Militia Push Feds out of Nevada: Sheriff of Clark County Announces Feds Leaving Bundy’s Land

In a stunning change of events, this morning, The Buruea of Land Management announced they would be leaving the 600,000 acres of Nevada land that they seized last week, and will be ceasing their round up of Cliven Bundy’s Cattle.

The announcement came just hours ago from Sheriff of Clark County Douglas C. Gillespie, who met with Bundy this morning at the Bundy Ranch.

At a press conference just outside the Bundy Ranch, where Militia and local supporters were gathered, Gillespie announced the news to the cheering crowd. While all the full details of the agreement haven’t been released yet, like whether the 400 cows already stolen from the land will be returned to Bundy, the fact is, the people seem to have won a victory against a tyrannical government that was growing out of control.

As one of the Militia members stated this morning at the press conference, “One man can make a difference.”

The news of the pull out comes as hundreds of Militia from around the country had made their way to the Bundy Ranch. Up to 5,000 more Militia were expected to flood into the area throughout the weekend, causing the BLM to fear a deadly confrontation.

Supporters Bundy Ranch
Supporters Gathering outside the Bundy Ranch

In a statement, BLM Director Neil Kornze said that after consulting with law enforcement, “we have made the decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.”

It should be noted that Bureau of Land Management Director Neil Kornze, is a former senior policy advisor for Harry Reid, who has been accused of setting up this whole showdown in order to steal the land for a Chinese Solar Company.  Reid, D-Nev., and his oldest son, Rory, a former chairman of the Clark County, Nev., County Commission, are both deeply involved in a $5 billion foreign energy project by ENN Energy Group to build a huge solar farm in southern Nevada, according to a Reuters report from August 2012.

30 Day Fly Over Ban

Although many see this as a victory, others are warning this could just be an attempt to disperse the crowds. As of this morning, the BLM has placed a 30 day no fly zone over the 600,000 acres, causing many to wonder if the BLM will return once the Militia members leave the land. Bundy and supporters have asked the Sheriff to disarm the BLM and permanently have them leave all Nevada land.

Bundy and his supporters are on their way to retrieve their cattle, so this may be far from over. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

UPDATE: 11:53pm pst. It looks like negotiations may have already broken down, as Interstate 15 just outside of Mesquite, Nevada has been completely shutdown by protestors and police. Militia, Cliven Bundy, and his supporters have made their way into the area to take back his cattle.

Standoff on Interstate 15
Standoff on Interstate 15 as police make thier way into the area
I15 Shutdown
Protestors, Militia and Cliven Bundy attempt to take back the cattle from a BLM staging area.
Armed Protestors facing off with BLM
Armed Protestors facing off with BLM and SWAT teams



UPDATE: 12:55pm PST. The latest update out of the area is that Deputy Chief Tom Roberts, from Las Vegas Metro, made a deal with Ammon Bundy, Cliven’s son, to open the gate and release the cattle to the waiting cowboys. Protestors have started moving away from the gates, and it looks like this situation may hopefully reach a peaceful conclusion.

UPDATE: 3:05pm PST. Cattle are starting to be released, and the BLM Agents have retreated off the land. Over 80 BLM vehicles could be seen leaving, making their way down I15. It’s estimated that at least 100 of the Cattle may have been killed by the BLM.

Mounted Cowboys return confiscated cattle
Mounted Cowboys starting to return confiscated cattle to Bundy Ranch
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    • I guess every rancher here in Wyoming should do the same. Then we can go back to overgrazing the land until it’s just dirt and sagebrush again. Hey, I don’t want to pay for my fishing or hunting license anymore. Will all you guys come stand with me and keep me from being arrested?

      • Maybe before making any ignorant comments you can find out what the whole thing was really about. Overgrazing a 600,000 acre plot of land? You truly are ignorant.

        • Sandra is the kind of ignorant non-citizen the Founders gave us the second amendment to deal with!

