Now they’re Trying to Kill People! Dragging people out of Vehicles To Execute in the Streets!

While CNN, FOX, MSNBC and the mainstream media want to pretend these are peaceful protests, the fact is BLM terrorists have declared war on Americans are now attempting to execute people in the streets!

They are literally pulling people from vehicles and trying to kill them!

Back in January, we warned this was coming!!!

Social Unrest is one of the Top Threats You Face in 2020 and beyond!

As we’ve pointed out numerous times on this site, these mob/gang attacks have been ignored for quite sometime. Here are just a few examples of what we’ve covered in the past on OFFGRID Survival:

Sadly, it’s now escalated to the point where they have declared war on the hard-working people of America and now are trying to execute them in the streets!

Radical Leftwing organizations like BLM and Antifa have declared war!

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  1. As long as the morons stay in the city, under the cops protection… Once they head for the suburbs… and outer towns… they will soon find a different situation…

    • Exactly. They have no idea how we handle things in the county. Keep the rats in the city. These animals would never be tolerated outside of there. They would be destroyed, we don’t worry about being PC. We protect ours.

  2. That truck rammed into the crowd and the driver was arrested for breaking a police barricade. Watch the whole video and get your facts straight.

    • You guys are a bunch of idiots, like Brian said quit spreading false info and trying to rile up all those old racist coots into hating more than they already do.

  3. Thomas: in case you didn’t read my whole comment – Police ARRESTED the TRUCK DRIVER for BREAKING THE LAW. The protesters grabbed him out of his truck (after he finally stopped) and promptly turned him over to the police.

      • Yes, when someone drives a tanker into a crowd of people. Are you capable of thought, logic, or even common sense? Anyone would drag that idiot out of his truck and turn him into the police. Well, I take that back. People with dignity and respect for the law would do that. Right wing nutjobs would probably just shoot him.

        Can you at least accept that this story is a complete fabrication of what actually happened?

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