Ohio National Guard training to fight ‘anti-government’ Second Amendment supporters

Do you Support the Second Amendment? Are you Against Big Government? Well, the Ohio National Guard is training to take you down.

Documents released this week show the Ohio Army National Guard 52nd Civil Support Unit conducted a training drill last year where Second Amendment supporters with “anti-government” opinions were portrayed as domestic terrorists.

The mock drill had the Ohio Army National Guard, Portsmouth Police and Scioto County first responders take part in an exercise that pitted them against a group of second amendment supporters. The mock plot involved local school district employees who used biological weapons to advance their beliefs about “protecting Gun Rights and Second Amendment rights.”

This isn’t the first time the government has trained to fight people who support the Second Amendment. In fact, we’ve covered a number of these cases in the past including a theoretical army report that depicted a scenario where the U.S.  Military would have to use its power against the American public.

DHS Classifies Patriots as a Threat to the Nation

Over the last couple years there has been an effort to demonize anyone who holds traditional patriotic American views. In 2012, The Department of Homeland Security was caught creating training manuals targeting “Right Wing Extremists,” where they warned that anyone with a patriotic bumper sticker might have ties to terrorism.

In 2013, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, accused DHS of deliberately trying to manipulate the ammunition market – making it harder for American citizens to buy ammunition and exercise their second amendment rights.

If these were isolated incidents you might be able to dismiss them, or maybe even buy into their usual attempt to scapegoat some low-level government employee. But when these types of events keep happening with regularity, it really makes you wonder what’s really going on – especially when you consider how quickly they’re trying to militarize local police forces.

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  1. Wouldn’t that violate the oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

    I guess my upside down flag FB post probably has me on some list now.

    • Well I know hoe many LEGS are attached to NGU’s!! Lame I’d take a large them down in a manhunt in just about any condition!

  2. Your Oath is your protection!
    DO NOT VIOLATE that Oath by turning on the very people You Swore to Protect and Defend, because if you do you lose any protection you had… then you’re MY TARGET!!!!

  3. I think its time for the people to form its own protections from the government. Clearly they have lost sight of what a threat is. Im suprised bullets havnt started flying over this already. DHS needs to be put down hard. 10 000 or so organized armed and outspoken citizens would be mors than enough to make them shit theyre pants.

  4. THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THEM! The members of the guard and police must remember how this country started. Behind every tree has the potential of hiding a 21st century minute man.

    • Well I do not know about you but there sure are a lot of home grown patriots that can defend this country here in Texas. Also seems Wisconsin has 600 K hunters alomne!! I am one of them Texans. I am trained and self reliant and built to take care of my family and friends. Please USA come together and realize WTF is happening!!

  5. Remember the old saying if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck. Not everybody who says they believe in the second amendment and will do what it takes to stop this from happening. Just remember the guy laying in a foxhole next to you might not be who you think they are despite what they say. Think about it before pulling the trigger because once you do you have set your life on a course of no return.

    • Will you people stop and not only look and think at what you are posting on here but about how stupid your remarks are! These articles are spun to get this very reaction out of people who do not read, think, research and go to the source and ask questions. You all take this article at face value, what is wrong with you all, you are playing right into the dooms day scare tactics that the Liberals are using! I just retired after 19 plus years in the Ohio Army Guard and they give you a role to play, the only thing you worry about is believed to be a lab with a chemical or bio hazard and you have to go in and secure it, ID it and contain it, this has been going on for years. Right now one of the biggest threats is home grown and that is what was used in the story, it said nothing about kicking in your doors, confiscating your guns and hauling people away, you all jumped to those conclusions on your own! be smarter than that and stop threatening some of the most bravest men and women who have and still do protect you and your rights and will continue to do so, you all should be ashamed for even thinking of the way you have been posting or your fathers, brothers, mothers, sons, daughters and other family members who serve proudly in the Ohio National Guard protect you and this Nation and have given their lives to do so. You ask musch of us and we ask little in return except that you support us and believe in us!