          • Sandra think before you speak. This isn’t about stupid shit like licenses, it’s about not letting the Feds walk all over you. Don’t comment if you aren’t about this then don’t be here but don’t pull everyone else down with you. I for one will stand up to them they can try and oppress me but they won’t walk away alive.

            Long live true freedom

            The Marksman

    • Long live the revolution for TRUE freedom of all people!!! You have my rifle, just call on it, and FOLLOW ME!

      • Long live the true Americans… You’ve got my rifle to I will stand and fight for my freedom no matter the price. This just gives them more reason to try and take our guns. They can show up for mine but they won’t walk away from my door.

        Long live true freedom

        – sincerely,
        The Marksman

  1. Glad to hear this, I for one am fed up with the tyrannical feds. I happy to see them pushed back. Gives ALL AMERICANS HOPE

  2. seeing how the sheriff and the governor could have stopped this whole thing right from the start I don’t think that I would try for a reelection

  3. The militia have be recently thought of as bad people, but the militia are supposed to be the ones protecting our freedoms. NOW is the time to rebuild our state militias to protect our rights of life, liberty, and happiness. If you have a state militia, join it. If you don’t, learn how to start one or help get it started. NOW is the time to build back the strength of the people. WE THE PEOPLE!

    • They are thought of that way because the government & mainstream media have been presenting them to the people that way, though really, nothing could be further from the truth. They portray militias as nothing more than a bunch of racist redneck peckerwoods running through the woods playing war games. I really wish there was one I could join out here in El Paso, but no such luck… Just a bunch of doucheknuckle border patrol agents and a shit ton of Hispanic immigrants that view the current conditions of this state and country as a step up from what they left behind…… smdh

    • We do have soldiers from Fort Bliss, a huge military base encompassing a million acres and employing god knows how many soldiers, but I don’t fully trust in their reliability or trustworthiness (if that’s how you’re supposed to say it). If you’re in uniform- regardless of what uniform it is- you need to prove yourself to me first….

  4. Those that claim that we have no need of guns to protect ourselves because the government will do so should read this. The government has its place and one in a while needs to be reminded what that place is.

  5. Go Nevada. I live in alabama and I am glad that they are leaving but I also think that this is not over. Our goverment is getting WAY OUT OF CONTROL with things now days. But at least the american people are standing up for whats right. Go bundy and all of his supporters who are there.

  6. Harry Reid in bed with the chinese to have Nevada rancher striped of his land using the BLM…

    Reid is a phucking MONSTER!!

  7. god bless the militia…this is what the 2nd amendment was for and it came in really handy…phucking tyrants…dont mess with the people of the u.s…god bless america and the militia…god bless our founding fathers for knowing that days like this would come over two hundred years in the future…score one for the u.s

  8. Bundy Family,
    When the corrupt Government ignore their very own laws and statutes and shut you away from justice, the world calls it TYRANNY. The world rallies around you. You are given a VOICE to SHOUT and SHOW your cause around the world through the media, who come from around the world to you. Your plight is taken up by the general public and activists who are offended by the illegal actions being forced upon you. You’ve only gotten a tiny taste of your own State Officials rejecting and betraying you. You’ve gotten a tiny taste of the Police withholding protections and enforcements on your behalf. We have been living through the same hell you are in right now, for over ten years, alone and in silence!

    When the same corrupt government ignores the laws and shuts my husband and I away from ALL justice, it is absolutely nothing at all. NO BIG DEAL and it doesn’t cause even the slightest ripple in the world. No one ever sees the horrors and the never ending nightmares we are enduring, due to our LONE fight for justice and the enforcement of the U.S. Constitutional Laws. NO Voice is given to our circumstances. Absolutely no one rallies around to help us. With mighty, but futile effort, we strive to fight alone, never giving up, while the media and this country slams the door in our faces. WHO will make our circumstances known, since we are NOT permitted to tell it to anyone?

