New York Senate Passes Gun Confiscation Bill: New Yorkers, You Now Have No Rights

If you live in New York, Your State legislators have just declared open season on all law abiding gun owners.

In a late night session, New York Legislators passed the most draconian gun bill in the nation with a vote of 43 to 18.The bill, which expands the state’s ban on so-called “assault weapons”, has a number of even more troubling provisions that should scare the hell out of any freedom loving people.

The Bill, known as the NY SAFE Act, is a gun control bill that was rushed through the State Senate as a backdoor ban on handgun sales.

The Bill sets up the following measures in New York:

  • An expanded ban on assault weapons that broadens the definition to include semiautomatic pistols and rifles with detachable magazines and one “military-style feature”.
  • It Forces gun owners to renew their licenses every five years.
  • Bans semiautomatic shotguns with one military-style feature.
  • Bans any gun magazine that can hold over 7 rounds of ammunition. This was later reversed when the geniuses in New York were told there are no seven-round magazines. So now, the ban sets the limit at a ten-round magazine, but you can only load 7 bullets in the magazine at one time.
  • Requires anyone with these weapons to immediately register them with the state.

In my opinion, the scariest part of this bill is what they are calling the Mental Hygiene Law. The bill allows healthcare workers to essentially turn in anyone they think is a danger to society. This means health care workers will now be able to decide who keeps their guns, and who has to turn them in. Say one thing wrong, or one thing that might be a little politically incorrect, and depending on the healthcare worker you could be in for a world of trouble.

Once a healthcare worker reports an individual, New York laws enforcement agents will then be authorized to confiscate any firearm owned by the “dangerous patient”.  The bill also gives New York officials more power to commit these so-called “dangerous patients” into mental facilities.

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  1. For the few that know this all started a long time ago at a meeting on an island. The elimination of the Militias around the States was a step toward today, bring them back as for they were a voice in the wrong doings of the Gov.

  2. Why oh why do we need assault rifles? I believe in the right to bear arms for protection and hunting but face the facts. Too many morons have guns that shouldn’t . Too much gun violence dictates stronger gun control period..or are you waiting for YOUR CHILDREN to be mowed down by someone with easy access to a gun?

    • Tim,you are mising the point the people that would use these type of guns either allready have them and damn sure not turning them in, or they buy them on the blackmarket. I do have children and grandchildren, they all know how to use a gun correctley and safely, the ones that are old enough all have and carry their guns,,,maybe one day they will save your childrens life by having their guns. The point is that this would just be another step toward dissarming WE THE PEOPLE.

    • Really so do to many car accidents dictate a need to ban cars?

      First off there’s no such thing as an assault riffle, so if you’re going to come to my site and spread your political propaganda at least know what you’re talking about. Second, if you are for a ban on any class of firearms then you do not support the second amendment.

      • More people were shot in Detroit than were killed in the school, should the Govt. tear down the city? It’s not that people were killed, it was the fact that so many so quick were killed. people die every day in traffic accidents, but if a plane crashes it is the sole number of deaths that is the main reason it gets so much attension.
        The gun used in the school was not a leagaley owned firearm, he stole it from his mother. All of this is for Obumble to get attension and see how far he can push, before we push back.

    • There are already plenty of laws on the books to control guns. There are also plenty of laws regarding assault, murder and a host of other statutes people ignore. More laws will not solve the problem.
      Personally, I would be interested to see how some enforcement of the laws and statutes we already have would handle a lot of problems??

    • We don’t need semi autos to hunt. We need them to defend ourselves from a tyranical government. The Second Amendment has abolutely nothing to do with hunting. At all…

    • ASSAULT RIFLES have been banned since the 1930’s so please learn what you’re talking about.

      2nd You have no problem protecting your MONEY and POLITICIANS with guns, why do you have a problem with protecting our family with guns?

      3rd The 2nd Amendment is a SAFE GUARD AGAINST TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT not hunting!

      Without the 2nd Amendment you are at the MERCY of the GUN TOTING government.

      Finally, American citizens owning rifles that were as good or better than the Military has prevented THREE FOREIGN INVASIONS and has successfully prevented a DICTATORSHIP and/or POLICE STATE for more than 200 years.

      THAT is why we need semi auto guns.

  3. If I recall, this is exactly what happened to David Sarti in Tennessee several months ago.
    All he did was did was make an off the cuff remark, and next thing he knows, SHTF
    In his world.
    Outrageous !!
    And every one here had best be sending some emails and making phone calls to your own elected officials to keep them from getting any bright ideas about this sort of stuff.
    Donna g

    • You people better get together on civil disobedience and never mind trying to do it through the legal system. Be ready to get on the streets with your firearms. This us what it is going to take with the liberals.

  4. New York represention reps are not for the people
    They are a conspiracy sociaity for there own wealth
    And are no longer with in unity with the rest of the United
    State they are selling us out to the rest of the world
    As if so they think that we are there property, watch w
    And detect the cancer of this home grown so call of reps
    And it’s colts. You will be able to see were they are breeding
    And manifesting there cancer. The south will rise better than before we need more protection from people like them. They
    Are sharping the other side of there sword with the other side of the world soon they will come to us soil to in force there law
    And take your guns away at the mercy of the other side of there
    Sword. They say money can solve there problem wake up
    America pass it on!

  5. My advice to New York residents is to not report any firearms or other weopons that you own to any official and do not discuss anything that makes you angry or depressed will any healthcare workers.
    It takes 10 minutes to an hour for law enforcement to respond to any escalated situation at your home. At the same time it takes about a minute for an intruder to assault, rape or kill you. Depend on yourself for home defense. Even if you don’t like guns, keep a shovel or baseball bat in a quick easy location. Wasp/hornet spray sprays up to 12 ft. Get the intruder in the eyes. It’s up to you. Don’t depend on the police to get there in time.

  6. The most likely result of confiscating guns is a war! Is anyone doing something called: think? Anyone supporting this isn’t considering the
    consequences of their actions

  7. Funny how the “Union States” Are becoming the enemy of the U. S. and the southern states may just save us. Time to rise up and fight back

  8. The Bill of Rights specifically states, these rights shall not be infringed upon. So kiss my lily white ass , you’re not taking my guns.

  9. So NY will now confiscate all of the guns of REGISTERED, Law-Abiding Citizens, but NOT the UNREGISTERED guns of illegals or street criminals because implementing “Stop and Frisk” would be profiling !!!!

  10. When they talk about Dr’s reporting people they seem to forget the HIPPA laws are FEDERAL and federal tops state laws.. I lived in NY all my life except the last 10 years and it was unaffordable then.. People better start going to court to get this to the supreme court to stop this or just start forming militias and refuse to comply..

  11. New York needs to do the same as Virginia and put your foot down and say “NO”! No you will not take my God given and constitutional rights and freedoms away. The state government is suppose to work for the people not AGAINST the people. The second amendment was put into place to keep government from becoming a tyrannical government. People of New York stop rolling over onto your backside like a scalded dog and find your testicular fortitude and put your foot down and show these tyrannical, unamerican, dictators that We Will Not Comply and push these traders out of office. This is the United States of America, home of the Brave, and the land of the free. God Bless the United States and those whom fought and died for freedom

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