National DNA Database: Supreme Court Approves Police can Collect DNA from Innocent People

In one of the most disturbing cases to come out of the Supreme Court in quite some time, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that police departments can now collect DNA from anyone they arrest, regardless of guilt or innocence.

dnadataWithout a trail, without a warrant from a judge, and without even probably cause, any police department in America can now collect your DNA, and then add it to a national DNA database. In a landmark case, the Supreme Court ruled that police can routinely take DNA from people they arrest, equating a DNA cheek swab to other common jailhouse procedures like fingerprinting and photographing.

One of the four dissenting judges, conservative Justice Antonin Scalia said in a sharp dissent, “Make no mistake about it: because of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason.”

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority’s 5-4 decision and said, “DNA identification of arrestees is a reasonable search that can be considered part of a routine booking procedure,” … “Taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrestee’s DNA is, like fingerprinting and photographing, a legitimate police booking procedure that is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment.”


According to court documents, the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System or CODIS – a coordinated system of federal, state and local databases of DNA profiles – already contains more than 10 million criminal profiles and 1.3 million profiles of those arrested.

With this ruling, the National DNA database will likely balloon to include millions upon millions of innocent Americans, as even individuals arrested for misdemeanors and traffic offenses could now be subject to this DNA collection.

There is no question that American has become the Police State that many have long feared. This ruling effectively negates your 4th amendment rights and gives the government the power to collect, store and do anything they want with your DNA.

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  1. If this doesn’t scare the shit out of every American I don’t know what will. This government is out of control and they have no respect for the law, your freedom or your life.

    • THE demonic commie kennedy thinks everythings OK cause his daddy LUCIFER told him so,along with all the other commies on the surpreme court of lucifern justice,I personaly don’t think their corproate rules apply to americans,but I do think the commie nazi’s will try to apply them to americans ,right up to the time their dead,and thats because I think they rather be dead then abide by the US constitution,and bill of god given rights……………

      • Are you talking about JFK? The guy that got assassinated? The guy thta did the secret society speech? /watch?v=FnkdfFAqsHA

  2. We do not submit to any form of tyranny, especially satanic fascism! They declared war on us all, so act accordingly!

  3. … another good reason to avoid travelling in the “Draconian States of America”.

    To those of you still living there… what’s it gonna take… a smack upside your head? Move out now, or suffer later… it’s your choice!

    • With all due respect, where do you suggest we ALL go, Genius?? Where do we take our elderly parents or our disabled children, how do we make a living for them? And are we any better in a foreign country when the world-wide economy collapses and the those foreign countrymen & women figure out it was due to American game-playing over the years that they are now bankrupt, too? They’ll be killing us as fast as they can catch us!!!

      Yeah…good luck with that!!! We’re no better or worse off – the world is under God’s judgment but, yes, it will come down harder here!!!! God help us all!!!

    • Yes, the dispersion of 300 million people is a logical step. That is not at all impossible or impractical.

    • Cdn Patriot, you canadians had better get ready your self,cause the queen whore drug dealer of england,SOLD ALL OF CANADA to the chinese,and if you think they won’t be coming to take their new land,THE QUEEN WHORE OF ENGLAND is sending all your military to america,TO FIGHT US,you better get your kids back home OR we’ll send them back to you in a bag………

      • Don’t talk shit about the Queen, in fact sod off and go jump off a cliff while you’re at it, you ignorant SOB.

    • I’m not suggesting that all Americans should move enmass into Mexico although the irony of that is kind of entertaining. There is however, no excuse for intransigence. Are you not a member of the forward thinking prepper/survivalist movement or are you really a sheeple in a prepper’s cloak?

      You can’t cry foul and then carry on like nothing has happened. Do not worry about the 300 million, worry about the one or your four. You can clearly see the headlights coming (cont)

      • … so stop making excuses as to why it is too hard, or too inconvenient or too un-American to get out of the way. This train has already rolled over some of your kin. It is going to roll right over you and your families, you know it, I know it, so what are YOU going to do about it. You can’t fight it and win, so a tactical retreat is your only option. Sure it matters where you go, but you gotta go and go soon while you still can.

      • If the shtf for real, then it really wouldnt matter if your in America, Canada, or Mexico it will bad anywhere.

  4. I was talking to a US MILITARY COLONEL,who was stopped by police gangs members and got in an arguement with them,and they started beating him up and when his wife in the car started yelling to leave her husband alone they attacked her and the police gang BASHED IN HER FACE,while on the way to a us military base to report for the days work,and they had to take her to the hospital for surgery for militable broken bones in her face,NOW THE POLICE HAVE NO POWER OVER MILITARY AT ALL,the colonel said we know theres going to be a war in america,and we plan to watch till the american people have taken them down,THEN we are going to send out special forces to round up every cop they can find and stand them up against a wall and shoot them,ain’t that a wonderful story………………

  5. As an aside, if you cannot pick up at a moments notice and relocate your family when faced with an imminent threat, can you really say you are prepared?