    Our voice will probably never be heard. Our circumstances remain silenced forever, so it seems, unless miraculously someone finally rallies at our side. Won’t happen, because I’m not sure that most Americans care about anyone except those few who are highly embraced socially and financially. Those few who can make tremendous ratings, money, for the media. Those few who can create political points for the Government. Those few that society permits to represent all persons. You are a HERO. We are expendable garbage! We are and will be forced to endure whatever they want to inflict upon us, in agonizing silence. We have no choice except to suffer the illegal and wrongful financial devastation without any recourse and ALONE.

    We have no rights of any kind. We have no rights to judicial reprieves. We have no rights to police protections, or enforcements of any laws violated against us. We are not even permitted to have assistance from any LAWYER. The wagon train (government, courts, lawyers, judges, police, other employed government entities) are tightly circled and we, many others, are shut outside, looking inward.

    Without the media, the supporting public, activists, legal counsel (useless), you would be totally alone enduring all that they want to force on you. Possibly even death, in the end. There are no words that can even begin to describe to you how it feels, as time painfully drags into years. Don’t think for one minute that you or I are the only victims enduring these same circumstances. But they are forgotten because they were never made known to anyone. They exist! The government has declared war, one person at a time, so that it won’t be made known to the rest of the world. No one knows how many victims of corrupt Government are out there, since the media won’t permit most of them to be brought into the media spotlights. Evil has absolute power, when it has darkness to remain hidden. You are the visible HERO, but it is very important to me that you fully understand that there are thousands who have been embroiled in the very same war you are in right now, who have NOT been seen by the world.

    Please make sure you fully understand. Don’t take for granted how fortunate you are to still have a voice being permitted to cry out your injuries and injustice, for the world to hear and see! You better get on your knees to God and thank him profoundly. Some of the Governments corrupt actions won’t ever be known except to the victims who endured it, ALONE.

    ONE massive, UNITED lawsuit has to be filed against ALL entities, from victims of every state before the government will reform and restrain for a time. ONE person alone will accomplish nothing, except to bring more destruction upon themselves. War is being won by the government, one person at a time, within every state in the union. The public from every state has to bring the war to them through massive numbers or nothing is going to be accomplished except disaster.

    WE….THE ….PEOPLE……(plural)

    You….alone would be doomed, just as I was/am as well. ONE PERSON HAS NO CHANCE OF MAKING ANYTHING CHANGE

  9. Funny how people in USA get all bent out of shape when a government comes and take them off their land, but not single person mentions that this exactly what happened to First Nation people! Seems like Karma is full effect right now!

    • Oh, do you mean those people who savagely attacked innocent farmers, slaughtered their men and raped their women when those farmers wanted nothing more than simple freedom and independence? Or are you talking about the people who regularly made war with one another cutting out the hearts of their enemies and butchering every last member of the defeated tribe? Perhaps you speak of those people who entered into reasonable agreements then broke them when the Great Spirit told them they do not have to honor agreements with the “white man.”

      And, let me guess… Islam is a peaceful religion when it sews the eyes a mouth of a little girl shut for professing to be a Christian too, right? Even a fool is counted wise when he learns to keep silent.

      • Learn your history IIIpercenter, you portray them as mindless killing machines yet a quarter of a million indian tribes had been forcibly “relocated” in 1865 by the federal gov…this was 27 years after the trail of tears which had already relocated the Cherokee, Seminole and Choctaw tribes. The farmers that you mention that only wanted simple freedom and independence? They wanted to OWN the land….which means they figured everything on that land they bought from the government (illegally I might add) belonged to them and only them. Indians who had hunted, farmed and fished those lands were now seen as trespassers and were dealt with as such. The Europeans pushed first so the Indians pushed back. They didn’t want to lose the rights to use the land any more than we would today, and they defended themselves the same way we do today.
        As far as indians making war against other tribes and cutting out the hearts? That did happen although I can’t find any evidence of them cutting out hearts. (Although the word Mohawk supposedly means means eater of flesh but it also means people of flint) Indians started war with other indians for the same reasons we have wars today. Land, hunting rights and unfortunately slavery to replenish there tribes. I don’t even know where you came up with reasonable agreements broken from….my guess you just made that up but of the 500 US treaties made by the US Government…guess how many of those were broken? That’s right all 500 in some form or fashion…and they didn’t even need the “Great Spirit” to tell them to do that.

