting vicious.”

While he was on the phone with 911 operators, he says the BLM officers then “attacked me like a wild pack of dogs, and started stomping and kicking me in the head.”

Dave Bundy
Dave Bundy with visible bruises after he was attacked by BLM agents.

When asked about the BLM’s claim that he was resisting arrest, Bundy told me, “I was exercising my 1st amendment rights; but you really can’t even consider what I was doing as protesting. All I was doing was taking pictures. I honestly never thought it would come to that.”

BLM attempting to regulate area farmers and ranchers out of existence.

Cliven Bundy is actually the last of 52 ranching families in the area. Over the last couple of decades, the BLM has systematically regulated these ranchers out of business; canceling permits and laying claim to large areas of their land in the process.

Local farmers are warning that this is likely to spread into Arizona and Utah, and voiced their concerns at a Townhall meeting in Moapa, Nevada last night.

Federal Land Ownership Map
Map illustrating how much land the Federal Government has claimed ownership of and has essentially stolen from the States.
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      • Follow the money. It leads to the Rothschilds. These inbred psychos need to be dealt with. It’s no coincidence this family owns EVERYTHING. The money, the banks, the gov’t, the supreme court, the media, the gold, the land, and well, you and I. Spread the word. It is them that need to be eliminated.

      • Yes I have noticed this too with twitter blocking any bad tweets that show Google in a bad light and Google is screwing search results so much that only one tenth of the internet is ever visible from the first five pages.

        All the big sites are americian and they conspire to hide anything they don’t like and only allow controlled sources, again mostly american.

        Youtube is fast approaching the point where it will have deleted more video’s then it has to view.

    • It sounds to me like this site and some others are trying to really twist this whole thing. I have lived in this area since 2009 and noone has EVER mentioned Oil or Gas or drilling. That have talked about making the Gold Butte area a State Park to help protect the habit, red rocks, petroglyphs, etc. Quit lying to people please.

      • Nice try Judy but your full of it. I actually live in the area and work for a mining company and this is the damn truth. So go back to whatever government agency you crawled out from under and spread your lies somewhere else.

        By the way that map is from the Nevada bureau of a geology so I think I’m gonna trust them over some government troll who has “lived in the area since 2009”

          • State leel not Federaal and this is about stae vs federal power and rights more than anything. Its dicey to say the least.

          • Alex Jones on broke the story today that Harry Reid and the Chinese are trying to take that land for a solar farm – that’s what is behind all of this

        • There is a Document entitled “Federal Jurisdiction Within the States” this was put together by order of President Eisenhower in the 50’s. Put together by the US Attorney General at that time, and also by all Attorney Generals of the States. The document fully explains the authority of the Federal Government within the States. Also tells what lands they have within the States up until that time. For the Federal Government to have exclusive authority the State must first cede the land to the Federal government and if it has not then the State also has concurrant authority so on so forth. GET a copy of this document off the internet and read it. Get copies to your sheriffs and to your Governor etc. Most times they really don’t know what authority they have over the Federal Government. If the feds want to go into a State for some type of law enforcement on land of the State or within the State they must first get permission from the Sheriffs. They are the top law enforcers of the States. They can call up the State Militias for assistance as needed. Also the document gives court cases where the issues have been determined!

          • Most public land was taken in the Appalachians during the Great Depression, largely open range of chestnuts to graze wild life cattle, pigs , mules, and other grazing animals. Families were displaced in mill type villages and it became various parks and national forest such as Cherokee, Chattahoochee, and so on. Farmers were forced to leave the chestnut range. Conveniently the chestnut blight came at the same time and the chestnut range was ruined. I have always wondered if the blight was introduced to help control the people. Poverty was intense maybe like post ww2 Russia. Logging tycoons Like Vanderbilt even pulled out. So if the feds decide to take watch out; they learned to take what they want during and after the War for southern independence. I commend the citizens of Nevada to exercise their rights, But I was disappointed that the local sherif did not make the BLM cease and desist. We had a smaller but similar problem when the Government shut down Happened Last early fall. Two armed guards from the Dept. of the Interior kept tourist from entering the parking lot of Pisgah Inn and no local sherifs made them leave and the Parkway is the border there for at least 3 counties. Call your congressional office in large numbers.
            South Carolina found a large Motherlode of gold north of Columbia and the US leased the mine to Canada. I don’t understand business or the government. I do however like to make out first.

