North Korea to Target U.S. with Nuke Test

missile launchBreaking: North Korea is threatening to launch its next nuclear missile test right at the U.S.

North Korea just announced that they will be launching a rocket in a nuclear test that could target the west coast of the United States. The announcement came right after the United Nations Security Council unanimously agreed to a U.S. backed resolution condemning North Korea’s recent rocket launch. The new resolution  further expands the existing sanctions on the country.

North Korea, who has carried out at least two nuclear tests in the past, says that their next launch will target the United States, “the sworn enemy of the Korean people.” North Korea’s last rocket had the capability to travel more than 6,000 miles, making it more than capable of hitting the western United States. In fact, South Korean military officials who analyzed a recovered oxidizer tank, that had been part of one of the rocket’s boosters, estimated the missile could travel over 6,200 miles.

North Korea’s National Defense Commission put out the following statement:

“We are not disguising the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the United States.”

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  1. … Fudge. Hopefully this one shakes itself apart like the last one did, dumb commies.

    But on a different note, BRING IT, KIM.

    • a few single missiles are of no significant risk to the United States…….the ABL laser planes will down this test as soon as it crosses into international waters just like the last two Tae po dongs and no one except NSA will have any idea what really happened since it fires in Infrared spectrum light. thank you Lawrence Livermore Labs…… make life much safer with giant Laser planes to protect our freedom. :)

  2. 3 types of radiation given off by Nuke Det. Alpha, Beta Particles and Gamma Radiation. Alpha particles are big and move slow and are stopped by the skin or clothing. Betas are smaller and faster and can penetrate deeper (some may pass through the skin) Alpha and Beta are particles (thus form a radioactive cloud/dust) Gamma Radiation is a Ray that passes through the body (internal damage depends on strength of the ray) Alpha and Beta particles act like dust that fall to earth; thus effective DECON can be achieved by removal of contaminated clothing and Emergency decon (soap and water). Inhalation of these particles is harder to protect against. Gamma radiation however cannot be decontaminated; therefore it is best to shield these rays (Lead, concrete, earth)this is just information everyone should know. I was always curious on how to protect myself from radiation in the event of SHTF but could never find simple answers… Hopefully this has/will help anyone who reads it.

    • Ok so my house is made of mason bricks..thats concrete ..then i learned if ya take boxes or whatever you have that can help absorb some of the rays pick a room in your house you can blockade yourself in..line the walls with what ever you can furniture, boxes anything to at least head high if you the door way ..create and L shaped entry and exit..those rays go straight they cant turn corners..then hunker down and stay inside..if you have a basement use that ..below ground is best..there was a survival show put on tv on how to survive a nuclear blast and fallout..thats the part i remember the most

      • remember that many of those particles will be landing on your roof and the rays will be coming straight down so you’ll need to build up the ceiling above you as well. easiest way if you have a basement is to make a big pile of heavy stuff on the floor above you then yes build up the walls around you in the basement. It takes a serious amount of material to block gamma rays, 1 layer of bricks won’t do much. we’re talking several feet of dirt. The good news is anything is better then nothing so even if you only manage a 1ft pile of books all the way around you it’s a reasonable improvement

  3. Jumping off the subject, but how the hell can our goverment agree to a 2010 treaty with Egypt that had a differant president at the time, and now has a president that says Jews are from pigs and apes and should not be treated like humans. Yesterday we sent two of the twenty F-16’s and two hundred Adrams tanks that were agreed on when Egypt was a friend. Looks to me that your President and his fellow cronies are Islamic devils and are going to send us down the river without a paddle or cannoe.

  4. This could be a reall win-win for us. First it would give us justification to wipe north korea off the face of the earth once and for all and if we are really lucky, maybe Dianne Frankenstein will be back home and we can get rid of her too.

  5. I can’t believe all the BS goin on rt now between this and rising threats in the middle east and the government has the audasity to try to take away our guns and restrict ammo. And in new York put red dots above doors with people that have guns, restrict magazine sizes in every gun to ten and make the rest illegal. Crap is insane, bad people will always do bad things whether they have guns or bombs. We are not a country like china we are free and we want to be left that way this is exactly how wars are started from political crap talking by people that can’t even defend themself in a simply hand fight. If they keep it up they will have no protection when the “bullies” come knocking at our doors cause they decided to take all of our guns at a time where we “need” them. The current school shootings shouldn’t result in gun control it should result in better damn police officers stationed at the school that have the balls to protect our children and possibly the thought of teachers with concealed weapon permits. Amaricans are great doing what we do every day. Polititions really need to clean up their act and maybe our way of life won’t have to change due to their big mouths and meandering into hostel environments pissing people off. America has less allies now then it did 5 to 10 years ago. And the only reason we have allies right now is because of our military threat not because of our politicians.

    • China will be making the real money. They’ll sell us crap and “survival” trinkets, and sell the DPRK guns. win-win for them, more junk for us.

  6. Those abl’s are from ronnie and his star wars defense system. many laughed at this idea but it has merit and parts of the system are spread out across the pacific ocean and are operational. They don’t call the pacific missle range Ronald Regan defense for nothing. if the North Koreans want to play their game they need to wake up and understand you may fire one off but it won’t make it and the reply would be a new glow in the dark above the 38th

  7. You all speak as though NK is announcing plans to launch a nuclear strike against the US. If they did manage to build a missile that could hit the west coast, this launch they speak of would just be a “blank”, a test. No warhead. They likely only have a handful of warheads, if any. If they did launch a live missile, even that ninny Obama would turn their country into a crater.

    NK is nothing. Their technology is decades obsolete. Their whole nation is starving, and they aren’t even fighting a war. They have no navy. A few possibly functional nukes may be scary to their neighbors, but they are hardly a threat to western civilization. Western civilization’s most dangerous enemy is itself.

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