New York Senate Passes Gun Confiscation Bill: New Yorkers, You Now Have No Rights

If you live in New York, Your State legislators have just declared open season on all law abiding gun owners.

In a late night session, New York Legislators passed the most draconian gun bill in the nation with a vote of 43 to 18.The bill, which expands the state’s ban on so-called “assault weapons”, has a number of even more troubling provisions that should scare the hell out of any freedom loving people.

The Bill, known as the NY SAFE Act, is a gun control bill that was rushed through the State Senate as a backdoor ban on handgun sales.

The Bill sets up the following measures in New York:

  • An expanded ban on assault weapons that broadens the definition to include semiautomatic pistols and rifles with detachable magazines and one “military-style feature”.
  • It Forces gun owners to renew their licenses every five years.
  • Bans semiautomatic shotguns with one military-style feature.
  • Bans any gun magazine that can hold over 7 rounds of ammunition. This was later reversed when the geniuses in New York were told there are no seven-round magazines. So now, the ban sets the limit at a ten-round magazine, but you can only load 7 bullets in the magazine at one time.
  • Requires anyone with these weapons to immediately register them with the state.

In my opinion, the scariest part of this bill is what they are calling the Mental Hygiene Law. The bill allows healthcare workers to essentially turn in anyone they think is a danger to society. This means health care workers will now be able to decide who keeps their guns, and who has to turn them in. Say one thing wrong, or one thing that might be a little politically incorrect, and depending on the healthcare worker you could be in for a world of trouble.

Once a healthcare worker reports an individual, New York laws enforcement agents will then be authorized to confiscate any firearm owned by the “dangerous patient”.  The bill also gives New York officials more power to commit these so-called “dangerous patients” into mental facilities.

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  1. Its no surprise NEW YORK did this .its one of the most communist states we have .i lived there for a few years ,and went completely broke i moved back home to the south and am finally getting back on my feet and living comfortable.i hope the south doesnt follow the ignorant of NY.

    • The South Will Never Get Rid Of its Guns and I am Proud to have been born and raised there granted I never owned a gun in my entire life unless you want to count the airsoft rifle and pistols I owned. I love guns and its not the fact that I’m black either. Its because Who is going to protect our families from the snakes and monkeys dressed in suits and lie and say “they want what we want.” when they decide to completely try to turn this place into a police state?

      • You are living in a police state, since 911, or have you missed a few news shows showing cops out of control and a law unto themselves.

      • Lol. Yeah you Will. Most of the populace follow these bullshit “laws” because they are “laws” and wont want to jeopardize their cushy and comfortable lifestyle. You’re a fool if you think thisbwont happen to you. How many Californians have infiltrsted your state? Because That’s how these bills pass, from radicalized and heavily MK’d individuals flood our pro-freedom states.

        • 7% registered for the unSAFE act. Your post is false in the State of NY. As a matter of fact, we bbq’d registration forms on the Capital Buulding steps in Albany during a rally attended by over 10k 2A supporters. THOSE are the facts. I live here, and I was there. People living in States who are gun-friendly have no care in the world. Meanwhile in New York state hundreds of thousands of people who didn’t register their firearms risk prison every single day.

      • Have you seen what is taking place in Virginia right now? Yeah, the wrong politicians in piwer and the South will lose its guns.

    • Take note of ALL the senators that voted for this ban and vote them out of office.. Unless they take your right to vote! “WORK WILL MAKE YOU FREE”.

      • I have done allot of research into NY and the safe gun act was passed 5 years ago targeting mainly the AR style weapons. And while I don’t like NYs gun laws and policies at all!!! I was really happy to find the not only did only 10-15% of the legal gun owners they know comply but there has been very little success with the local law enforcement confiscating the weapons from peoples homes. They pretty much only enforce these laws when catching people committing other crimes. Not saying it doesn’t happen. Recently a state trooper got a war vet with 3 15 round clips and arrested him. Recently another state trooper picked up a hitchhiker with not much for any criminal background and an unloaded pistal with a trigger lock on it and gave him a ride to the PA boarder because even though NY doesn’t recognize it the cop believed in the constitution and the National Safe Passage act.

