Nevada Government Officials threaten Organic Farmers and raid local picnic.

Organic Farm in NevadaIn the most recent display of a government that has spiraled out of control, a group of Nevada Organic Farm Supporters were forced to destroy their organic food after coming together for a picnic at the Quail Hollow Farm.

When local supporters of the farm came together for a “Farm to Fork” picnic, their day quickly turned into a possible criminal offense when the Southern Nevada Health District showed up to shut it down. Apparently feeding your friends and family local organic farm raised food is now illegal in Nevada.

The Southern Nevada Health Department officials threatened guests with police action if the organizers didn’t destroy all of the food.  The farmers were forced to destroy the prepared meats and vegetables, and were even forced to pour bleach on the food so they wouldn’t be able to feed it to their pigs. According to guests, it was the only way they would be allowed to continue their party.

According to the Health district, any meat that is not USDA certified or provided by a government approved source is now illegal to eat. They also informed the farmers that for some reason their vegetables were now considered a Bio-Hazard and had to be disposed of as well.

Check out the Video from the event:

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  1. This law has been on the books for a while and was put there by stupid lawsuits and people in this country that believe that the government needs to protect them from everything.

    You need to research your information. The government can;t protect you from being stupid.

  2. That seems unfair. What about bagging a buck, or turkey? Can they butcher and eat that…? That’s unamerican. Goddamnit Nevada. Why? How?

  3. Same thing I was wondering Matthew… The way things are going I would imagine that hunters will be the next target of this insane witch hunt.

  4. it’s simple people… can kill and eat what ever you won’t … just can’t sell it it’s against the rules….

  5. what did this farm do? or what was reported that they did, there must be some underlying reason the health department showed up. They must have had someone call the health dept and report somthing going on there, there seems to be more to this story then the article reade

  6. F… them! We grow stuff in New Jersey and eat it without goverment approval in our backyard. We have organic farms here that to my knowledge sell their stuff without being hassled.

    As with the other 99% movements, we should start living our lives without the input of the 1%

    Eat what you want Nevada!

  7. Anyone up to challenge these buffoons legally in court? With people starving and all . . . if they genuinely doubted the safety of the meats and produce, they shoulda’ had ’em tested and if there was any validity to their claim, they woulda’ been justified. However, it seems to me, they were just trying to be hard asses and ruin an innocent picnic . . . shame on alla youse big bad officials from the Southern Nevada Health District, you bad, but not in the good sense.

  8. MSGs is designed to addict us to food and it make us fat. KFC has the highest content of all the fast food.
    I saw the research papers.

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