      • So if you never heard of it, it doesn’t exist? Did you think they would call you up and tell you all about it? Or mail you a flyer with the information?

      • Judy, they don’t mention things like that to people like you. Because Fox News hasn’t told you then it’s not true? Piss off.

        • I live in Moapa Valley he is telling the truth. I am a progressive democrat not a fox news watching crazy. The issue is not bundy’s cows but the way the federal government is handling public land. The turtles are not hurt by cows. The BLM are not trained to handle pressure situations like this they are scared and jumpy and going to hurt someone. They have at least they stopped driving thru town with machine guns. They are still driving in residential areas were my kids ride there bike at speeds twice the post limit. It is like a war zone.

          • They aught to be arrested when they break the law, NO ONE is above the LAW. This looks to me like a LEGAL way to deal with these thugs, arrest tem, and make some money on fines, and also make them pay them ,and not WE THE PEOPLE.

          • These defenders of rights need to spread their people in some tactical positions, not stand around in a group, in case some over zealous fed. started shooting, use cars and trucks as shields, spread out 1/2 mi.

          • Hitler had his thugs too, and if the Feds are determined to follow in his foot steps then the American public has lost representation. What is really weird is that as soon as the gov. started asking for gun control the assailants went from shootings to knifings. Will they take our steak knives too. Dangerously if they can create terrorist then they can create an excuse to control. How far will it go. If I stir up a bunch of desert turtles in a soup pot, how many will it take to produce a human? If I don’t try to help the cause the feds have created then am I worth that many turtles?

        • That’s really interesting, because Fox News actually has been rather sympathetic to the Cliven Bundy, at least from what I have read.

        • All you anti Fox people better wake up. Fox news is the only major station reporting on this event. They are indeed presenting both sides and are mentioning your “king” Harry Reid and his possible involvement in the BLM’s land grab.

      • The Bureau of Land Management, whose Director was Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) former senior adviser, has purged documents from its web site stating that the agency wants Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off of the land his family has worked for over 140 years in order to make way for solar panel power stations.

        • Reid is rapidly declining mentally due to his age and other factors, he is becoming malicious, vindictive and very bitter, he is not totally in control of his thought process, this is med. fact, you’ll never see it public, it would cause his removal.

          • The biggest of those factors being that he is a flaming liberal who can’t stand the idea of being wrong.

      • Judy, the proof is in the filed documents. Don’t let them fool you into thinking they are saving anything. Look it up instead of assuming and calling people liars.

      • Judy, all you have to do is first pull your head out, then go to the nv BLM website and check out the maps and you can see all the land deals theyt have done, and which ones were for oil and gas fracking drilling, all of it,

      • Then you haven’t been reading up on your local codes being proposed and passed nor what Monsanto’s Blackwater is up to. Oil pipeline, water springs, minerals all lay in that ground. This is not about turtles. Its about agenda 21 look into that! Then look into the EPA that’s in kahoots with them and what they are planing for all land and home owners. This is serious and if they aren’t stopped we all lose our own properties in the disguise of the EPA!! Don’t believe me look into it!!

      • O.K. Judy, are we to believe that the video posted online were produced by actors and a video company? Are we to believe that the testimony of a woman that was thrown to the ground by BLM Agents was read and acted off a script?
        I think not! You need to get your head out of the sand.

    • The media is too busy with stories about your Grandmas favorite cookie recipe or how to stay fit while still eating lard sandwiches. Or maybe a short film of an oversexed fella doing a twirking demonstration to a room full of comatose undersexed geriatrics at a local nursing home. How could we make it through the day without those timely reporting’s after all! If you are waiting for the lame stream media to give you the story, don’t hold your breath. The revolution will be over and they will be starting their report with the news of the outcome!

    • Democrats own the media in this country. Anyone that votes for a Democrat is helping kill our once great nation.

