National Parks Could Close Again: Another Government Shutdown Set for Next Month

Only a couple of short months after the last government shutdown closed national parks around the country, it looks like our friends in government ready to do it again.

With only a couple of days left before congress leaves for their winter break, neither side of the political aisle can agree on a bill to fund the government. After passing a temporary spending bill which stopped the last shutdown, two months later lawmakers find themselves in the same place, with another government shutdown only a month away.

As part of the short-term agreement that stopped the last shutdown in mid-October, Congress gave itself until Dec. 13 to reach a tentative deal at the committee level, and until Jan. 15 to pass a final budget. With only a few days left before congress goes on vacation, it looks like the country could be facing yet another partial shutdown of our government.

The last shutdown not only closed National Parks around the country, but it cost small business owners millions of dollars and forced a large number of companies to lay off employees during the shutdown. It’s estimated that over $76 million in lost visitor spending happened each day during the last shutdown.

But probably the biggest scandal was the shutdown of the National Parks. For the first time in our history, Americans were actually arrested for trying to enjoy their own National Parks. Barricades were setup, armed federal officers blocked entrance into the parks borders, and people who lived near government land were even thrown out of their homes.

How Much Can the Country Take?

With another possible government shutdown just around the corner, I wonder how much more this country can take. During the last shutdown it became more than clear that this government has no real plans to fix the country’s problems. We sit at over $17 trillion dollars in debt, and these guys are arguing over continuing to fund a government that can’t stop printing the funny money.

Not one person in Congress, or anywhere in government, has even tried to address the issue of how bad off this country really is.

Just last week China announced they were going to stop accumulating foreign-exchange reserves, it’s estimated that 60 percent of those reserves are held in dollar-denominated assets. With our country now more dependent on China than ever before, it seems our politicians have put us in a position that there’s almost no way out of.

Since 2001, our country has lost 5.1 million manufacturing jobs – 2.7 million of those jobs were lost to China. Not only has China become the number one buyer of U.S. debt, but they’ve destroyed what was once the largest manufacturing base in the world.

The erosion in manufacturing is one of the biggest reasons our economy is failing, and is also one of the biggest threats facing this country. Not only are we dead broke, but we now lack the manufacturing base to even build our own military weaponry.

But hey, at least Congress can give us another sideshow next month as they continue to sell us down the river. But for those who want to actually do something about the problem, I suggest really starting to prepare for a possible economic collapse. One way or another, this country is going to face some real economic problems in the very near future.

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  1. This is sickening! Our government has turned the greatest country in the world into a bad joke. I think its time we throw these self-serving liberal pricks out of office, by force if necessary. Its a sad day when the people with their hands out get ahead of those of us that work for a living and try to do right. Its time the embers of unrest ignite into the flames of rebellion.

  2. What makes me angry, very angry in fact, is that people are just sitting around and whining about what is going on. There is a much bigger picture here than just closing down our parks, way bigger picture. I don’t see any one standing out with the voting district paperwork for signatures to recall the losers who have screwed this place up beyond belief or to impeach lying, dictator, loser man Obama. They ALL need to go! If this were to have happened 100 years ago, make that almost 300 years ago because that’s when Americans really kicked ass, this Country would have stood up and fought to take back our rights. Instead we whine. What the hell is wrong with people? I jut don’t get it, not at all. It’s like everyone is sitting back and waiting for the “zombie apocalypse” to happen, like they want this country to fall flat on it’s face. It’s a shame because we used to be a really proud, honorable country. We have become a bunch of complacent whiners and it makes me sick!

  3. Chris & Laurie, I agree with you totally. We Americans have become to soft. Unfortunately it will not change until we collapse. The entitled will keep voting these idiots in to get their measly pittance.
    They only talk about closing the parks because it affects towns, businesses, which boils down to people. In SF, the EPA is spending $60 million to remodel their offices. We need to shut down the EPA, NEA, NSA and not just give them time off and then get back pay when they increase OUR debt. I was laid off due to work slow down. Which basically my company didn’t have the money to keep me around. They don’t pay me back pay after more work comes around. The time is now to cut the govt but it won’t happen. We will become Detroit. When they cut off the entitlements & pensions, Shit will hit the fan. We just have to look at history, but too many think it won’t happen to them.

  4. What nonsense.
    The U.S. government is not being “shut down”.
    It’s merely having its credit card revoked and having to live within its means. It’s more accurate to say that it is being incrementally throttled.
    “Shutdown” is a total exaggeration.

    That translates to expenditures must equal income.
    So let the debate begin on how to spend the incoming revenue.

    for example:
    –should the U.S. continue to fund the NSA, CIA, DHS, Israel while cutting back on food stamps & Social Security.

    Also, let’s have the debate on having workers pay docked for S.S., yet their contributions going into the general fund to be immediately spent by an AIPAC controlled congress funding Israel,the big banks and the police state.

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