Missouri Government caught sending Private Data on Gun Owners to Department of Homeland Security

The Missouri Department of Revenue, who issues concealed carry permits in Missouri, may have been caught transmitting private information on Concealed Carry Permit Holders to the Department of Homeland Security.

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder held a press conference to announce his involvement in an attempt to stop the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) from transmitting this private data to the Federal Government. The data transmission was discovered after a Missouri Resident Eric Griffin’s Concealed Carry permit was denied when he refused to let the DOR scan and transmit his private data to the Feds.

According to LT. Gov. Kinder, this information is not only being turned over to the fed, but also to a private agency in another state. Both actions are specifically prohibited by State Law, and seem like yet another attack on law-abiding gun owners.

Kinder, and the Stoddard County Prosecutors, filed legal actions against the Missouri Department of Revenue; late today that action resulted in a temporary restraining order being issued that will force the DOR to stop transmitting this private information to the Feds.

Kinder released a Press Release that said:

“This case has issues of statewide importance implicating serious privacy concerns for law-abiding citizens. These folks have followed the letter of the law and been approved for concealed carry by the proper authorities. They must not be required to share that information with any third parties or the federal government.”

In my opinion, this is just another example of why gun registration is a very dangerous thing to allow. Nowhere in the Constitution are we required to register our weapons, or apply for any sort of permit to carry them. In fact, the second Amendment itself should be our conceal carry permit.

The Orwellian nature of this Missouri program highlights our need to be vigilant when it comes to suggestions of further gun registrations and legislation. The farther we allow them to go down this road, the easier it becomes for them to implement their ultimate agenda of gun confiscation.

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  1. As disturbing as the reporting to DHS is, the reporting to “another private agency in another state” is infuriating. Mwkes you wonder which other states are doing the same underhanded crap.

    • Exactly!!! I hope this launches a large scale investigation because I have no doubt this is going on in more than just Missouri. The article is dead on and is the exact reason I will never apply for a conceal carry or any other form of registration.

      • I took the firearms training class but haven’t applied for the CCW permit for exactly this reason. The Constitution is my carry permit. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

        • Mine is at the Sheriff’s office already approved and I’m freakin’ scared to go get it! Bama is Conservative but MY county is not. We just knocked down our mayor’s effort to be able to take guns as she sees fit. IF we went by our Constitution, we wouldn’t even NEED a permit to carry anyway. WHY did we all ever start allowing them to make us get permits to start with?! They have brought all this on us a little at a time and now we are in a world of mess! “O” is gonna see to it that Christians and Conservatives are enemies of the state, one way or another so we may as well just carry our guns anyway!

    • 50 to 1 its Missouri’s gun hating neighbor Illinois. Oh please let it be so, another target for Illinois Gun Owners Wrath. Expost the bastards, prosecute the criminals and extoll the whistleblower.

      • Look how well Chicago gun laws are working for our good neighbor! How’s that list working for them. Criminals don’t care about laws do they.

      • Ahaha surly you jest. Once they have e-copies its permanent. I support enterprise backup solutions and once on disk/tape its there forever.

      • The movie Red Dawn depicted an invasion by a hostile nation hell bent on taking the U.S. over. One of the first things the commander ordered was to “go to the sporting goods store and collect all of the form 4473’s. That will give us a list of all the gun owners”.
        Those forms are supposed to be destroyed after 3 years, but we all know it is a federal form and the feds want to know.
        Let me digress a moment… The other day I was watching a ‘fair and ballanced’ news program. They showed a clip of a woman who’d survived being raped who held a ccw permit but her piece was at home because it wasn’t allowed on the college campus where she attended. This was in Colorado and was speaking to the state legistature. The state representative (female, name escapes me) D-Co was giving the young woman a dressing down about how it would be irresponsible to allow guns on campus. She then later apologised to the young lady in the hallway. now let me see if I got this right. The representative got her left winged opinion on the record so her constituancy is satisfied, and then got her true self unseen by the cameras, recordings, etc revealed to thr young lady in the form of a hallway apology.
        going back to the forms… I beleive this administration has proven time and again, tell them what they want to hear then do what you want anyway.
        There will be no destruction therefore no need for oversight.