    • What do you expect from Yankees. When crime rate is going to go blastic now. Law enforcement won’t be able to handle the load that’s crying shame. In Texas law officers happy about carry law. Crooks are going to get firearms any way so leaving us with nothing.What is it people can’t understand.

        • What’s this Yankee bullshit. That was looking ago, we are all Americans and the civil war ended many years ago. I understand not wanting left leaning people moving there with their same ideas of how things should be. I think we are divided enough without further labeling others further. I’m in NY, not that I wouldn’t move in a minute if my wife and kids weren’t stuck here with jobs and such, but I can assure you, my love if guns and this country has nothing to do with the politics of this state. I vote against these idiots, but the cities have the voting numbers to make laws they like. So in case looking for yet another insult, we vote, but the liberals out vote is. Rest assured that if I ever do get out of this shit hole, I won’t be bringing any liberal ideas with me, just my 2A.

      • Yankees, i am from Pennsylvania…rember us we were on the winning side of the war. I can walk into my sheriffs office and walk out withing 45 minutes with a concealed carry permit. I can purchase firearms without buying a “gun card ” or any of that other stuff we also dont have any ccw classes bull shit. We also have open carry. ok ill admit Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are liberal havens and could seceded to California but america started here 5 miles from my house patriots fought and eventually won there freedom from the last batch of tyrants. so dont lump us Yankees all together reb!

        • I don’t need a “license” from the government to exercise my rights and to carry a weapon. Concealed carry. yeh, Arizona.

      • Yankee? You moron you better figure out who your real enemies are instead of creating more and alienating good Patriots! You are a total moron idiot asshole! I’m from Southern stock raised in the North. Didn’t you learn anything from the last time the North best your Siuthern brains out? Shoot your asshole mouth off some more and I’m sure you’ll soon have a Northern Patriot boot up your stupid ass again.

      • Our country needs a reset, but careful what you wish for. Look at Syria, Venezuela our any of the many countries having civil unrest, or some version of civil war… It is a hard and dark path for those involved, with many Innocents getting caught up in the fighting. Suffering is great, many would die. It may come to that someday, but I hope it isn’t in my lifetime, for the reasons I started.

    • It is time for the federal government to step in because constitutionally the federal government must insure a constitutional republic to all states. This is one of many points of legislation that has taken that away and the feds can and should step in and seize the government and install legislators who will support the Constitution and the state Constitution.

      • Slowly taking away our rights….and mandatory vaccines.the southern boys and girls think your safe….mandatory vaccines,are in your states legislators hands right now….big pharma is paying them off…next is your guns….better get involved….

        • Agreed 100 percent here in NY, which yes, is turning into hell! But the whole country will follow if we dont all stand up!

    • This is old news they tried doing this some years back and out of 27000 permit holders only 5,000 did it even the state police thought it was a joke if you think that is bad read what going to happen in Virginia if the governor has his way with the national guard

    • I would never live in New York because of this kind of crap. They are as bad or worse than CA. They are trying to gradually take 5th amendment rights away from their citizens and I guess the citizens are dumb enough to allow it.

      • We have illegals voting, dead people voting, 50 people registered to vote out of one address, and Feinstein owns the voting machines. Nobody I know voted for Newsome. The election was a joke. John Cox was winning when they called election an hour before all the votes were counted. The problem is we real voters play by the rules. The liberals dont. They cheat, lie and steal.

    • New Jersey will soon do the same, this is a reason I left NJ for Arizona. AZ gun laws , are set for the people , yes we do have shootings but very few. My heart goes out to the good people of NY for now every one is a possible criminal

    • Don’t worry, I think we’re okay down here. I’m born an raised in NYC and I can’t even conceive of ever going back there… ppl are crazy. Besides there no sweet tea of fried turkey to be had.

