Militia Push Feds out of Nevada: Sheriff of Clark County Announces Feds Leaving Bundy’s Land

In a stunning change of events, this morning, The Buruea of Land Management announced they would be leaving the 600,000 acres of Nevada land that they seized last week, and will be ceasing their round up of Cliven Bundy’s Cattle.

The announcement came just hours ago from Sheriff of Clark County Douglas C. Gillespie, who met with Bundy this morning at the Bundy Ranch.

At a press conference just outside the Bundy Ranch, where Militia and local supporters were gathered, Gillespie announced the news to the cheering crowd. While all the full details of the agreement haven’t been released yet, like whether the 400 cows already stolen from the land will be returned to Bundy, the fact is, the people seem to have won a victory against a tyrannical government that was growing out of control.

As one of the Militia members stated this morning at the press conference, “One man can make a difference.”

The news of the pull out comes as hundreds of Militia from around the country had made their way to the Bundy Ranch. Up to 5,000 more Militia were expected to flood into the area throughout the weekend, causing the BLM to fear a deadly confrontation.

Supporters Bundy Ranch
Supporters Gathering outside the Bundy Ranch

In a statement, BLM Director Neil Kornze said that after consulting with law enforcement, “we have made the decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.”

It should be noted that Bureau of Land Management Director Neil Kornze, is a former senior policy advisor for Harry Reid, who has been accused of setting up this whole showdown in order to steal the land for a Chinese Solar Company.  Reid, D-Nev., and his oldest son, Rory, a former chairman of the Clark County, Nev., County Commission, are both deeply involved in a $5 billion foreign energy project by ENN Energy Group to build a huge solar farm in southern Nevada, according to a Reuters report from August 2012.

30 Day Fly Over Ban

Although many see this as a victory, others are warning this could just be an attempt to disperse the crowds. As of this morning, the BLM has placed a 30 day no fly zone over the 600,000 acres, causing many to wonder if the BLM will return once the Militia members leave the land. Bundy and supporters have asked the Sheriff to disarm the BLM and permanently have them leave all Nevada land.

Bundy and his supporters are on their way to retrieve their cattle, so this may be far from over. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

UPDATE: 11:53pm pst. It looks like negotiations may have already broken down, as Interstate 15 just outside of Mesquite, Nevada has been completely shutdown by protestors and police. Militia, Cliven Bundy, and his supporters have made their way into the area to take back his cattle.

Standoff on Interstate 15
Standoff on Interstate 15 as police make thier way into the area
I15 Shutdown
Protestors, Militia and Cliven Bundy attempt to take back the cattle from a BLM staging area.
Armed Protestors facing off with BLM
Armed Protestors facing off with BLM and SWAT teams



UPDATE: 12:55pm PST. The latest update out of the area is that Deputy Chief Tom Roberts, from Las Vegas Metro, made a deal with Ammon Bundy, Cliven’s son, to open the gate and release the cattle to the waiting cowboys. Protestors have started moving away from the gates, and it looks like this situation may hopefully reach a peaceful conclusion.

UPDATE: 3:05pm PST. Cattle are starting to be released, and the BLM Agents have retreated off the land. Over 80 BLM vehicles could be seen leaving, making their way down I15. It’s estimated that at least 100 of the Cattle may have been killed by the BLM.

Mounted Cowboys return confiscated cattle
Mounted Cowboys starting to return confiscated cattle to Bundy Ranch
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  1. The BLM will not take this embarrassment sitting down. They will retaliate eventually. How? Who knows. I am afraid for the Bundy’s. Many of the agencies of the government are filled with people that are just pain evil. Is it possible that the air space being cleared and protestors eventually dispersing that one of these evil agencies would order a drone strike on the Bundy ranch dwellings and blame it on, let’s say a gas leak, or a false flag claiming that the Bundy’s had illegal munitions and explosives that accidently blew up. You know the feds would investigate and that is like the fox guarding the hen house.

  2. this may have been a test by the government, think about it, no fly zone on American skies only pertains to public, the military can still fly over however.

    there are also rumors that the military did just that, and flew drones over the area, taking real time photos and identifying armed citizens and firearms at the protest. this situation is bad all around as I don’t side with Bundy due to his ignorance, and arrogance( mostly the arrogance), but I do side with the protesters using their 1st Amendmental rights and refusing to be corralled in pens.
    I also side with the fact that the grazing fees should have been suspended since they where initially for habitat creation and sustainment for the tortoise, however the project was gutted and abandoned, so it should have be a none issue afterwords to cease grazing fees.

    ultimately the feds will return after it all dies down and people leave, you can bet on that. then everyone attending, armed, and otherwise will be taken out one by one.

    this government monster has gotten out of control and has an unsatiable appetite. be prepared everyone, this is only the beginning.

  3. Why do the Bundys get to use public land to run their business? Ancestral rights or because their friends show up with guns. Give me a break

  4. When will Harry Reid disappear. I cannot wait until the November election, of course, we have a lot of our population that is over 27% Hispanic here in Vegas who will most likely vote for him. A lot are registered and very good people; the others I hope they can see what can happen to them in the future, where our government takes over. AMEN!

  5. Remember those old creepy guys talking about how the government was out to get us all? No longer creepy huh?

  6. Now i am glad people banded together btu lets remember that this guy has been illegally using these lands for over 15 years. regardless of how anyone feels it was still an illegal act. I am very greatful no one was harmed or had the idiotic idea to fight the gov’t b/c the outcome would have been gruesome for both sides but the point still remains what he did was not legal and he knew it.

    nothing will come of this but lets not act like this is a great victory. When Glen Beck and Tucker Carlson are telling people not to get too excited it says something. I don’t agree with the Feds’ moves but again the guy knew what he was doing was illegal.

    • The very idea that the BLM killed his bulls, separated the new calves from their mothers virtually killing them, destroyed his water tanks, tore up the fences and corrals was despicable. Mr. Bundy does not recognize the Federal Gov’ts power for good reason. Harry Reid is a crook and violates the law. He was trying to sell the land to the Chinese as he did with other land in Nevada to use as windfarms. The BLM under the control of Reid’s cohort used the ruse that the cows harm the desert tortoise – the whole thing stinks. We The People have to start standing up for what is right.

  7. Sadly, the dust will settle and in a matter of time the government will raid his home and do terrible things, just as they always have done. History has and always will repeat itself. This country is headed one way and we all know this.

    For there to be great change, comes great risk.

    Just saying.

    God bless all of you in these hard times to come.

  8. Thank god we still have a few Americans left with a backbone in this country. People who stand up for what’s right. This country is in trouble people we are losing are rights by the day. Before long all we will have the right to do is stand there and look stupid like Bundys cattle. Sorry that’s not for me !! To the people who think are government is making this a better place to live, you need to go join Bundys herd of cows you will fit right in !! God bless all of the American people who still have a backbone !!

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