Mob of Urban Thugs target Innocents again: Beat Man nearly to death at Minnesota’s Target Field.

Urban Thugs

The August 3 video, which was posted to social media on Friday and obtained by the New York Post, and of course ignored by all the major TV news networks, shows a man sitting on a curb outside the stadium where he is robbed by two black males. Moments later a pack of urban thugs brutally attack the man.

According to a report from the Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder, a three-day sweep conducted two weeks ago ended with police arresting 16 thugs between the ages of 13 and 25. Of course, none of this will be covered by CNN, MSNBC or FOX; they all want you to believe these types of attacks never happen. But the fact is, as we’ve covered numerous times in the past, these types of attacks are not only common but growing in regularity.

The victim can be seen cowering, trying to protect his head as he is repeatedly kicked in the head, jumped on, and attacked in ways that can only be described as attempted murder – of course, no one will actually be charged with attempted murder and because of PC democrat policies, these thugs will never be charged with a racially motivated hate crime either.

Warning, the footage below is hard to watch, but again it should be a wake-up call to what’s really going on in this country and why you need to protect yourself.

You need to be prepared to protect yourself, no matter where you live and no matter where you are!

From violent attacks at amusement parks, Walmart’s and our nation’s malls to citizens being beat in their own yards and vehicles, the mainstream media is ignoring a problem that is threatening innocent people throughout the country.

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They are trying to leave us defenseless! This has been a growing problem for some time now, and while the media ignores what’s really going on we are being left defenseless as democrat activists push gun bans throughout the country.

During the last couple of weeks, retailers around the country have banned the open carry of firearms in stores. Publix, WalmartKroger, CVS, Wegmans, Walgreens, Aldi, and Meijer have all banned open carry in their stores this month. On top of that, democrats like Beto O’Rourke are now actually openly admitting that they are coming for our guns!

So we know the thugs in these videos don’t care about laws or signs, we know mass-shooters aren’t going to see a no-gun sign and say “oh shit, I guess I can’t shoot them up today!”

So who is it they are targeting?

And if you have been brainwashed by the media, or have friends and family members who think these things aren’t happening, go take a look at this article and share it with everyone you know!

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      • Recognizing them is not the problem. Even IF they are arrested, the liberal judges will give them probation, or a minimum sentence which sends the message that it’s OK to beat up people, because there is no punishment.

    • White people are under attack. Blacks are the REAL racists!! White people need to stand together and fight back!! Weak white people, liberals, and liberal media will try and down play this brutal, vicious attack.. Hmmm Maybe we should bring back the KKK!!?

  1. Yeah urban thugs only know how to fight in numbers, you will never see them take on a white person 1 on 1 . It’s the jungle mentality fight in groups so it’s only fair for one side. If this was reversed every channel in the nation would be carrying it. Plus you would have Jessy, Al, and all their cronies marching down every white block protected by hundred’s of police officers. But of course when it’s reversed like this knowbody knows nothing. They are the most racial and hateful races in America today, and must be stopped. But on the brite side they keep killing each other by the hundreds every day. So I’m grateful for at least that little bright spot.

    • I’m disgusted by the actions of those dumb ass niggas (I’m black) but you’re ignorant. I love my country, and everyone in it, I fought to defend this country, but we all need to stop seeing color and start seeing rabid dogs for rabid dogs no matter what race they are.

      • First of all…… thanks for your service and love for country. You are exactly right! You can’t lump everyone in the shit bag because of a few. I would set up decoys and ambush them when they take the bait

      • Thank you for your service to our nation and having an open mind. These kids should be locked up for 20 years but it’s not a whole thing. It’s just punks .

      • I hear what you are saying and don’t disagree necessarily, but I’d feel a whole lot more convinced of that position if was seeing the shoe on the other foot with the same frequency.

      • This is the most accurate statement, ignorance is not bliss it is the defeat of this nation. Break up groups standing around, its called loitering an there used a law they could enforce. Cops scared of labels. Stop it.

      • God bless you and your family and thanks you for your service to our country. I agree with you there is to much hate in the USA and the world.

      • Your right about that.Alot of these young kids come from broken homes and really don’t have strong hold on what’s right and wrong.This video is hard to watch and I hope the victim fully recovers.

        • I and my children came from a “broken” home. None of us became criminal psychopaths! That is what these waste of human flesh are….they are just bad, and they make their own decisions. No one is responsible for this behavior but themselves. And of course they are breeding more like them. It is a culture of hate, racism, violence, dependence, you owe me,and poor me mentality. Lock them all the hell up for a very long time. If they don’t get a job when they get out, lock them up again.

      • Thank you for having courage to say the truth. I am Native, and the same goes for them. Bad is bad no matter what skin shade or ethnicity.