        • you should learn your history too.. under first people here, the government viewed the Indians as owning the land, they then made clauses and deeds to purchase these large plots of land, your ancestors signed away on the deals, mostly drunk at the time, thereby making the land trade legal.

          so they had some serious sellers remorse, but it is ultimately there own fault for being tricked with “fire water” to sign a document.

          • It is a verifiable fact that the US government broke every single treaty they made with the Native Americans… As for my ancestors “being drunk,” not only is that a racist stereotype, the fact is alcohol was introduced to the tribes by the same white men who broke every single treaty signed.

            Now, that said, I will also point out that two wrongs do not make a right – this land was stolen from my people generations ago, by no one living today, and it would be just as wrong for me to deny the current landowners their rights. ‘Sins of the father’ are not inherited by the sons.

          • actually it is using it as a historical fact basis, true the whiteman did introduce alcohol, they also used it to their advantage in these deals.

            Indians also broke treaties by claiming their spirits told them they did not have to honor any deals made with the white man, both sides have their hands dirty in all reality.

            so no it was not meant to be of a racial stereotype, just to bring in the fact that it was used, and unfortunately because of the lack of it prior to these meetings to make deals, it was that much easier to make them into alcoholics and desire the drink.

      • Actually the Iroquois Nation was the longest know democracy known in existence, I’m not arguing the point. Just helping you out with that angry babble above you call a debate..

    • There are no “first nations” in the United States, just an assortment of Indians and tribal groups. The term first nation is a Canadian affectation, here in the US we have an assortment of Indian tribes. The first nation on this continent was formed in 1776 of various colonies of Britain strung along the eastern seaboard of the North America. We like to call our first nation The United States. TYVM, Dun

  10. I am just elated about this!!! I am so glad that the feds decided not to keep pushing this… Stand up for your rights Bundy you are a true American! All the militia and Veterans that were there to back him are wonderful and also True Americans… We the people will not tolerate crap. What a great day for all of us :)

    • I agree with you. Thank God for the militias who are willing to stand up for the rights of the Bundy’s. When are The People going to gather together and fight the Govt take-over. Harry Reid is a crook and giving away our land to the Chinese. We taxpayers keep taking it and continue to support this joke of a Govt. I keep waiting for people to get a backbone and stop paying taxes. I realize it is hard to take a stand but if not now, then when? We continue to support this BS. I am a senior but hate to see you younger Americans roll over. We fought for this Country, sad to see we lose it now. To Kitten: This is not the time or place to bring up the native Americans. We all have to stand together.

  11. I think there is no doubt that the flight restrictions are do to the fact that they don’t want Arial pics from the press of the cows used for target practice.

  12. Im glad to see That true American people are standing up to the bully that’s now our government, One person can not realy make a change but when thousands stand up with guns which is what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote our law giving us the right to bare arms , its was so, so that we could defend our selfes, and are willing to fight when governments go bad. we are going to have to pick up the pices of what left of this nation by the time that fag and his drag queen at the black house gets thur

  13. You are right its not over Harry will wait patiently until everything cools down then get what he wants by what ever means necessary. Look at his track record the man is evil incarnate. He needs to go!

  14. This “incident” has been interesting. One observation: I’d like to take a “wait/see” attitude on something happening when the first of the Blood Moon Triad occurs on Tuesday, the Passover.

    • It’s about time we as a people stand up for are rights. you are right about the Blood Moon’s…we should believe something will take place Always Trust God

  15. Sandra you must have moved to Wyoming from CA. ! GO HOME ! I am interested to see what reprisal the FED’s have for the protesters they can I.D….Keep your ARMS HANDY !!!!!!

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