    • The new issues in the south are that all the people living in those retarded states like New York are feeling the high taxes and stupidity but forgetting to leave that mentality behind. They are importing that mentality south with them and now you can see some of that same crap permeating in the politics here. It is the ONLY explanation that Florida ever ends up with a democrat nominee for Governor like Andrew Gillum who was a total nightmare of a candidate and an absolute poster child for what NOT to elect in a leader. Crime under his management as mayor of Tallahassee has skyrocketed and yet HE is the best the Dems had? He is the male version of Stacey Abramson in Atlanta.

  2. NY chicago and washington DC have led the way in poverty, corruption, crime and gun control… Seems like there is a correlation… Oh I forgot detroit… it takes two honers, highest murder rate in 2011 and most democratic city in america.

  3. “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”
    — Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

    “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”
    — George Washington

    “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”
    — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-188

    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    — Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it.”
    — Abraham Lincoln, 4 April 1861

    • It is time to overthrow the government, if your republican or democrat you are a part of the problem, it is time to do away with the obsolete and antiquated two party system. This country is under the law of the constitution, if your a state making laws that contradict that constitution your should lose your US status. This law is a direct and unlawful disregard of our second amendment, period.

      • I’m surprised to be reading all these posts, I live in the UK and have always thought of America as the land of the free… guess I was wrong.

        And Kelly, we have a four party system over here and I can tell you its not a better system – you just get even more politicians!

        • You are right AM, but more politicians mean that the people who OWN them have to buy more horses to put in the race……..

        • What happened to gun rights in the UK, is what typically happens when your country doesn’t have a written constitution. Something similar recently happened in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela; a total ban on civilian firearms ownership.
          Long live the U.S. Constitution in general, and the Second Amendment in particular!

          • I believe that what Kelly was trying to say was not that there should be more parties (we already have a half-dozen or so)but rather that there should be NO PARTIES. Let each man/woman stand on their own beliefs and vision. So very many just vote party-line, like sheep. Wake-up America, take back your right to speak, your right to vote. Vote on policy not on the party. There are good and bad in both parties today, the worst are the coat-tail politicians. Speak for your self, not for your party. We are one Americans, let us act that way! Vote for the politician who most closely share your views and values, regardless of party. Do you know how much is spent on Presidential campaigning? Enough to feed every hungry child in the world, and still have enough left over to greatly reduce the national debt, if not eliminate it completely.

      • registering is not the problem, it is voting for them and not paying attention to how they vote.

        I would say that everyone should not only register with one of the two parties, but also become officers and elected officials within the parties.

        Take their power structure back.

        Simply watching and worse yet, believing the mainstream news is worse than carrying a card that says you are one of the two.

        I am a registered republican and I am part of a movement that is doing that very action.

        Do I vote for all GOP, heck no.

        But I am interested in getting the establishment OUT!

        • Bert, I agree with your intent,but neither repub. or dem. should no longer be allowed to speak for WE THE PEOPLE. all we want is a smaller gov. that guards our borders and a few other jobs. Help your neighbor, feed your family and stop all of the give-me crybabies” you know who you are” teach yourself to farm or help someone whom has one, a few tough years but long time of happy.

        • I agree the civil war is coming , rep and demos. Get rid of both parties. That seperates us. No one who has been elected before will be able to run again . Its a privledge they go back to their regular job after serving. Lobbying not allowed anymore ! Period! People must vote on legislation after put together. No welfare unless disabled!

    • It’s amazing that there are any people that even remember, let alone know where to find, these essential contributions to our country. Unfortunately they are no longer included in many curriculums around the country at the risk of proffering a free thinking student ammunition (pardon the pun) for taking back our country.

      Its true, we are only a generation or two away from George Orwell’s fantasy book 1984. Guard your tongues in public, guard them more in private –

    • It’s not the sender and the intended recipient or any attachments. Its the nuts in office that I am worry about they talk a good game but I like to see them walk around with out their arm kills they just want us unarmed so they can start killing us one by one. People it’s time you whack up and smell the coffee their cumin for you and you’re love one.

