Mysterious Die-Offs – Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish & Birds Wash Up on Shore of Lake Erie

We’ve reported on the mysterious animal die-offs on numerous occasions in the past, today we learn about another mysterious die-off, this time on the shores of Lake Erie.

dead fish Lake Erie

dead fishTens of thousands of dead fish washed up over the last week along a 25 miles stretch of shoreline on Lake Erie. While some officials are blaming the deaths on low oxygen levels, they still can’t explain why dead birds were also found along the shorelines.

Samples of the dead fish, which included sheepshead, catfish, carp, perch and suckers; as well as dead seagulls have all been sent to labs for further analysis.

Earlier this year we compiled a list of some of the mysterious mass animal deaths from around the globe, including 6.7 million dead bats, the death of over 35 percent of the U.S. honeybee population, and millions of dead fish.

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  1. There’s no way to tell if this story is up-to-date. It fails to give enough detail to make it believable such as dates and areas where this occurred in Lake Erie. My impression is this is a phony scare story.

    I want all the FACTS, not the he said, she said crap.

    • No way to tell?

      Please try reading before you comment, because the post is clearly dated and it clearly says this happened over the last week. We also link to the dailymail article that gives more details.

  2. From what I read (on the always dependable Internet) these things are just about always happening somewhere. Now about the low oxygen theory, I am reluctant to accept that. Catfish are adapted to handle low oxygen in the water. They can get some oxygen from the air when needed. …some, not all.

  3. I believe there needs to be some real consideration to the thoughts of all the man-made events contributing to poisoning our planet a little at a time, and over time the accumulative events are starting to take their toll. With this post, all the fish in Lake Erie… I would not dismiss the possibility of a man made event dumping toxic waste had settled to the bottom and some of the bottom dwellers like catfish and carp became poisoned. I would like to hear the outcome of the lab analysis… if they were to tell the truth.

    There is certainly evidence of changes occurring on our planet, be they related to natural cyclical events or man-made assisted events will not change the fact that ‘times they are a changing.’

    Bees have disappeared or migrated elsewhere (I dislike them because I am deathly allergic to them, but love the stuff they do) have contributed to a reduced ability to pollinate the plants, fish dying by the tons, birds (possibly by eating tainted fish), bats, and other reports of similar events globally.

    What is next; humans? Maybe not next, but I believe somewhere along that line the human species will fall into this category too; perhaps another “real” pandemic (natural or man-made) reducing the world population by greater than 25%.

  4. My parents live along Lake Erie and the shores look like this every spring for a couple of weeks. I’ll have to ask them if it happens any other time of year, and if it happened along their stretch of shore this past week.

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