    Bet that Cadillac or McMansion mortgage doesn’t seem like such a good decision if it prevents you from fleeing tyranny because you have to go to work tomorrow morning at 07:00.

  6. How many rights does one really need?

    1st ammendment – Freedom of speech…the NSA doesn’t like that one.
    2nd ammendment – California, New York, don’t like that one.
    4th ammendment – SCOTUS doesn’t like that one.

    The Patriot Act, the NDAA, a militarized Homeland Security with its own drones, billions of hollow point rounds, a border patrol that can stop anyone within 100 miles of a border because they feel like it. How many cops does one country need to “protect its citizens even if that means killing those same citizens?

    Freedom, to go to work to consume endlessly. Freedom to ask the benevolent Govt for food stamps to feed the starving families. Freedom to spend 100’s of millions go through the motions of electing leaders hoping for change but time after time being given the boot for the effort.

    Freedom, you may have had it, albeit briefly, but now you have clearly lost it and don’t know what to do about it. Turkey knows how to fight, as did Libya, Tunisia, Egypt & Syria. It’s already too late . Individual Americans were done the instant the Posse Comitatus Act evaporated. Now you can’t tell the cops from the soldiers…

  7. As for the Canadian bashers…

    At least up here our Govt is incompetent. They couldn’t look down the country if they wanted to. With about only 200 jets, 5 diesel subs that either sink or burst into flames when immersed in water, to the 150,000 troops and all of their equipment still stuck in Afghanistan… Our entire military can be housed on one or two large US bases.

    Our Govt is not a real threat to us except that they are too boneheaded to realize that selling all the oil, water, minerals and trees isn’t a good idea.

    We can still take on our Govt if we have to, if we want to. Our Govt is pretty inept but at least today it isn’t malevolent. Canadians are an inconvenience to our politicians, not yet considered a threat. Clearly the same can not be said below the 49th parallel.

    So say what you will about other countries and their shortcomings, in the end we are all better off than you folks… we are not yet targets, you are. History is being written right now, and the winner get to tell the story, sadly, this tale be be of an entire population of freedom loving people who sat idly by while the noose was placed around their necks and only when the floor dropped away did anyone bother to squirm. Maybe I’ll see a few of your bretherin in my small, poor nondescript, totally resource barren country of refuge after the dust settles. But probably not too many of you, as I fear, based on the comments thus far, few will be able to put one foot in front of the other and walk out on the lost cause of a country that is quickly becoming the DSA (sic).

    • Hey Cdn Patriot. Enough already! If you want to blog then create a site, and save us from having to read your paragraphs of personal diatribe, and leave some room for others to post.

  8. Asking for intelligent responses, not cracked out, insane, grammatically incorrect conspiracy theories:

    What difference does this make, and how does this impact Americans more than the usual fingerprinting? And don’t most people have DNA on record anyway for Life Insurance applications, if they’ve been in the military, or for security clearance background checks?

    Not saying the Supreme Court was right in their decision, just not sure what danger I’m missing. I know my DNA is on record for all three of those reasons, so maybe I’m screwed anyway, but if there is a threat I’m not seeing, I’d like to know what it is so I can prepare for it.

    Great post btw, very informative.

    • Both DNA and fingerprints can be used to identify you. But fingerprints cannot be used to raise insurance rates or deny coverage because you have marker that predisposes you to a certain disease. That’s just one example, and I know it doesn’t apply directly to the police (yet), but the general point is that your DNA contains an unimaginable amount of information about you. Anything that is determined through nature (vs nurture) is stored in your DNA. I think of all the personal data that I already don’t trust the government with (and that really isn’t their business to know anyway) and now magnify that by a billion. There’s so much data, it’s impossible to predict how it could be used against you. Given how the IRS was recently used to target conservative groups, it stands to reason that a corrupt government figure (now or further into the future) could use this vast and intimate knowledge against us. And on a physical level, what represents your “self” more than the very building blocks of your corporeal being? How could your privacy be violated any more than to pull back the curtain of your physical essence and store it in a lab or on a computer to be scrutinized by others?

  9. The e-mail address will not be published, but the Obama dictatorship grabbed the info as it was typed.

    If you are not higher up on the Obama-Holder enemies lists — you are not conservative enough.

  10. But DNA can acquit as well. The problem is if it’s being collected for misdemeanors like traffic accidents or DWI and then stored in a national database then that’s going too far, just like the NSA is knowingly monitoring and collecting all communications and storing them complete in a massive server database. This is government brown shirt thuggery

    I’ve also been told that BO’s Organizing for America PAC has access to this data. I can hear Orwell saying, “I told you so”.

  11. If the Supreme Court wants my DNA ill gladly donate a big curled brown pile of mine on their door step.

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