Parts of New York City Descending into Absolute Chaos

Fema LogoFEMA, the federal agency who’s responsible for responding to natural disasters and emergencies, apparently can’t figure out how to respond to anything. Over a week after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, the agency is still having trouble providing basic emergency supplies and shelter to the affected area.

And now to add insult to injury, FEMA has actually had to shut down emergency relief shelters due to a snow storm that just hit the area.

Is this really what America voted for? We spend billions of dollars a year on this agency and they can’t even handle the one thing their supposed to be able to do; respond to an emergency situation.

Emergency Shelters that are open, are Death Traps

According to the Asbury Park Press, those that have managed to find open shelters are living in conditions that are worse than what they left. Many of them have been shuttled to FEMA shelters that are nothing more than large tents that have no electricity, no running water, no heat, and barely enough supplies for those living in the shelters.

The Media is not being allowed inside any of these fenced complexes, but some evacuees are starting to speak out. One resident of FEMA’s tent city, told the Asbury Park Press.

The elections are over and here we are. There were Blackhawk helicopters flying over all day and night. They have heavy equipment moving past the tents all night”…” Everybody is angry over here. It’s like being prison”

When residents of FEMA’s tent city tried to call out and inform the media, officials tried to stop them from taking pictures, turned off the WiFi and stopped allowing people to charge their smart phones.

One Evacuee told the Press:

“After everyone started complaining and they found out we were contacting the press, they brought people in. Every time we plugged in an iPhone or something, the cops would come and unplug them.”

Sickness Breaking Out in Shelter Camps

In Brooklyn, three shelters had to be closed down and sanitized after a stomach virus broke out and sickened a large number of the evacuees.

Prisons to Be Used as Emergency Shelters

With over 40,000 New Yorkers still in desperate need of shelter, The New York Post is reporting that City officials may use an empty prison on Staten Island to feed and house as many as 900 victims.

Gas Rationing Hits New York City

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg announced that because of major disruptions in the gas supply, the city will now have to ration gas for at least the next two weeks. The city has failed to reopen over 75% of its gas stations, and those that are open are struggling to meet the high demand.

People Standing in Line for Gas

Criminals Take Over

The mainstream media may have forgotten about New York and the government may not want to talk about its failures, but the fact is large areas of New York City (mainly the poor areas) have descended into absolute chaos.

looters will be shot sign

Almost a week after Sandy pummeled the East Coast, some areas of New York and New Jersey have been taken over by criminals. The scenes look like something right out of a post apocalyptic Hollywood movie, as residents wielding bows and arrows, bats and anything else they can get their hands on try to protect their homes against looters.

I honestly wish I didn’t have to write another story about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; but this country can’t afford to ignore the lessons of another disaster and how our government once again failed to do their job. People need to wake up to the fact that we can’t rely on our government to help during an emergency situation.

Americans need to start taking Preparedness seriously and they need to realize that they can’t outsource their safety to some government agency

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  1. Most New Yorker’s don’t even have a clue that it’s happening. It’s mainly a problem in the Rockaways, Coney Island and parts of Staten Island. These are poor people that live in areas of New York that most people don’t venture into. These areas have been ignored for years!

    Most of the evacuated people have been moved far from the public eye. The tent city that you guys are talking about is actually out in Monmouth Park in Oceanport. OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND!

    • @Rick – Good points as well… Unless you are in an area of the city that is still affected, to them it is usually business as usual…

      • Americans are funny like that, if it doesn’t directly effect them, they ignore it or they pretend it doesn’t exist.

        • i agree that people need assistance but when is it that people need to be responsible for themselves? these people literally had 2 weeks notice to prepare! this is an issue of big gov’t, the help has been taken out of the hands of private organization like the red cross and now everybody wants the gov’t to jump in. WAKE UP! THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!

          • Well neither does the Red Cross! We had a devastating flood here in the mountains. Thousands of people came and donated TO HELP THE RESIDENTS. Red Cross took HALF that money back to their massive one-city-block building in DC. To my mind, that is an institution whose goal is to preserve itself, not meet it’s original mandate. No different than the government. imho

  2. I am meeting my sister in NYC later this afternoon… I will be interested to see what the deal is and what it is not. I’ll try to report back or maybe follow on twitter at @survivalblog. Today, in northern, NJ was the first time that I did not have to wait in a gas line for gasoline, and I was allowed to fill my gas tank and fill a five gallon gas can. I will make updates on twitter while in NYC. Stay tuned…

    • Seriously, it doesn’t matter which candidate people voted for. The end result wouldn’t be any different than it is now. I’m so tired of listening to gullible people thinking that the Republicans are going to save them. They’re no better than the Democrats. Wake up, please, and smell the coffee.

