Nevada Gov. Sisolak bans gatherings of 10 or more people

Steve Sisolak

This afternoon, Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada banned public gatherings of 10 or more people. Sisolak issued the emergency directive prohibiting gatherings of 10 or more in outdoor or indoor spaces on Tuesday.

According to the governor, the police will give a warning first, then they will face a possible warning or citation.

As usual, this apparently only applies to law-abiding citizens, as the homeless in Nevada seem to be exempt from the order; apparently, they will still be allowed to piss and crap all over the streets, because I guess that somehow is not a public health hazard.

The news comes as State, County, and local officials from around the country suspend constitutional liberties in order to “fight” the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last time we checked, the founding fathers never put a provision in the first amendment that said it could be suspended during a public health emergency – something they were more than familiar with during that era!

When do these so-called public health measures cross the line? In places like California, Sheriff’s office has banned gun stores from operating during the Coronavirus Crisis. Did the founders have a provision in the 2nd amendment that allows that?

In Las Vegas, the police department has put together a task force to go after small business owners who have refused to close up shop. And even before today’s public gatherings ban in Nevada, the Governor had already put up roadblocks and banned people from entering Lake Mead National Park, many of whom were simply trying to go fishing to feed their families. Apparently, being on your boat by yourself is a threat, but the 2,000 construction workers he is allowing to continue construction of the raiders stadium, or standing in a 4-hour line at Walmart with thousands of people is somehow safer.

For years before this crisis, we warned people that they would never actually call this thing martial law; we always warned that all of this would be done under so-called “emergency directives”, but at this point what do you call it when our basic freedoms are under fire?

Yes, public health is important. But how long does a country last under lockdown? Most people live paycheck to paycheck, and the reality of this situation is that at this point Trump may be right, the cure seems to be doing more damage than the virus and there are a lot of government officials that are way too willing to strip away our liberties in the name of protecting public health!

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