      • sir, pls read the novel “enemies foreign and traitors”. It’s fiction but it talks about the very scenario in the article …and what happens when the National Gd refuses to carry out the actions in the article. It’s scary …and possible.

      • Maybe the military higher ups need to learn who would actually be attacking people. We have seen over the last many years that it is the left wing who is violent and not the 2nd amendment supporter type people. The government and it seems higher ups in the military are full of progressives hating on free minded individuals that think like the founders of America.

      • If theyre trained to ‘protect’ us by practicing drills to Kill us over our right to own guns and protect their disarmament, youve got a weird sense of reality.

        F*ck these thugs and any rationalize away our rights and their sick actions!

  6. Dont read to much into this. As a prior NG’sman, largely hypathetic cituations sre thiught up all the time. As far as 10,000 civilians armed taking on DHS. Dont forget to invest in a lot of body bags. Even a trained civil defence force would be torn to shreads by DHS. They have a lot if militsry equipment. Noway a CDF would stand a chance.
    Now, as far as an Oath taken by anyone who enters any branch of the military, they also take an Oath to follow odders to those appointed over them. It would have to be a unjustified order for them to disobey it. How many 18, 19, 20 year olds with todays teachings gonna know whats justified and whats not.
    In saying all this to i believe whats going on is right? No not at all. I believe the goverment is out of control and the American people should stop them now!

  7. 4 DEAD in O-Hi-O ….. these are the SAME “heros” that MURDERED Kent State students. They are real brave when they have RIFLES against unarmed civilians

  8. Whenever I see the word ‘anti-government’ I think what the word they should be using is ‘pro-people’.

  9. It is disturbing in the extreme that troops are being desensitized to the idea if shooting their fellow Americans. Domestic terrorists are one thing but throw in the right wing and second amendment supporters and this chem lesson is a recipe for slaughter. Stand up and fight them toe to toe ridiculous. I’ll tell you this though the moment they start shedding there brothers blood the whole game changes. I’m hoping that enough oath keepers still exist that only the youngest and most foolish coolade drinkers will follow such orders. Needless say any such effort will fail but will be messy.

  10. I have twice taken an oath to defend our country, abroad and domestic. With that said, there is no way in hell that I would use my training against my fellow citizens. Every LEGAL non-felon american has the right of the second amendment, and the minute that is taken away, local thugs and enemy country’s will begin to attack the U.S. The fight will be lost because of a “civil war”. What better way to destroy our freedom, than to spark a civil war, then open us up to terrorist attacks???

  11. Why would anyone be surprised about the Ohio Guard?
    Who can forget Kent State? “In May 1970, at Kent State University in Ohio, National Guardsmen confronted student antiwar protestors with a tear gas barrage. Soon afterward, with no provocation, soldiers opened fire into a group of fleeing students. Four young people were killed, shot in the back, including two women who had been walking to class.” (Norton et al., 1994, p. 732)
    What the Hell? They’re just carrying on a family tradition!

  12. Comparing the patriots of the 1700’s with the patriots of today is a non sequitur. Every armed man was the equal of that day’s armed soldier (ie. musket, bayonet, etc). It’s because of that fact that the military had no choice but to respect the people’s rights.
    Now, compare today’s military weapons to those available to the civilians-it would be like racing a Yugo against a Formula 1 race car. True, your AR15 may be roughly equivalent to a Guardsman’s M4, but what do you have that can go against an Apache attack helicopter, a chain gun, mortars, artillery, armed drones, etc?
    The only hope of survival of any kind would be those soldiers/marines etc, who would not follow those illegal orders and take their weapons and side with the patriots. But then how would they be resupplied, refueled (jet fuel), rearmed?
    No, the results of any conflict is predictable, and the good guys could only hope to bloody their noses enough so someone, somewhere will decide that ‘enough is enough’.
    I will die for my country, but not throw my life away just so the “status quo” remains afterwards.

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