    • I encourage all new yorkers to take a stand against this tyranny. Do not allow New York take your firearms fight back.

      • New York just stole antique guns from jewish family because they held more than 5 rounds of ammo. you have to modify them or they steal them. they are heirlooms. they used that tatic to steal from Jewish families heirlooms passed down from great grandfathers to sons of sons. i know this personally and it is horrible. they won’t even let the family in another state get them as of yet. i hope they let family get them back that does not live in New York. these Jewish family are in their 70’s. thank you New York for taking away the good people’s right to bear arms, they don’t even use, that are family heirlooms. i will never go to New York again. you are Nazi’s!

    • scot- the quotes are nice to read, but the time is past for them to be of value.

      The good men and women of NY now need to decide if they will comply or refuse. Most of the guns are upstate, and there is a lot of land there. They may have been burying their guns for a month already, or maybe they’ll just all ‘decline’ to register anything.

      We’ll just have to see. At least we can be sure the folks downstate generally won’t take any action to stop those upstate – they are the source of this kind of law and they mostly don’t own any guns to take any action with. And if gun owners all decline to cooperate, the state can’t afford to fight that. Just that many prosecutions would bankrupt NY itself, and forget the cost of staffing the arrests, confiscations, incarcerations, or welfare for the families with the wage-earner in jail.

      If the gun owners just don’t comply, I believe the issue will die quickly. A few ‘example’ arrests to try to scare them, but it won’t last. Simple economics can kill this law even now.

  4. This will be my last post to any online site. I guess it is time to go underground. I can see DC following this lead in the very near future. They will be tracking people that visit these sites and going after them as soon as they can. We are already being called nuts for prepping and now doctors will be able to turn you in for it. We will all be subject to scrutiny by any medical professional out there. The next step will be all out confiscation of all weapons. I will also not being using the medical profession unless I am near death and have nothing to loose. Keep your arms and ammo hidden and prepare for the worst.

  5. Yes, the slide into dictatorship has begun. Obumma on hearing that gun control would be DOA in Congress, has announced that he will bypass Congress by passing it thru Executive Order. For those who wonder, the Executive Order was set up for routine admin actions in the Executive Department .. NOT to pass de facto legislation without the approval of Congress.

    That is unconstitutional plain and simple. Would it be a big surprise that if Obunga gets away with this that he may issue another one either doing away with two term limit or maybe just naming himself “poppa doc barrack” for life…

    by the way regarding the last post above (JAS) … the feds have already set up a new large monitoring section by the DHS to keep tabs on what goes on in the internet. Yes Big Brother is indeed watching and listening.

    • I think that due to illegal actions he has already taken, and gotten away with, we already, technically fall under the category of dictatorship.

      • You, die ubermenschen, dare question Der Obermenschen?? When John and Jane Doe, the good, honest, hardworking normal people are out in the streets by the tens of millions: that will be the time to strike, and strike hard. Our military forces are not going to turn against their own friends and families as they too will see that enough is too damned much. It is best to hunker down, keep building your long term system, and wait. Don’t let yourself et too absorbed in the misdeeds of the President and Congress. That takes time and energy better used for reinforcing your survival system.


  6. Yes, because the criminals are going to willingly register all of their guns….who are they kidding! Law-abiding citizens are going to have their guns taken away and the criminals are still going to have theirs. I can’t believe “they” can’t see that!

    • They can see that BUT, logic is NOT their aim. Gun confiscation is. Take note of that. Recognize that. Understand that. They are NOT out to save a life, or anything else like that. They simply do NOT WANT YOU TO HAVE A GUN.

      • Henry is absolutely right. These liberal pukes will never be satisfied until every gun owning American has all their guns taken.We can never allow this to happen and must be willing to resist ANY gun grab even at the cost of our lives.