  3. This should serve as a wake-up call to anyone who thinks prepping, survivalism, and being armed is foolish or inhumane. That woman being taunted by men in the middle of the night, saying they’re going to kick in her door? I’d like to see them try while staring down the barrel of a gun. People who are against guns have never seen people lose their humanity after a few days into a crisis. It happens faster than one might think.
    If a disaster of this magnitude were to hit my area, you best believe I won’t be one of those who are begging into a TV camera for FEMA to come help them. Fuck that.

    • Nicely said, Lily. What’s most astounding to me is that even after the travesty of Katrina, people by and large still maintain the belief in someone else looking out for them, “giving” them something, or coming to their rescue expending funds that have been taken from someone else.

      Forward-looking people realize the value of well-associated and tightly knit communities consisting of members with diverse talents and capabilities, members who understand the value of stored provisions, tools, equipment; and the requisite “know-how” required to ameliorate negative conditions during a crisis or emergency.

    • Well said!

      Everything that’s happening in the effected area is exactly what preppers have been warning about for years. I hope this does serve as a wake up call, but unfortunately just like Katrina it will probably soon be forgotten.

      • You keep forgetting Rita was the second wave. Katrina and Rita go hand in hand like sandy and Athena both are named storms back to back.

    • I agree. We need to have the best possible weapons available in situations like this, and these events keep happening more frequently. The roving group of waste-of-life “men” wouldn’t be laughing if that woman was standing there guarding her home with a shotgun or semi-automatic.

  4. What happened Qbamas comment “We will leave no one behind”.

    They seem to be getting the libya treatment. it’s gotten out of control. So lets pretend it isn’t there.

    We can come back and blame some else.

    After a through investagtion of course

  5. I in no way want to make light of peoples plight. It is sad to see them pleading for government or someone to save them. No one wants this to happen. However I have to wonder how many times we have to see scenes like this before enough people learn to make some preparations for themselves?

  6. I agree with Lily. I we use this as a learning point. Many people should realize that FEAM is a Charlie Foxtrot anyways.

  7. Got a bow and arrow in my closet, battle axe too an a dog that will kill anything that moves. We’re good if the earthquake hits Cali. I agree the person an our government needs to rewrite their policy for when something does happen. I think centralized shipping cantainers with medical supplies temp shelters and solar power would be a good place to start. Not mention medical supplies..

    • 400 industrial sized FEMA generators sitting idle in NY/NJ while hospitals evacuate and close for lack of back-up power. Having supplies is only one part, the WILL to distribute and use them is quite another.

      • We already have this in place in strategic stockpiles around the country. NC pioneered the SMAT Team (state medical assistance team) concept right after the kat/rit debacle. It is called the national stockpile. It consists of all levels of support from a 100 bed mobile trauma center to pandemic services. They have WAREHOUSES and semi trucks full of supplies just for disasters such as this. Our NC SMAT Team was put on immediate deployment alert 6 days prior to sandy reaching landfall in nj/ny. After reporys started coming in of people dying of exposure our teams were stood down and not deployed. Beats the crap out of me why not. They can go to haiti but not new york and jersey. Its pure and simple politics folks. There are atleast 5 such warehouses and teams here in nc alone. Each team has their own warehouse, semi truck command unit, support/supply pods with associated support vehicles. They carry their own simplex,duplex and satellite communications capable of stand alone comms from anywhere in the world. It also can set up an small emergency phone bankwill if needed.

    • “I think centralized shipping containers with medical supplies temp shelters and solar power would be a good place to start.”
      Don’t forget we in the center of the country get tornados. The containers prepositioned is a good idea but just imagine what would have happened if all those supplies were in Joplin when the F5 hit. Predestinated regional relief areas may be a better way to go.

  8. That is assuming they make plan

    being folded into homeland security who knows how they spend there free time.