    • militia people continue to stream in? huh? how does anyone know who the other persons are? you don’t obviously. Yesterday, I read they arrested a bunch of people around there and charged them with domestic terrorism. does this mean, trial by military tribunal and loss of rights to a lawyer and habeas corpus? I bet the infiltration is on going now and is in full swing. any true militia people that go to this are walking into a well laid trap imho. the government obviously wants to get a shooting war started so they can start their military martial law plans. it will be easy to see who the agents are. they are the ones that walk out of this scot free.

    • They are estimates of when the geologists think the oil in the area was formed based on organic material in the oil. It had to do with scientific dating methods that wasn’t really important to the story so I left it off to leave more room for the map.

  1. I hope Obama is watching, as this goes down on his watch.
    Is this catalyst of our revolution?
    Is it time to return to the constitution?
    I hope so, my only regret is I’m not in the Nevada, living 2600 miles away I’m not physical or finically able to support this protest.

    • oh you can be sure hes watching… but hes sitting back laughing his butt off …in the end those people dont stand a chance….

      • Suspending free speech??? I would laugh in their faces if they even tried to tell me “this is not a free speech zone” This IS AMERICA… love it or leave it. I would love to have 15 min. face to face one on one with the clown in D.C.! OHHHHHHH this A$$h0l3 pisses me off!

      • He’s not the only one laughing at you guys… People in the world of the sane are laughing at you in the “Militia” ~ what organized militia with any hope of success would PUBLISH THEIR MOVEMENTS AND BROADCAST THEM ON THE OPEN AIR.

        If/when you milita folks gather up the stones to actually confront a TRAINED MILITARY FORCE and are mowed down, I can take comfort in another proof of darwinism.

        Ciao, baby….

        • Yea, dumb tactical approach by militia. The action is clearly more for attention and peacock style strutting. However, your linking the likelihood that the militia would be mowed down to Darwinism is flawed. A group of people making ill thought decisions resulting in a reduction of fitness for those individuals is clearly NOT genetic and does NOT reflect the species as a whole, just a small group of… big-hearted, quick- acting people.

          • Point taken.

            Big hearted maybe, quick acting – yes.

            But, these people are being manipulated and are definitely ill informed. They are not thinking about what they are doing and that is what will get them killed.

        • that you’re just a pussy hide behind a keyboard they may be going about it the wrong way telling everybody what they’re going to do before they do it but at least they’re doing it they’re down there trying to help I would be too if I can afford the trip

        • Rocko, you need to research why the Militia did announce their movements. They did so to coordinate with members of the retired law enforcement community so all could arrive at the location together and in force. You also have to remember that the Militia’s are made up of Military Veterans from all MOS’s and retired Law Enforcement Officers. Almost all are combat ready and very capable of defending themselves against any type of attack.

        • Granted, they would lose, they would take 100+- feds. with them, but that’s not the point, when America witnessed the masacre on tv, the the Gov would have half the nation to deal with and all armed, those killed are martyrs and fuel to run Obama out, this present admin. is the problem.


    • Sorry, but you people are all nuts. I live in Mesquite and all of this crap is being blown out of proportion. Bundy is in the wrong. Ranchers pay grazing fees for their cattle on BLM land. His cattle don’t belong on this property. You Tea Party, gun toting Repubs are just itching for trouble. Leave Obama out of this one and stay away from our area. We have a Rodeo and County Fair this weekend in Logandale and we don’t want a bunch of red necked trouble makers ruining it because you are haters and wanting an excuse for trouble. Obey the law Bundy and tell your family to quit lying to the media. Its all bullshit.

      • Yea, my ancestors were driving in this country looong before we were required to get drivers license etc. But it is the law now, so I pay my fee and abide by the law. However, in Bundy’s defense, if the feds really really wanted to protect a tortoise, they should just restrict the land, period. Charging ranchers more money isn’t going to help that turtle. This is an example of federal bureaucracy finding a lame excuse to levy higher taxes

      • You have lived in mesquite since 2009?! You are not an old timer and have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!! YOU THINK YOU DO, BUT U DO NOT!! This is bundys livelyhood. What his father, grandfather, great grandfather,..etc built up for his family to keep taking care of his needs and for his kids to carry on in the years to come. The government just wants to control everything we do now. WE ARE NOT A FREE COUNTRY ANYMORE. IF BLM wanted to control the so-called turtles they would and should have done something about it a long time ago, but they didnt. Leave the Bundy family alone.

