No Lockdowns in Taiwan and only 6 COVID-19 Deaths in over 5 Months


Have we been scammed into shutting down? Right next to China, where the COVID-19 lockdown began over 5 months ago, sits the Island nation of Taiwan.

Taiwan looks like an ideal candidate for a coronavirus outbreak. Afterall, the island of 23 million lies just 110 miles off mainland China.

Being so close, and judging by the world wide freak out, you would think Taiwan would have some to the tightest lockdowns in the world – after all out government keeps telling us it’s the only thing stopping millions of people from dying.

You won’t see this on FOX, CNN or MSNBC!

In the 5 months since the outbreak spread throughout China and the Asian region, Taiwan has implemented no lockdowns, no shutdowns of public transportation, no draconian autocratic measures or crackdown on civil liberties, and has seen no uptick in deaths. In fact, in the last 5 months they have a grand total of 6 COVID-19 deaths!

And through it all, schools, office buildings, restaurants, and most entertainment facilities in throughout the country have remained open. International tourists are gone, but locals are traveling and enjoying life. In fact, on their most recent holiday weekend in early April, 1.5 million people descended on 11 of the country’s biggest resort areas.

Guess what… Everyone is still doing well!

They’ve even allowed their sports teams to continue playing:

While the liberal American hating media would like to believe we need to implement lockdown procedures for moths, maybe even years according to some, the fact is Taiwan is proof that these measures are not only unnecessary but in all likelihood may cause more damage and death than the virus itself.

Three New Studies Show COVID-19 is no more deadly than the Seasonal Flu

As the corrupt World Health Organization pushes to lockdown the world until a so-called vaccine can be made, three new studies suggest this so-called “pandemic” is no more deadly than the average yearly flu.

Have we lost our Freedom over a virus that has the same death rate as the Flu?

The world has come to a screeching halt and politicians throughout our country are using the crisis to turn us into a de facto police state in the name of public health. Over the last couple of weeks we have seen people are being threatened with arrest for playing at public parks, attending drive-in church services, and even for walking to close to other people in public.

Here are just a few examples we’ve covered over the last couple of months:

Preparing for Government Tyrants and the Coming Economic Disaster

The key to preparedness is knowing what the real threat are, and then taking actions to protect yourself from those threats. So far the real threat seems to be the unprecedented crackdown on freedom and the destruction of our economy.

From the start, we’ve told people to read our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Infection Numbers.

Preparedness Resources:

Shirts of Liberty
The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide


  1. An article form the Rockefeller Foundation waa posted in 2010, in it was all of the possible reactions to this “plannedemic”episode that we are currently in…

    Search for Rockefller Foundation and lockdown. 2010″…

    Search for “depopulation 2050 moved to 2025″to see what else is in store for us in Amewrica..all except 10% of the population has been marked for CULLING by the CIA and military.

    • It’s called “Agenda 21”. Global Population to be held to .5 Billion. 7 Billion earmarked for the cemetery. Traces back to 1954 Greada Treaty. Grey’s want the planet and a handful of Human slaves.

  2. Taiwan has had one of the lowest infection and death rates but at a Great cost of civil and personal liberties. Everyone has their temp checked going in and out of buildings doesn’t matter if you just stepped out for a smoke. Schools monitor teachers, students, parents several times daily. Mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors and others with constant video and cell phone monitoring. Theres more, too much for here.
    I think you need to get better news sources though I don’t hardly trust most. Try Rueters, they just report news on a none bias format.
    Though people claim this one is no less than the flu it has been the exponential factor that is alarming; how easy it goes around. Take 8 to the power of 5 and see what you get, 32,768. The 5 is a low exponent by comparison.
    Covid-19 was running higher exponents, 7,8 and 10. This is where the danger is because of the stress on health care. Don’t get me wrong my friends but don’t let them blind you either. We Do need to be aware, smartly aware. My first news on this virus was August to September of last year and It grew real quick.
    It was those numbers that beheld the size of the wave.
    As a young child, my family left one communist country being hunted down. I’m Not leaving this one! I Am a proud naturalized US citizen, I vote at Every election, support the US Constitution and would lay down my life so our future generations live Free!
    Live Free or die!