    • Julie, I think “they” know what they are doing, if “We the people” cause cival unrest over this, then he the “Pres./Dicktater” can and would declare marshall law, making him a true Dicktater. oops can’t spell.

  7. Most of the time hindsight is 20/20, but I think I can see ahead pretty clearly to an increase in gun violence and other crime in New York.

  8. I will and believe that all the people who oppose this type of legistlation should boycott doing business with any company from New York state.. I live on VT and will avoid mail order, internet and interstate commerce within the State of New York..

  9. CLAIM YOUR FIREARMS ARE STOLEN OR SOLD PRIVATELY! Keep your tongue in cheek and don’t talk about them. As far as I’m concerned, NY just seceded from the USA. Do not forgive! Do not forget! This is the day they fired the first shot. THEY are coming for your property and liberty… Are you ready? We are LEGION because we are many. In truth, they don’t stand a chance against we “The People” unless we let them.

    • You are correct in selling your guns privatley, but be carefull about claiming them stolen, unless you call the police and get a report. Then they will want to know why you never filled an insurance claim?

      • Sure, my guns are right here, officer. Wait, WTF? Most of them are missing! ALL the good ones are gone. How the hell did that happen?

        Sorry officers. After that thing at Sandy Hook I was so upset I broke them all down to parts and tossed them in the river/dumpster/sold them for scrap. They’re gone, but they were mine so I could do that. I don’t own a single gun now. The ammo? Yeah, I saved that to try to sell, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  10. Like I have said before, if some one wants to kill people, they will find a way. The black market is an easy way to obtain ANY weapon from a “Saturday Night Special” up to all military weapons, including Tanks. What good is banning assault weapons when you can buy them on the black market? Good grief, how stupid can they get…obviously, blatant ignorance comes into play here. Why are they NOT addressing the real issues of the Psychiatric medications which ARE the main problem with these mass violent acts????? Or, perhaps this is a way to confiscate everyone’s weapons….. Welcome to the “Rise of the 4th Reich” and the New World Order….. Scary, to say the least….

  11. Lets not forget the medical personnel mentioned above are already pawn’s in the tyrant’s circle. OBummaCare is just getting started. He’s got the complete circle pushed through right under every citizens nose and most still dont see it. Walking bobblehead dolls to ignorant to see their own demise as it happens.

  12. i cant believe it… they have offically fired the first shot!!! CIVIL WAR HEERE WE COME!!! i hope they are ready for this cuz i am!!

    • No your not… You have no idea what that would take logisticly. There is no network set up for that. But you are right, civil war is coming.

    • Disreguard what Texas said. Just stay up there no room here…….PSSSSSTT Hey Texas….You dont want their way of thinking down here.

    • Thanks for the invite… Many leaving, some, like me, have families they can’t uproot yet, but when things get worse, I’ll be going somewhere. I’m not a Yankee, as someone above ran their mouth, saying no Yankees needed down here. That is just another way of dividing us. I love the 2A as much as the next… And I was born in Virginia.

  13. This doesn’t make thing right. The governor said a couple of days ago that all new yorkers must sell there guns to out of state people. This wont keep guns out of criminal hands. Forcing people to sell there guns out of state will result in more bad guys to have access to guns without knowing there backgrounds. This is not gun control. The governor should stand trial for telling the people of New York to sell guns out of state. This is not the way to keep the guns out of the bad guys hands. Instead of drive by shootings, bad guy will walk down the streets shooting at people and through windows of peoples homes. There is nothing that the governor has said our done to protect our kids on schools.

  14. Get out of New York, people. And I hope the rest of the states send a “We Will Not Comply” order to the Feds like Wyoming and Texas.

  15. Well NY. You know y’all are screwed. All I can say is stand up & fight for the constitution !! I will not be disarmed!!

  16. hiding guns .etc will not work…when they come..they are coming for you….and your gun…when they leave it will not be empty handed….you will disappear as in NDAA….IMHO

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