        • Other ranchers pay grazing fees, which amount to a few dollars per head of cattle. What Bundy did was an affront to every honest rancher in this nation. He has something like 800 cattle illegally grazing on public land.

          Ya’ll ought to read the Nevada State Constitution sometime.

          I do find it funny that ya’ll are so het up over a millionaire cattle mooch.

      • Again Judy, piss off. The federal government has no right to tax these ranchers out of existence. You stupid twat. You live there because you failed at living where you are from, these people live there because they have ALWAYS lived there. Even before your beloved BLM.

      • Let Me guess Judy, You move Here from Southern Communist California?? When I moved Here in early 2000, This Great State was a Red State, until All of you Liberals turned it Purple!!

      • He tried to pay the grazing fees they didn’t let him they told him he needed to get off. that’s where the fight started a long time ago. They wanted the land for solar for China and used other things as excuses. Someone needs to start standing up for their freedom I’m proud of the bundy family. What happens when they get rid of farming and ranching completely, then we have to rely on other countries.


      • Lol Judy…

        your comments are pure reflection of why americans are considered stupid all around the world. In europe you would be set as an example of a brainwashed retard, while the author of this article is right on the spot.

        • Careful or she’ll call you a gun toting Tea Party Republican or a re necked trouble maker. They never have an original thought and religiously tow the Party line.

        • There are more brainwashed Europeans than Americans. That’s why we still have the second amendment. Without that Bundy and his family would be on the street looking for a place to live right now.

      • I think Judy is getting government aide and likes Obama because she thinks he is responsible for that. Excuse you Judy we hard working Americans including Mr. Bundy pays for your life we own you. News flash ObombanotherTower has done nothing more for you than you have done for yourself. Find a righteous argument because you have none here. I back Mr. Bundy 100% !!!!!

        • Bundy is the mooch, if you want to back a fee loader by all means. I find the irony in your statements amusing.

    • I sure hope so! We need a revolution to clean out these fascists who have lied (you can keep your plan & your Dr) and cheated their way into power (Holder). Holder won’t enforce the immigration laws but he will go after an American family like the Bundy’s? I hope the BLM snipers shoot one another! How can they sleep at night, putting Americans in their scopes?

    • You know, of course, that U.S. government operatives have encouraged the insurrection in the Ukraine. Well, I think it’s time for them to reap what they have sown! What we need is a little Maidan in America!

    • So, you read Dr. Edwin Vieira?? His take on the state militia is awesome to read.
      Should be taught in schools.

      • Oh yes militia movements. It’s been 19 years to the day when two militia members blew up The Murrah building in OKC. The victims of that act of terrorism ranged from the age of 3-73. 168 people were slaughtered. 19 of them were babies and young children in a day care center.

  2. We have slowly allowed big brother to start talking over a little at a time be cause people were told it was for their own good that these laws and extended branches of government was formed and people excepted it and now we have this monster that needs to be tamed or and eliminated, and its only going to get worse until we reverse this strong arm of the government

  3. There are plenty of liberals who stand with them, and I am one. What’s wrong is wrong. Hang tough, gentlemen – the world is watching. And if they aren’t paying attention, we will help change that too.

    • The Tea Party has corrupted a lot of people’s minds. Its to bad. Most of them don’t have a clue what the Constitution says and some things in it need to be amended and updated. There are plenty of Democrats around here too, so stay in your own neck of the woods. Thank you.

      • Hey Judy FYI the constitution isn’t up for debate. It’s the Law of the land and the supreme law at that. If you are in it for the amending you are just another f*** your fellow American supporter. So STFU!!!!!

        • Judy, it is so clear you are a government paid troll, right down to the intentional spelling and grammar errors.
          Attention government trolls: You are no longer hard to spot. YOU GLARE when you attempt to spread manure.
          So please! Don’t stop what you’re doing – it is so easy to pinpoint, discredit, denounce and ignore.

      • Judy,
        The Tea Party is made up of patriotic citizens who stand on the constitution as written; democrats and republicans and independents. Believe me, we know what the constitution says.
        “Updating” the constitution? That is treason.