        • The Rep was Evie Hudak (d) Westminster. There is an active recall movement against her. Those hearings were nothing but a dog and pony show…

      • I beleive it was Truman that had a sign on his desk saying.. “The buck stops here”.
        They say the captain goes down with the ship. Who’s the captain of the US America? 3 guesses, the first 2 don’t count.

  2. It’s to bad the main stream government propoganda machine will never let this be properly investigated or reported.

  3. I would like to know where these two actions are prohibited by state law. When I write my congressmen, I want to be totally informed and able to cite where it is written.

    We need to be politically active, but we need to be more informed — heresay will not work, we need evidence and data..

    • Google it! The laws should be available online for free, along with any addresses you might need. BUT, I’m sure every citizen who sends a letter will go right in some other data bank showing them as dangerous 2nd amendment supporters. There may not be a law protecting you when you mail unsolicited documents to a state representative. Hmmm

      • Screw that fear of lists, get on every list, everyone! I know which list I will never be on, the list of corrupt government officials!

      • FYI there is no need for those laws as they(the fed government) are all ignoring thier own law which makes it FEDERALLY ILLEGAL to have a registry of any gun owner or sale or transfer or any of the like. And yes I have a reference it is Federal Law 18 U.S.C. 926

        • Note that at one point the law was amended to alter the reference “Secretary” to “Attorney General”. That change may not have been senseless years ago when we had a sane AG, but with Holder or his successors under this President, that makes this law effectively of no use because the current justice department has demonstrated their contempt for the rule of law. They would certainly not want to follow this one given their current crusade against gun owners.

    • Deerie, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! NEVER just depend on others to do what you as a citizen should willingly do and know! You are correct that we must ALL be informed. Make it your priority to inform yourself!
      The more we know, the more liberty we can re-gain!

      • re-gain liberty ? never happen ,we let it go to far now . I’m 70 and have watched it wittled down over the years , fighting it all the way to no avial.

    • Section 571.101 Subsection 8 of Missouri Statutes specifies that all personal information collected as part of the driver’s or nondriver’s license shall have the same personal protection.

      The legal question hinges upon whether DOR has the right to send DHS all driver/nondriver license information. That section of statute is far more complex than I can casually research. The federal DPPA has an allowance for such transfers for “the purpose of the government agency’s carrying out its functions” but state law prohibiting could supersede that, or they could demonstrate that keeping a list of law abiding citizens doesn’t fit the purpose of homeland security.

    • deerie,TRY reading “THE DICK ACT OF 1902” it forbids any and all gun laws,not only that,but it can’t be repealed,it can’t be changed and goes on forever,all government officals know it,this law was written to protect americans from the government who would take their NATIONAL GUARD to fight in foreign countries leaving them at the mercy of foreign invaders attacking america,and a reinforcement to the 2th amendment of US constitution,thats why it can’t be changed,or removed,and ANYONE VIOLATING the dick act is guilty of treason,ITS been hidden from americans for years……………..


  5. Homeland Sec.?????? Ours in AL is sent to FBI for background checks, but Homelnd. Sec??? Who in D.C. has less business with this info?

  6. This pisses me off extremely! The only 3rd party I can think of in Georgia is a national data base used by insurance companies. So what better way for the insurance companies to already know what you have, in case Missouri tries to enact a law requiring you to carry liability insurance on each weapon you own. Just think outside of the box; universal background checks will not work unless they have universal registration.

  7. Privacy is finished. Before Roe v. Wade there was no such Right as privacy. The “Right of Privacy” was invented out of whole cloth and in the shadow of a penumbra because Harry Blackmun’s daughter had to drop out of college to have a baby.

