New radioactive water leak at Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear plant

Tokyo Electric Power Co, the operator of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant said on Thursday that 100 metric tons of highly contaminated radioactive water had leaked out of a storage tank. This is the worst confirmed incident since last year’s series leaks that spilled large amounts of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean.

The news confirms how bad the situation still is, and highlights the fact that the nuclear disaster is far from over.

“We are taking various measures, but we apologize for worrying the public with such a leak,” said Masayuki Ono, a spokesman for the utility, also known as Tepco.

According to reports from last year, 400 tons of toxic water is leaking into the Pacific Ocean each and every day – something that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. To get an idea how bad the disaster really is, all you have to do is look at the latest plans coming out of Japan – they seem like something right out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.

TEPCO Building Ice Wall to keep Radioactive Water out of the Ocean

This week, TEPCO has started building a frozen wall to prevent radioactive waste from contaminating groundwater. The plan involves building a wall of frozen earth around the reactors using pipes filled with a coolant, which is supposed to stop groundwater from coming into contact with the radioactive water.

But the plan has already hit a snag, as radiation levels around the plant make it impossible for engineers to visit the drilling site. Until radioactive levels drop, engineers are relying on remotely controlled cameras to monitor the drilling.

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  1. Why did Japan decide to build nuclear reactors? They live on an island plagued by earthquakes and sometimes tidal waves. This puts the reactors at a constant risk of damage. Nuclear power is generally safe,but not if you don’t take care of the reactors.

    • I believe the reason they built nukes is because they have no natural resources to create power from, one of the reasons they went to war in the early part of the 20th century…

      • I forgot about that fact. Thank you for reminding me. I guess that is a logical reason to build nuclear power plants. Still they should take better care of them, so they don’t pollute. This not only affects our ocean water but our food.

        • the United States also have more than 200 nuclear power and are under the problem of hurricanes.. anyways this is a really risky way to get energy.

  2. Did you know…..!! ?? As an original chemical engineer and pioneer of practicum. Alway’s hands on. Firstly. It was my idea to use nitrogen to cool all sites in order to gain access to meltdown sites. No again , like my suggestion for the Nagano games and Bejing olypics of creating rain to settling airborne. I suggest drilling under the site and suck airborne out of site similar to a Jenn air stove.While cooling sites to gain entry. Ice or frozen is very temporary.That solution is not eternal. My experience would agree to this as a permanent wall is poured over the frozen. All piping must be joint free and maluable. Connections on the outside for monitoring. And so on.Please don’t be silly. Get other professionals involved. Japan, we love you. Harley. Absolute Waste Solutions.

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