        • Well stated Molly. Your points to Judy were well written and compiled without attacking her. I have never seen an argument won with insults. I am a female patriot living in Henderson, NV. I stand with the Bundy family on this issue. I could name several ileitis that owe millions in taxes but you don’t see them surrounded by armed federal agents kicking in their heads.

      • Three Things. 1.) There is a process to amend the Constitution, that requires approval by 2/3 of the states. Use it or Americans should fight you to the death. Your death hopefully. 2.) Remember that our military is part of the Federal government. We swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States (and by implication the American people). We are paid by the Federal government, but do not vilify all Feds. 3.) The “Tea Party” is composed of principled Americans, whether democrats, independents, or republicans. Do not ignorantly condemn us.

      • anyone with her views can not be an unpaid opinion its so incredibly well……transparent, they pay staffers to post online propaganda. It is part of the dnc’s internet/social media patrol I highly doubt she is from the area or could even find it on the map from her taxpayer paid for Washington dc penthouse. We see through you and everyday more americans do too. Interesting fact you are 900 times more likely to wind up in court from a federal government agency than from state law enforcement and that includes traffic tickets. wake up America the beast is too big for its own britches.

      • JUDY

  4. Its time to stand up ! This is our country the government works for us ..supposedly …how do we get to the ranch with out being took down an searched by law enforcment

    • It isn’t much of a ranch. Just some run down old bldgs and a melon patch. I have been there. Most of the land they are talking about involves red rocks, ancient Indian habitat and Petroglyphs. There are designated trails for ATV’s which is a recreational area near Mesquite. ITS NOT HIS LAND. HE DOESN’T PAY GRAZING FEES. HE IS IN THE WRONG. STAY HOME.

      • Judy, long have u lived in mesquite? Not long enough im sure to understand what is even going on. Some people are dummer than a box of rocks!!

      • you really are some thing else. your insight is half ass. Can you not hear or see the country that the U S is turning into,?

      • Hey Judy, how do you know Mr. Bundy hasn’t or isn’t paying grazing fees are you snooping into his private finances???

      • How do you know its not his land? Have you researched the deeds and land titles? Didn’t think so! Your nothing but a plant by the Progressive Socialist trying to take his Freedoms Away! Do all of us a favor and go play on the freeway!


  5. I think everyone “missed the boat” on this one. Everyone commented on everything, but the title of the article. The issue, THE REAL ISSUE is: what happens when those militia from around the nation show up? Don’t forget your history, people: the Civil War began precisely because a federal fort in South Carolina was SURROUNDED by state troops and fired on the fort. Again, if those militia get into an armed confrontation with BLM personnel, this thing could light the fuse to something bigger. Consider the implications. I have. Remember: those who ignore the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.

    • From time to time the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants and Patriots.
      Thomas Jefferson

    • Old soldier, your right. We need to take a step back and just look at what has happened to our country, It seems like the people who do the work are getting the shaft, while the people who sit atop those golden towers keep telling us what to do, and how to do it. I for one wish I was there to help support the little guy. Get real, a free speech zone, You can take that free speech zone and shove it as far as you can. Maybe it would hit your brain and then you could figure everything out.
      There comes a time when the only thing left is to fight for your INDIVIDUAL rights and the rights of the person next to you.
      I have lived in Nevada and also utah, and have had dealings with the BLM.
      Just so you know, all the land is ours, not thiers. But they tell me what I can or can’t do.
      Wake up people, there is no better time than the present to finish what they have started.

    • I’m really surprised at the comments posted. Again, I have to write people “missed the boat” on this article. It isn’t about a person named “Judy” has to write or say, it’s about what’s happening in Arizona and the possibility of it escalating to something bigger than it is. That’s the purpose of this discussion, not to read reactions to what ONE person writes. As for geological maps and protection of some tortoise, who needs a reason to do what they do? It’s called “rationalization.”