    The only Right that they might stand up for and recognize is your pipsqueak right to remain silent, but if you invoke that they withhold your right to work, to shelter, to government services, to healthcare, to travel on common carriers or get license, send children to school, do business with a bank, a brokerage, or an insurance company, buy a burial plot, or leave anything to your heirs. Nice Privacy Right we have, my fellow Americans!

  8. Funny thing……nobody has ever even mentioned KNIVES! How many people are stabbed to death & not shot every day? Perhaps we need conceal/carry on our butter knives too! LOL The fed gov may need to think about this! I can see getting pulled over & my lunch box searched for my butter knife, then hauled off to jail for carrying a concealed weapon! Just saying….

  9. The back room and back door deals that are made are traitorous in all cases. These and all traitors deserve prosecution and hanging. Giving your information is traitorous and the leak has to be found and removed. WHO did this?
    All of the gun owners need to declare themselves to be members of their states militia. The militia members super sceed the DHS, DOJ and all police forces. We are not accountable to anyone but we are responsible to care for the citizenry of the United States especially the state inwhich they reside. Look up “state militia requirements” on the internet but don’t use Google. We are being invaded by politicians that pass laws that have no right to pass because they exempt themselves from the laws. The Storm is forming, form a militia if none exists in your area. Each citizen when not in their group is still a militia unto himself. Resist tyrany!

  10. Can you tell me if South Carolina shares it’s concealed carry permits with the Department of Homeland Security?

    • I wouldn’t doubt it and it wouldn’t surprise me. They are putting together the largest database of gun owners that has ever existed. Then they will systematically begin confiscation.

      This is just the beginning.

  11. Homeland security has enough weapons for an arsenal. Now they are getting our gun permits and probably registration. So they know where to focus first. Why do we have that department. Expand the FBI and get rid of this department and save millions. I do not trust any of them.

    • Registration? What registration? Are you talking guns,if so why are you registering your guns and to who? When you go buy a gun that isn’t registration, that’s a background check on you to see if your legal to own said gun.

      • Every time a firearm is purchased you have to fill out paperwork recording the Serial Number, Make, Model, Calibur, Purchaser name, address, date of birth and so on. If that isn’t registration then what is.

        • It’s not being registered. When they do the background check, the FBI is only told whether the firearm is a pistol or rifle. The retailer keeps the paperwork with the serial number for their records.

          • That info must be kept by the seller in order to keep their FFL and must be available at any time for federal inspection . FFL sellers must be able to account on paper or private collection where every gun they have purchased has went and your info will be on file . However it is not to be used as a national registry but the info is there for the taking nonetheless .

        • the registration at time ofpurchase is only describing the long or short gun. those records are to be kept for length of time. sorry for my buddy but his shop burned to the ground and all my records with it

          • If new guns are not registered then why is a test round fired and saved with the serial# of the weapon attached? And no that empty casing you got with the gun was not to prove that it works!!!

  12. The 2nd Ammendment is our gun permit–“The right to keep and bear arms”! We have the constitutional right to carry a gun for protection and self-defense of ourselves and our loved ones.

  13. i sure hope everybody will make an undetered effort,next election ,to know where you candidates stand on all issues,and vote these bastards out,who insist on ifringing on our rights.

    • I absolutely agree Rick. The only sure result of the 1994-2004 awn is that every elected official that voted for it was voted out of office in the following elections. They seem to have forgotten – we must remind them it seems. Local elections are what matter the most and I will never vote on a candidate if I am not informed of their positions on the issues that mean the most to me.

  14. What these far left gimme what you got gun stealing tax raising sobs, do not understand is that we are not going to give up our guns. They seem hell bent on starting a war they can not win. Permit or not i will carry my gun.

  15. they all need to go. revolution, revolution, revolution by any means be it by vote or phisical rebelion. do not elect any lawer, seek out mathmaticions. How I wish Thomas Sowell was our president. A black man with more common sense than anyone I know

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