Obama Admin to use National Security as New Excuse to Go After Guns: DHS to Take Charge

After failing to convince the American Public that guns are the problem, President Obama has a new strategy to go after guns – claim that it’s an issue of National Security.

Since President Obama took office his administration has done everything they can to push gun control on the American Public, including signing numerous unconstitutional executive orders to prevent Americans from obtaining the firearms they need to protect themselves from the psychopaths of the world. Now, the Obama administration is using the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida as an excuse to not go after terrorists, but instead to take guns away from American citizens.

The new strategy was unveiled by the chief dunce over at the Department of Homeland Security who seems more concerned with disarming Americans than doing his actual job of protecting the homeland from terrorists.

DHS Jeh Johnson

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, during an appearance on CBS, claimed that is now the responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security to regulate firearms. He claims that gun control is now “part and parcel” of his agency’s responsibilities.

Johnson told CBS I do believe,” he said, “that meaningful, responsible gun control is now part and parcel of homeland security.”

He continued, “It’s critical to public safety. We have to face the fact that meaningful, responsible gun control has to be part of Homeland Security. It’s coming I think the American public has to face.”

DHS: Gun control is now ‘part and parcel of homeland security’

DHS, the agency who helped Employ the Orlando Terrorist, Says they are the Answer to Gun Control?

In what world does any of this make sense? While the mainstream media refuses to cover this aspect of the story and not one of the so-called journalists interviewing Johnson had the balls to ask him about it, the fact is the Orlando Terrorist was employed by a Department of Homeland Security Contractor.

Yep, you heard that right; while the media tries to shift the blame to those magical guns that somehow cause these shootings, the real story is yet again ignored.

The Islamic terrorist who carried out the Orlando attack was employed by G4S security company as a licensed, professional security guard with the ability to carry a firearm on duty. He worked at the company for a number of years, even while under investigation for his terrorist ties by the FBI.

G4S is contracted by the Department of Homeland Security to protect federal buildings, including nuclear facilities, and is responsible for providing security protocol for major transportation hubs around the country. The are also responsible for transporting illegal immigrants from the border.

So the same Department of Homeland Security who couldn’t stop a terrorist from gaining security clearance and DHS Contractor training is now going to be responsible for who gets a gun?

The Orlando terrorist was interviewed by the FBI at least three separate times and was under investigation for 10 months in 2013. At no time during that investigation did DHS revoke this psycho’s security clearance. Instead of worrying about taking guns away from Americans, maybe DHS should focus on doing their job and pay a little more attention to who they are hiring as government contractors.

As I said in my article yesterday, these people either lack the ability to protect you or have no real interest in protecting you. You need to be prepared to protect yourself because your government won’t.

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  1. We have to face the fact that Jeh Johnson is a traitor. Anyone seeking to take away guns from law abiding Americans while allowing Muslims to teach at rural camps how to attack and murder. The only place we need to disarm are the terrorist training camps right here in The United States. Obama is attempting to do as much harm to the people of the US as he possibly can. The real problem here, the only way this was made possible, was the loosening on the restrictions to immigration in 1965. That legislation was put forward by Javetts, a Zionist traitor.

  2. Jeh Johnson is a Muslim, his boss is Muslim, the Attorney General is Muslim: Traitor/Muslim…Muslim/Traitor…Same/Same.

  3. Wow…mentioned these acts of violence but never called out Muslim extremists. Wants to come after my guns? Good luck with that.

  4. When I was younger I often wondered what evil people looked like, did they have horns or rub their bony, greedy fingers together and cackle?

    Well, my childhood questioning has been answered; I merely need to hang pictures of the Obama administration and the Clintonistas on my wall to see the answer to my youthful query.

    Remember to vote for Hillary if you believe that 8 years of Obama wasn’t enough Constitutional carnage.

  5. My question is you all (The US) has tens of millions of guns owned by citizens to supposedly “protect yourself”, and so many of you have conceal carry permits, why is it nobody is around with a gun to protect themselves or others when the thousands of shootings occur every year? I do not think your logic in owning guns to protect yourselves is valid. Yes maybe if someone comes into your home it may be a logical defense but outside your home I think that logic is a crock of shit.