      • If the BLM “designated” this land as “public” what legal method did they use and is this the typical government definition meaning “people are banned unless they buy permission from us ” ? The tortoise and all the other native animal life seemed to be doing just find before and after cattle grazing. Even so nowhere in the Constitution do provisions to value animals over people , or at all , or to “protect” them appear. So, first they stole the land , then decided to extort money to use it and then claimed some animal had rights to it and deemed themselves the animals’ mercenary enforcers against the “public” who supposedly own the land , right ?
        If someone threatens another with deadly force when that person attempts to use or enter their own property or denies that person access through extortion demands backed up by deadly force then that is grounds for self defense as well as RICO violations.
        Will the state ( you know , the people’s representatives ) back the represented or their own power grab and organized crime syndicate ? The stare/fed. hired thugs hace already cgosen and will gladly murder their own people because their bosses are the criminals and the criminals will absolve them since they are the law themselves. Maybe they can bring in Ruby Ridge killer Lon Hariuchi (?) to show the new snipers how to kill mothers carrying their children and then claim the murder is justified seeing how their victims were a threat to “the people”. Maybe they can laugh it up after while they compare body counts and brag about how macho they are for murdering civilians. How ’bout it , Lonny boy , why don’t you headvon over to Nevada and show all your fellow thugs what a man you are for murdering an unarmed mother in cold blood ? Maybe you can get another “Murderer of the Year” cop badge from your self-congratulating “heros” of “law enforcement”. I’m sure there are plenty more nurderer wannabe fed’s just itching to join your proud civilian death squadvand earn their “Killer of Innocents” merit badges.
        Everybody else , watch yourselves , little Konny and gis fellow “heros” might just be looking at you.

    • Old soldier, you know what the people are doing. South Carolina did what she had to do then and during the American Revolution she won battle after battle for your freedom. England is a great nation but she was wrong and South Carolina with the help of God, kicked her ass. During the War for southern Independence the south would have won but lost because God hates slavery. We don’t have slaves anymore, but if old soldiers such as yourselves don’t be very careful we will all be slaves. If SC gets into it this time she will help America win again. Do you understand; America is what this is about. Not corporate america; not congress; AMERICA! AMERICA!

      • what do you mean we are not slaves. we are paid slaves. we go to work day after day. we pay our governments an income tax that they give to an army of illegal immigrants and slum queens. if you don’t pay that tax the government takes your things and throws you in jail. all while there giving your hard earned money to a an army of people that never will and have never deserved it. all while the price of a good steak increases, a loaf of bread increases and gas and fuel continues to increase. If that aint slavery for the government then tell me what it is.

  6. I can’t believe the amount of Fed land the government has. The only land the Fed Gov is allowed to own is DC. That is in the Constitution. If not NOW then WHEN do we take back our Country?!?!?

    • Thats a bunch of B— S—. I saw some big mouth women on tv and they were probably scaring the dogs with their loud voices. You people need to settle down. Those ranchers sure don’t like the wild horses around, so now the citizens of this area don’t want feral cows running all over our recreation area and protected lands.

      • Judy

        Who are you, the more you speak the dumber you look.
        Wild horses?
        The only wild stuff I know are the Mustangs, and they were here long before you, or NEVADA OR THE BLM.
        Feral cows, is that what you call FREE RANGE BEEF?
        Don’t you understand people who live there know when you talking out you AS-.
        So please stop making yourself look foolish.

        • Woman you are dumb in many more ways than one you have no idea what goes into a real cattle ranch you dont even know what feral live stock is you dont belong in this country i didnt fight in the usmc for dumb asses like you

        • JOHN

      • Judy how are you getting on here so much and not having to wait or be encased in someone else’s words- are you a commy plant? Are you a four wheeler? Are you an ugly woman who doesn’t have to get ready to go out? What are you really? Oh wait there is some one out side HELP HELP ALL IS LOST. WHAT A WORLD WHAT A WORLD!

  7. Where is Harry Reid? This Bundy guy is a Nevadan, a US citizen, a member of Harry’s church. Apparently he only gets involved if it benefits him personally.

    • You got that RIGHT !
      Farry Reid will NOT raise a finger, unless it puts mega $$$$$ in his pocket !
      He IS dangerous CRAZY !

  8. This is just sad and needs to stop the feds are way out of line when the government thinks they own its people and land and start taking our rights enough is enough the feds need a wake up call there are more of us then there are of u and we will not give up our rights fight the good fight brothers you are in my prayers I live in Florida and will be heading that way in the morning god bless

    • Hey Anthony what time will you be thought Mississippi. Can I catch a ride maybe in the back of the truck or something.