    Maybe they should hang out with some preppers for awhile.Cause any preppers kid would have planned better fir this feasco

  9. If you think this is bad, wait till 100-150% inflation hits with no problem with weather. when people get hungry in citys they are going to come into the country and steal what they can to live. I hope everyone is ready for this to happen as Obama has allowed the money supply to be increased by 300-400%. our dollars are just not worth much anymore. Remember .25 cent gas in the early seventys. now it went from 3.89 down to 3.15 and we think 3.15 is cheap. Its going to happen folks, I just hope your prepared.

  10. I think they are spending tons of money on the fema camps and preparing for civil unrest… Emergency isnt something they do anymore I guess.

    • It appears evident to me that Bloomberg, the Government, and FEMA are causing the “civil unrest”. And I can’t help but think that it’s intentional!

  11. Katrina and now Sandy seem to tell a different story. By the time the masses figure out there is a real problem theydon’t have resources to the suberbs much less the country. In both aftermaths the bulk of the citizenswere so ill prepared they didn’t have supplies to just walk out afterwards.
    Sentanced by lack of planning to hve the weak and homless preying on the weak and homeless.
    Most folks were so deep in that mess theywould need 3days provisions to walk out. Being that alot only had 1 they were screwed before the first wave hit.

  12. there you go take away your guns and your at the mercy of the government, believe in the 2nd amendment protect yourself cause no one else will, looters , rapists are everywhere and by the time the cops come your history — just my thoughts

  13. No offense but Wisconsin Is a completely diferent fish.

    You can flee in many directions. You’re not backed up to the sea Like sand and katrina victums

    You also have a beautiful area metropolitan cities are’nt stacked like cord wood.

    major interstate hwy run past your state. so releif has multiple ways in. Interstates dead end at sandy and katrine ravaged homes. Much hard

    Just the sheer numbers of folks effected is much different i suspect. (just guessing on the last part, the numbers might be close but i don’t think so)

  14. A lot of these folks were still trying to recover from previous catastrophes and got their lives turned upside down again. We can’t fault hard working people because they may happen to be less fortunate than us. We can fault lazy people for that.

  15. Seems to me everyone was down on Romney for suggesting we get rid of FEMA. They are next to useless! a year and a half ago my town was hit with an F4 tornado. They may have helped some but were as much an impediment as a help. Same for the wildfires in Texas(family there). If they are going to exist as anything but jack-booted thugs they needs trucks loaded with water, food and generators ready to move, not clipboards!

  16. I have a question since I am basically new to prepping. If for instance the power is out everywhere. Or if the power is only out in some places but no television. How long do wait to see if it is permenant collapse of the government. Sorry I know what I am thinking but trying to figure out how to ask it. Should you wait a day or two before leaving?

    • That’s not a question that has only one answer. It depends upon the circumstances. In one scenario, it may be best for you to remain in your home to better protect your family and property. Hopefully, you’ve prepared yourself. If everything points to the need for you to flee, have backpacks with a three day supply of food and essential items (including a battery powered radio). The tough question to answer in a large metropolitan area, is where to run to; and, where is the safest place to go? The key to making the right choices, rests in PREPARING NOW! Because what you’re witnessing in NY/NJ, is a taste of things to come.

      • I live about 30 miles from the city of Dallas. I still feel like that is too close in case of a shtf situation. We can’t afford to have a property further away, but are planning to move in a year or two, about 3 hours from here. my fear is that will be too late. In the mean time I’m getting food/water/medical prepps…right now only have approximately a month, but it’s a start. no bug out bag…got to make that a priority. right now i’m bugging in if something happens. but working on a location for the future.

        • Keith and Mrs. T,
          Thanks for the imput. I don’t live in a large city but I live close to a major highway. So I was worried about the timing to leave. I don’t want the masses on the highway thinking my home is up for grabs. I know a place I can leave to. I just want to be ahead of the mass for my family’s protection. I just worry about the dang highway.

          • I’ll have to keep the highway location in mind when we are searching for a property in the future..never thought about that, thanks for bringing that up.

  17. Have any of you actually seen these camps firsthand?

    I posted up FEMA’s response to this 2 days ago and it seems to have been DELETED.

    Just playing Devil’s Advocate, 3 sides to every story. Yours, theirs and the TRUTH.

    Personally, they are useless. We were told, you’re on your own several times and YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR SURVIAL KIT with Tsunami Evac’s.

  18. I live on the west coast and we know better realizing a major earthquake could happen at any time. The feds are good at two things blowing it when it counts or trying to hide it from the public, prepare like there is no tomorrow nuff said.

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