Montana Governor Confirms Possible Massive Explosion Over Billings, Montana

Multiple news outlets in Montana are now reporting what looks like a Massive Explosion Over Billings, Montana. Early reports military aircraft may have been dispatched to take out the so-called Chinese Spy balloon that had been hovering over the state.

KTVQ – Q2 News in Montana confirmed that the video was uploaded by a Montana resident.

Billings city officials said on Twitter they have seen the video but discovered nothing to verify it. Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder told MTN News his office has received multiple reports but also could not verify it.

U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale, while not confirming the explosion, said he’s seeking details from the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls. In a follow up tweet he said, “Additionally, I have requested a briefing from Sec of Defense Lloyd Austin to get accurate information on these developments.”

Dry Run for an EMP or Bio-weapon attack?

Earlier today we reported on how many high-level military officials worried that the balloon could be carrying an EMP payload or, at the very least, be a dry run for the delivery of an EMP attack.

UPDATE: At 7:39pm on February 3rd, Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder confirmed that they made contact with the person, Dolly Moore, who shot the video and that the video was real. Linder says while they believe the video is legitimate, it is difficult to tell what exactly is seen in the video.

Throughout the United States, people reported unknown substances being dropped from the so-called spy balloon.

Anyone calling it a “spy balloon” & not talking about Billings MT is controlled opposition!

Now that the “balloon” has been shot down over South Carolina, and the controlled opposition has taken over the narrative, it looks like the coverup of what really happened in Billings, MT has begun! Anyone who pretend this was a spy balloon, while ignoring what happened in Billings, Montana and pretending that all of this data isn’t already available via Google Earth or photos taken from basically any commercial airline window is nothing but controlled opposition. They want you dumb, and they don’t want you to think for yourself!

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