New York City to Ban Churches from Renting Empty Schools for Weekend Services

First they went after the guns and then they passed a ban on soda; the latest target that’s fallen into the crosshairs of New York City Officials seems to be the cities churches.

ChurchAfter years of being able to rent and use the cities empty schools to hold weekend services, over 160 congregations are now facing eviction from the City of New York.

New York Mayor, Michael BloombergThe always irrational Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has found a new group to target for harassment. Although he regularly allows labor unions and other city groups free and full access to meet in New York City public schools, the Mayor has decided he won’t accord the same luxury to the cities churches; even though they’ve paid rent and have been doing so for years.

Last Chance Legal Appeal Faces Uphill Battle

The case is about to go in front of the Second U.S. Court of Appeals who has been hostile to churches in the past.  At issue, is whether or not the Department of Education allowing churches to rent public schools during off-hours is an “endorsement” of that churches belief system.

In my opinion, this case is a perversion of the establishment clause and the separation of church and state. The establishment clause was never intended to block access to churches; in fact, it was specifically put in place to protect religious organizations so that the government could never mandate a certain religion. Unfortunately, and despite the founder’s intent, this clause is now being used by the state to limit religious freedoms.

These are Churches who help the Cities most Vulnerable Citizens

What’s even sadder about this attack on the Cities churches is who they’re going after with this crackdown. It specifically targets religious groups in lower-income areas who may not be able to afford a dedicated worship building. Even more appalling, is the fact that many of these churches are the same groups who are providing relief to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Senior counsel Jordan Lorence of Alliance Defending Freedom, the group who is defending the cities churches, shared an example of one of the many affected churches:

“International Christian Center, which meets in a public school, has been reaching out, supplying food and water to those who have had their homes wrecked and their electricity off because of the hurricane.”

The fact that the NYC Department of Education and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have targeted these same groups for eviction, is a crying shame. One would think that in a city that’s been divested by record unemployment, burdened with a growing poverty level, and suffering from the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy; that government leaders would jump at the chance to bring in some extra income for the city. But apparently, if that income comes from allowing churches to rent unused school space, the city would rather go broke.


  1. Flashmiester
    November 19, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    I don’t get it. What difference does it make if a congregation uses a school on off days to meet? And I am not a believer, just the opposite, but I am not offended by this. I was standing in line at the movie theater last Sunday when the congregation that uses it got out. Who cares? I don’t. Aren’t there better things for city hall to get involved in? Just ridiculous. This country is falling apart when this kind of stuff happens. Government hates religion because they want the sheeple to worship them, not the other way around. So get rid of the competition? What happened to working together? UGH!

    • Aliie
      November 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

      Flashmiester, I think you just nailed it.
      Government wants to be the Supreme Authority. Get rid of God and what’s left but them.

  2. cm
    November 19, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    Well, under the same banner, they should now ban union meeting or political use of school property as well. You might as well be ‘fair’ while your espousing your stupidity.


  3. Pam
    November 19, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Bloomberg is the weirdest person. Why would he do such hurtful things to these people? Are they not hurting enough?? The more he is so picky, the smaller he gets himself. Being generous makes one a bigger person, so be more magnanimous and people will sing your praises!! Please change your ways!!

  4. Prepping Preacher
    November 20, 2012 at 3:57 am

    der Fuhrer gloomberg is as anti-American as his role model, food stamp king barry

    • DEB
      November 20, 2012 at 11:13 am


  5. Prepping Soldier
    November 20, 2012 at 8:11 am

    Perhaps he doesn’t realize that by doing this he will lose the votes of the members of those congregations, or perhaps he does not care if he never gets elected for another office…

    • DEB
      November 20, 2012 at 11:15 am


  6. Randy
    November 24, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    I’m with flashmiester. I’m agnostic and don’t agree with the christian church, but this is a load of PC crap. A church that pays rent to hold services in a school is simply in a business relationship with the city. Nothing more or nothing less. I could understand there might be issues if the city was donating the space or rented the space for a church, but refused for a mosque. However, the article does not show this to be the case. A church paying rent to use a public space that is otherwise not being used does not violate my rights or diminish me in any way. People need to get over their political correctedness selves.

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