    • Thank you so much for everything most of all recognizing the life we perceive and the fact of the matter is none of us hear even enjoyed the way it was in our founders eyes not sure the communist side but to form a better nation I’d never want a greater start …

    • These all sounds like responsible measures for a country to take even if they are severe. Lack of testing has doomed America.
      There was no testing program initially because the President failed to do his job. Now there is no testing program because the President has decided that it’s not his job. He’s decided it’s not his job because if it is his job and the American people know its his job then they are fairly going to blame him for the loss of life and the economic devastation that has come with it. This leaves the President in a position where all he can do is look for other people to blame and create chaotic distractions. It also leaves the President in a position where he has abdicated his primary responsibility of protecting the American public.

    • Article did not say Taiwan govt. was doing nothing.
      All the monitoring you mentioned did not require them to SHUT DOWN schools and businesses, or churches.
      We would not mind having our temp taken by electronic means however many times and etc. when all that contributes to a NO LOCKDOWN situation.
      Trillions of $ later and destroyed businesses, job losses, and on and on was totally unnecessary.

  3. You weren’t scammed just some governments did a much better job of preparing and containing. No conspiracy. I live in Taiwan. I see the picture very clearly of what’s going on in other countries. You all failed to act. I don’t feel my liberties and freedoms here have been encroached. If everyone follows for a short period time closure isn’t necessary.

    • what were the measures that were taking exactly in Taiwan… I ask because you live there so your information would be more accurate

  4. Jsmc that’s what I said from the beginning. Lock down 3 weeks everything except hospitals and a few select grocery stores. it would’ve been over

    • Taiwan sent doctors to Wuhen, China when China reported to WHO in late December and found out they were kinda hiding something from our doctors so Taiwan email WHO but got not constructive reply that’s why Taiwan decided to react itself. We were suffered and lost a lot of people because of SARS so this time we are extra careful and take precautions with what we learned from the limited information from China.

  5. No conspiracy, covid19 is much deadlier than the flu. First reports were that it was 10x deadlier. It appears much worse than that now. Small countries like South Korea and Taiwan have handled this much better than large countries. They moved much quicker and were much more efficient. They’re still doing things like testing everyone, everywhere. We’re doing none of these things in the USA. We got caught with our pants down. Very slow to act in the beginning. Then failing to move quickly, on a national scale. It’s been an abysmal failure by Trump.

  6. Did Taiwan close all wards in hospitals other than the ones that would provide care for Covid-19 patients like it has been done in all other countries with the fear that hospitals would be overwhelmed? If not, then that is a huge difference in tackling the infection and saving lives. Being able to diagnose and treat other co-illnesses may help to win over the infection. Any info?

  7. Taiwan still hasn’t rolled out 5G. They’re in the process now with the big Nokia deal. But up until this point they haven’t. Why would they have to cover up deaths with a Corona virus if they haven’t had any 5G signals killing the population slowly?

  8. This is such a skewered twisting of the facts. Taiwan had checked every single person coming from China as soon as the first case was detected in January. It’s almost as if SARRS had gave the real life experience to deal with it. You’ll notice that just like the UK and US., the citizens of Taiwan were asked to stay in their houses unless it was essential, and the government made sure ample supplies of masks were available ….but why bother with the truth when it’s easier to twist facts to fit your belief system ?

  9. I’m in Taiwan. The reason Taiwan hasen’t had a lock down is because we were prepaired. The govenment took over distribution of masks so that everyone can get them. They shut down travel early. They do extensive contact tracing and inforce quarantined people with heavy fines. The main reason Taiwan is free ok Covid 19 is because unlike America they prepaired themselves after SARS 2003. Also, they took it seriously. Instead of lining up to hoard supplies they linned up to get their rationed masks. AND THEY WORE THEM! Nobody argued at was against thier constitutional right or that they wernt effective. From day 1 temperatures were taken everywhere and when you went into public buildings you signed in. Its not a conspiracy!

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