    • Get a clue! Most of these things happen in “GUN-FREE” Zones because a bunch of wimps who hate guns have decided to help criminals and terrorists target people without the threat of being faced by a law-abiding gun owner! Really is sad that people like you want us to be defenseless! And by the way, the news media never reports on the million plus crimes that are stopped every year by gun owners who drew their firearm in defense!

    • I can answer that for you! Everyone of these shooting are in GUN FREE ZONES!!! People with carry permits can’t lawfully carry their weapons in these places and the criminals know it. How many of these shooting have taken place in an area that people can carry? I will answer that for you too. ZERO!!!

  6. I Really Do NOT Like What This Government Is Doing To Our Country,…After What Happened In Florida At That GAY NIGHT CLUB,….These Radical Muslims Are NOT Going To Stop Coming Until They Set Off A HUGE Bomb In Our Country,…And KILL Us All,….I Have Never Owned A GUN In My Life,…BUT If Things Really Get Much Worse In Our Country Soon,…I Am Really Series Thinking Of Purchasing A GUN For Protection And Getting TRAINING On How To Use It To Protect My Family!!!

  7. This should really concern everyone because DHS just makes their own laws and we will wake up some day to a new gun law. Just ask anyone that was adopted from overseas about 20 or more years ago what a pain in the a&$ it has become for them to get a drivers license. The congress has a law in place that says such people are citizens and should not have to prove they are. But 2 or 3 years ago DHS passed something that said US birth certificates given to such people ( in place of their overseas one since they were adopted into this country) are no longer valid for identification. And just overnight these people woke up to a big freaking pain in the butt. People who had been getting licenses for years no longer could get one. You read that right! While the illegals could get one my daughter had to get a passport by sending in a ridiculous amount of paperwork just so she could get a drivers license. This is how DHS works! Remember, Obama said he would make a “police” force that was bigger than the military and he did. It is called DHS and it is even above congress.

    • you realize that DHS is NOT an entity capable of making LAWS right? that is left to congress, senate, the POTUS and the supreme court, and WE the PEOPLE are supposed to be the final arbitors of the process.

      therefore any “regulation” they claim to make is COLOR of law and has NO legal bearing on the populace.

      what should concern you more, is that the agency charged with protecting our country is willfully letting these people in, training them and then letting them kill people.

      this is called manufactured propaganda, since the media is using it to go after guns, not the fact the guy was a terrorist.

      our government is trying to manufacture situations to sway public opinion, and the TV is the main source of news info in America, it is a propaganda box they are using to get to their diabolical ends.

      why else do you think these “mass shootings” are on a rise, with a lot of them being muslim terrorists that the whole situation is later turned into a gun control legislation debate. IE, the navy yard shooter, the army base shooter, both muslim terrorists, both situation used to try and further gun control. and that is just two off the top of my head.

      welcome to NAZI Germany, during the propaganda phase leading up to the concentration camps.

      • They are not supposed to make laws, but talk to the people I mentioned. DHS did that. They dictated that said birth certificates were no longer valid and the licensing departments in many states complied.

        • And your daughter and everyone else involved complied, if they had protested instead and demanded otherwise, do you think it would have continued to hold?

          probably not. if they en-massed a DMV location, and demanded their identification papers be accepted, the DMV office would have caved or closed. the media attention on it would have forced re-visitation to said policy and review. and probably eliminated it.

          the problem, in part, was dhs, the larger problem was the inaction of you people, for not grouping together and fighting it. and instead just rolling over.

          that is just my opinion. but it seems to be the way the BS works around here.

  8. Read Jeh John’s family history. His grandfather was a communist!! Some of these officials who are feelin froggy and decide to jump probably won’t last very long if they do.

  9. It really irks me when I hear these attacks referred to as being done by “homegrown” terrorists. The guy in FL was the child of people from another country. There was no attempts at assimilation….That is NOT homegrown.

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