      • It’ll be ok judy. Be good for you to meet some new people. The fair sounds good to us maybe we’ll see yal there Yee Haw

        • Chris, well then just settle down. I am afraid that this little rancher here isn’t worth all of the trouble that you guys are itching to get into. I think he is loving the attention he is getting on tv. He should be taking care of his ranch.

          • Yep, it does seems Judy is typing out of some poorly set-up propaganda office, selling out american values for money to buy cheap makeup.

            And don’t we dare blame United Socialist America with over 100 million american people that are on some kind of welfare on that trained monkey in the office right?

          • CHRIS
            SEE YA THERE…

  9. I think the Feds should go back to where they came from and leave Rancher Bundy to take care of his business without their interference.

  10. I think it is time we take back our country from the SOB’s. It’s time for the revolution!!!!! Down with he feds.

    • You’re right – it is time to take back the Country and Constitution, but the place to do it is Washington DC – not out in the wilds of Nevada. You’ve let the Feds choose the battleground, in the open terrain with no cover, little chance of collateral damage and the ease of eliminating you with a couple of helicopter gunships or an A-10 Warthog. Throw in a couple of fuel-air bombs and it’s over. The Iraqi Army learned this lesson the hard way in 1991. This is NOT 1861. Learn from the Afghanis – and the tactics from the American Revolutionary War against Britain. Face to face confrontation with a superior force doesn’t work. You might outnumber them now, but after they’ve flown in the 82nd Airborne, all bets are off …

      • Your absolutely right Robert. In case some, many and or most don’t recognize sarcasm my next comment will be sarcastic. I think we the people unduly and untimely being unable to exercise our affordable rights under our once great constitution, need to start building boats and flee this forsaken country and leave it to the thieving rats once and for all. Don’t fight the good fight just throw up your white flag and let them have this blood covered land.

  11. If they pop a round then by all means pop a round back. Live by the gun die by the gun. Simple rules.

  12. Thats crazy…. This man lively hood is being taken because our greedy government wants their greedy hands on everything…… Hope this man gets his cattle back and he blm is punished appropriately for there actions….

    • The blm is handling this poorly but so is Bundy. He has been grazing his cattle on public lands for free since 1993. They lowered his numbers for a dang turtle so he figured he would stop paying his grazing fees. This is the peoples lands managed by the gov. his cows are being evicted not the public.Lots of bad information going around on a lot of sites.

      • Robert, you are exactly correct. I am glad that some people on here have some sense. I bet there are people there that don’t have a clue about grazing fees. Its all about hate and, of course, they have to bring up Reid and Obama. The hatred such is getting old.

        • JUDY

      • I hope you all reap your reward in the coming years when you are paying twenty or maybe even fifty dollars a pound for that beef at the store. You might want to thank your government for that. Keep whistling Dixie.

      • Except for the fact that all this land is closed to the public. you trolls need to get your facts straight because I live out here and I can tell you that over 600K Acres are closed to the public. I guess the free speech zones that even the Nevada Governor confirmed are fake to huh?

        Sorry Judy & Robert but you people are delusional and I’m betting payed Obama supporter/trolls

        • I don’t get why people like you have to keep saying that they are payed government supporters. Don’t they have 1st Amendment rights. If they don’t agree with you then I guess there not allowed to talk, right? I mean if the guy is doing something wrong, shouldn’t the law enforcement step in to help fix it. Stop getting all pissed off at the fact that the government wants to drill for oil in those acres of land. Our country has way more IMPORTANT problems than this right now.

          • You are correct when you say IMPORTANT problems and every American knows where those IMPORTANT problems sit and the fact that they need to be removed ASAP!!!!

  13. Hey anyone coming though Mississippi on the way out there? Is there a site where we can go to get organized? If not somebody should start one,I would but I was educated here in Ms.and am to stupid to do it.

    • Chris you might try a social site like twitter, Facebook or MySpace these are all good social sites to get organized.

      • I do not use this sites they require too much personal info. Why do the work for the feds. I’m not interested in helping them spy on myself.

    • CHRIS

  14. A man must know his lematations.(Things like spelling)But I can blow the hell out of a turkey call and I have never missed a shot at a turkey.

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