Minnesota Hospital Goes into Lock-down after Riot Breaks Out & 75 People Start Massive Fight

Hospital Emergency Room

In the latest case of urban thuggery, a massive riot/fight broke out at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale, Minnesota causing the hospital to go into lock-down mode.

Hospital security placed the building in a lockdown when dozens of thugs began fighting inside the hospital. Robbinsdale Police were dispatched to the hospital’s emergency room and found what they say was around 50-75 people fighting. Officers from six different agencies had to be dispatched to the scene in order to help restore order.

The Minnesota Nurses Association issued a statement in response to the violent scene, saying fights like the one seen in Robbinsdale are becoming “increasingly common.”

“Incidents such as what happened at North Memorial today are becoming increasingly common as workplace violence incidents continue to rise. Minnesota’s hospital workers deserve better. Hospitals need to do a better job of preventing these incidents from happening in the first place. It’s never OK to yell at, intimidate, or threaten a nurse or any hospital employee. We need statewide protections for hospital workers who take care of all Minnesotans and guarantees that hospitals are working to prevent these things from happening in the first place.”

North Memorial Hospital and the local police have not released security footage, and this footage will probably never be released because it doesn’t fit the mainstream media narrative!

A couple of months back, a similar riot/fight broke out just around the corner in another Minnesota hospital where dozens of thugs forced Regions Hospital to close due to large scale brawls. And in September, as we reported here, dozens of black teenage thugs brutally targeted whites in vicious hate crimes throughout Minneapolis.

Of course, this won’t receive national coverage because urban thuggery is very rarely reported. If it was you would hear about the:

Why do we cover these stories at OFFGRID Survival?

We are often attacked from mentally unbalanced liberals when we post these stories, claiming this has nothing to do with what my site is about. To those people, GO SCREW YOURSELVES! The fact is, I run a site about preparedness, and if you can’t see how these are preparedness issues then you are following the wrong site.

These types of stories are highlighted here for a couple of reasons.

  1. These threats are becoming a threat to everyone, no matter where you live in this country and no matter what color your skin may be!
  2. These threats are ignored by the mainstream media, and even by most so-called conservative media outlets because they are afraid of being perceived as “racist.” But who are the real racists, the ones who report facts and figures or the ones that allow these communities to descend into chaos for political gain?
  3. You need to be prepared! If you are not preparing for social unrest and violent attacks then why are you here?

What you can do to prepare!

I dedicated an entire section of my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, to self-defense topics and understanding the criminal mind.

The number one thing you can do to protect yourself from violent attacks is to be aware of what’s going on around you.

  • Don’t act like a Zombie! Make sure you stay off their phone, remove the headphones, and pay attention.  Criminals look for easy victims.
  • Teach your Children. Take the time to show them examples of what they should be looking for while out in public. See who can find the most exits at the store, and who can spot the quickest way to those exit points from various spots in the store. These are the kinds of things that will prepare them to face threats and disasters.
  • Be aware of their surroundings, and to start developing mental maps of places you visit. This will during any disaster including natural disasters, fires, or any other situation where you might have to make a quick exit.
  • Lean to use a Firearm!!!

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  1. I was actually interested the information until you called out liberals for some reason? Are there no mentally unbalanced right-wingers? Anyway, kind of sad you had to say it, and therefore perpetuate the divide. It would be nice to read information that was unbiased.

    • Sorry that it offends you, but these type of things are directly a result of democrat liberal policies. And yes, there are crazy people on both sides, and we have a ton of articles that are equally critical of Republican policies; that being said, these issues are a direct result of democrat policies.

      • I concur with you on that…… good reason to step up prepping!!! Of note the right [mostly] endured under the last admin without tearing up stuff like we have seen the last 3 years….

  2. Unfortunately, the liberal agenda of nothing is out of bounds, all inclusion, socialism policies, and a breakdown of moral values is causing this lawlessness. It does appear there is a large cultural disconnect with certain minority groups on what is acceptable or normal.

  3. Subject TYPO in Copy
    “Lean to use firearms?” See it under the area, What You Can Do to Prepare. See your copy above.

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