    • Spot on..some may take offense to your assessment, but as a lifeling urban resident and 20 year law enf veteran of same- u have suumarized the situation. God bless and stay safe

    • Little ingnorant punk bitches…..Absolute cowards! 9 on 1. Yeah they’re real tough? And of course, our scumbag media won’t show 1 single second of this on the news. If this was white on black though, you better believe our liberal media would be stoking the fires of hate, getting BLM onboard to protest this. Every one from Obama to Rev. Al would be on TV preaching about how this is daily. The police need to find these thugs and put them away for life!

    • The problem is that they are reproducing faster than they are killing each other, and one male can impregnate dozens of females. Also, the males don’t stay around and get married so it’s still a losing battle.

  2. THIS is why I carry a gun. WITH an extended mag. The kind all the lefties say I don’t need and shouldn’t be able to own. And I keep my back to the corner so I can see who and what is coming my way. A measure this poor man failed to take, so sorry to say. The whole notion that “systemic racism” is only applied to whites is incredible to me. This is a gang of thugs beating a total stranger, and most likely due to being white. You want to leave it up to the police to protect you from animals like this? Good luck with that. Wake up, arm up, get trained, and get ready to defend yourself, your loved ones, and poor folks like this guy who was victimized for reason other than racism and hate.

    • Carrying a weapon is fine, but many stores don’t allow open carry, so you probably have to leave it in the car, which in this case wouldn’t have helped this fellow. You’re about the 4th or 5th person who tells us to “Wake up”, but if anyone is asleep with all this crap happening all over the country, it’s going to take more than folks just waking up. We need to get back to our conservative roots, and get away from these liberal leaders who are leading us down a dangerous course.

      • CCW> open carry. 3-5 spare mags. Cargo pants/shorts are your friend. And very few are actually woke to the spiral that’s beginning to pick up speed in this country. You wouldn’t have guessed it but majority live in a routine bubble and only get their biased opinions from their favorite news channel their parents insisted was the truth. The amount of people that actually research and have an open eye to what’s going on is far and few. I’d go as far as to say about 3% of us understand…
        I’m good to go with them 3%
        Never be a victim
        Always be a protector
        Don’t tread on me

  3. in south africa when the anc took control no thanks to usa the first thing they did was to give us a few months to hand in our legal weapons now every gangster has a weapon plus ammo

  4. Organ harvesting is on its way and These pieces of shit will be the 1st to have their organs harvested. Contain them in a detention center castrate and harvest.

  5. Black people have hated whites from day one..before are worst o es when it comes to thinking they are better than every way..and now they think they have the you are seeing their true and violent and evil..and I think it’s time for us to stop raising are young men to be liberal.. Democrat..pussies and start teaching them that they are strong and can not only stand up to these racist black retard rejects..but can put them in their mother fucking place..and we the national media and entertainment business is in bed with the Dems ..the Dems want to weaken white people and ultimately make us a minority so they can gain total control over America..cause whites are the only ones standing in their way.

  6. How can we demand that they charge these hoodlums with hate crimes because that’s exactly what this is, and attempted murder! We need to send a strong message! Whimsy liberals do want white people intimidated and killed. They can control the blacks by giving them entitlements which they are all for. I am livid and moved to tears by the heinous attacks these vermin are perpetrating on defenseless WHITE people. I agree that the most racist segment of society are the black people. They have always hated whites….I believe deep down they are envious and wish that they were white, even though their race acts the most arrogant as well. They also covet white woman, fact. We really need to keep them under control with a strong and just judicial system….they are too primitive to show any self control.

  7. Freaking cowards, ten black people attacking one innocent white person. Definitely a hate crime like the others like this. Please post any protests or marches being held in order to hold these cowards accountable for their unconscionable actions, evil primates!

  8. I don’t believe color is the issue here. Animal pack behavior is. It is this mentality that is fostered when there is no parenting. These little bastards are raised on the streets with no parameters for their behavior. THIS is the result. They are not afraid of police or authority because they will plead I’ Sorry. I’m just a “juvie “ and get off. Society is broken. When that happens, we’re on our own. Carry your weapons. Use them if threatened.

  9. Evolution is a false teaching and is part of the deception.. Man is made in image of God, in all shades of beige (and in two distinct and wonderful sexes). These children have no respect for others nor themselves. Continually telling them (or those that look similar) they are unimportant is not helping the matter. They should be held accountable for their actions, as should ALL people who violate the personal freedoms of others. And we need to end government welfare that holds people in financial slavery.

    For all of you racists (of either shade), I am with Wolf when I tell you that we are known for our character, actions, and faith. When you lump everyone into racial categories, you are playing into the divisionist strategy. We will not defeat them divided. The Nazi socialists divided people and picked them off one group at a time. I rec that everyone puts aside their mistaken prejudices and join the resistance against those who would tear America apart. Freedom is never more than one generation from dying; will this generation see it die? Or will you embrace truth and stand against prejudice, division, and thuggery? Be a man; take responsibility for yourself, reject passivity, and lead others courageously. Serve God. Serve people. Carry guns.

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