Parts of New York City Descending into Absolute Chaos

Fema LogoFEMA, the federal agency who’s responsible for responding to natural disasters and emergencies, apparently can’t figure out how to respond to anything. Over a week after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, the agency is still having trouble providing basic emergency supplies and shelter to the affected area.

And now to add insult to injury, FEMA has actually had to shut down emergency relief shelters due to a snow storm that just hit the area.

Is this really what America voted for? We spend billions of dollars a year on this agency and they can’t even handle the one thing their supposed to be able to do; respond to an emergency situation.

Emergency Shelters that are open, are Death Traps

According to the Asbury Park Press, those that have managed to find open shelters are living in conditions that are worse than what they left. Many of them have been shuttled to FEMA shelters that are nothing more than large tents that have no electricity, no running water, no heat, and barely enough supplies for those living in the shelters.

The Media is not being allowed inside any of these fenced complexes, but some evacuees are starting to speak out. One resident of FEMA’s tent city, told the Asbury Park Press.

The elections are over and here we are. There were Blackhawk helicopters flying over all day and night. They have heavy equipment moving past the tents all night”…” Everybody is angry over here. It’s like being prison”

When residents of FEMA’s tent city tried to call out and inform the media, officials tried to stop them from taking pictures, turned off the WiFi and stopped allowing people to charge their smart phones.

One Evacuee told the Press:

“After everyone started complaining and they found out we were contacting the press, they brought people in. Every time we plugged in an iPhone or something, the cops would come and unplug them.”

Sickness Breaking Out in Shelter Camps

In Brooklyn, three shelters had to be closed down and sanitized after a stomach virus broke out and sickened a large number of the evacuees.

Prisons to Be Used as Emergency Shelters

With over 40,000 New Yorkers still in desperate need of shelter, The New York Post is reporting that City officials may use an empty prison on Staten Island to feed and house as many as 900 victims.

Gas Rationing Hits New York City

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg announced that because of major disruptions in the gas supply, the city will now have to ration gas for at least the next two weeks. The city has failed to reopen over 75% of its gas stations, and those that are open are struggling to meet the high demand.

People Standing in Line for Gas

Criminals Take Over

The mainstream media may have forgotten about New York and the government may not want to talk about its failures, but the fact is large areas of New York City (mainly the poor areas) have descended into absolute chaos.

looters will be shot sign

Almost a week after Sandy pummeled the East Coast, some areas of New York and New Jersey have been taken over by criminals. The scenes look like something right out of a post apocalyptic Hollywood movie, as residents wielding bows and arrows, bats and anything else they can get their hands on try to protect their homes against looters.

I honestly wish I didn’t have to write another story about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; but this country can’t afford to ignore the lessons of another disaster and how our government once again failed to do their job. People need to wake up to the fact that we can’t rely on our government to help during an emergency situation.

Americans need to start taking Preparedness seriously and they need to realize that they can’t outsource their safety to some government agency

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  1. It does not help to have “supplies” stored if your house is knocked off its foundations or even beaten to kindling wood. I favor prepping, but just to remind people that prepping will be useless if a natural disaster virtually destroys your home, or if you are forced to evacuate. I was forced to evacuate twice from New Mex forest fires which were the biggest on record. FEMA did not help me. FEMA provided toxic trailers, but I knew I could not live in one. You can’t take your water bottles on an airplane if you have to escape smoke, and smoke is longer lasting than fire–months or years.

  2. Sorry to know that people are suffering in NY. Expecting the Federal Government to manage anything quickly and orderly is like mailing a box Dec 22 and expecting it delivered on the 24. Fantasy land. For prepping – basic concept is “the camping” method. Start with the idea of a backpack and your dropped off Fri and will see you Monday morn. Need -water, food, shelter, fire (warmth-heat), protection (firearm-knife-Secure location)- hygiene (TP-first aid kit), communication so on… Provided you have a home,basement,trailer,tarp – you can place a weeks worth of mats in a $5 walmart tote. Between power grids, storms, earthquakes, and all the eventualities that possibly await in life – to not have anything is just foolish. Something tells me – I have better gear in my car in-case a snowstorm strands me on the highway then most of these folks had in their residences. You don’t need $700 generators or 2K in supplies, however
    1. call it 10 gallons of water – $10 max
    2. Food – oatmeal, ramen, soup, beef stew,
    candy, beans – $50
    3. grill grate, charcoal, colemen stove, bic lighters, fuel (gallon), – $100
    4.preferably your home or basement, at least a tarp or 2 and cordage – $25
    5. clothing, blankets, – all ready got it.
    6. Defense – Remington 870 12 gauge, good blade – $400
    Realization that their is a way to survive without or being “Survivor Vanuatu” – common sense.
    Last and most importantly – Not being alone, Bible and the Lord’s blessing that the building doesn’t collapse on your head – Priceless!!
    Think – the weathers gonna get stranger, and the good ole days are just a memory. No matter where you live – have what you need for at least a cpl weeks. Remember “the average poor American is still possessing more then 95% of the people on the planet. Big Brother most likely wont be their when SHTF!

  3. The Red Cross is a money making organization. If you want to donate for disaster relief, you MUST
    write on the check exactly what you want the money used for what place, or it’s like a friend tells me,
    “you just bought the office another computer.” Tell
    the Media that they must advise those who donate about this, because they don’t even mention it.
    Best bet: The Salvation Army. First to arrive, last to leave. And they don’t charge the victim for anything, unlike what Red Cross has been doing.

  4. IF you want to rely on FEMA to move you into a camp, then don’t prepare for anything. Katrina should have been the event that woke up people to the idea of prepping We have a saying in our group “save yourselves cause no one else will” and a great idea for a T -Shirt looters wanted…need the target practice..

  5. We have two political parties in the USA, the corrupt and the stupid ! Neither one is going to help you. If you intend to survive the next few years YOU must learn how to do it yourself. It’s going to get real ugly, real fast and you’d better be ready !

  6. My fiancé is an nypd cop in East NY, Brooklyn, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in NYC. We live in Staten Island about a mile and a half from the flooding in South Beach. He was put on twelve hour tours immediately after the hurricane and only resumed normal 8.5 hour tours as of four days ago. I can tell you that most of his work was guarding the gas stations. Multiple fights broke out after people waited twelve, fifteen hours for gas. Most of those fights never made the news. He told me about a week ago that he thought civil unrest would come if gas shortages continued much longer. I can also tell you from personal experience that the government flood zones are not a reliable indicator anymore, in my opinion because of the rising water levels around new York harbor. Many streets above hylan boulevard on staten island’s east shore that were far from the water front , got flooded. Jefferson avenue amongst others still has no electricity after two weeks after the hurricane. Last but not least I can uniquely comment on the red cross efforts at miller field in new Dorp beach, one of the worst hit communities in staten island. Most roads were impassable to cars in the first three days after the hurricane, but I’m a runner and I ran to miller field the day after the storm. It was not until Thursday that the red cross bothered to show up. The red cross effort was rag tag, no MREs or tents at first. If you lost your home you were on your home for the first three days. It was shocking. It takes just fifteen minutes to get to this part of staten island from NJ outerbridge. It should not have taken three days for red cross to get there. People have had to resort to being housed in schools with over flowing toilets and the stench of people is so bad (no shower facilities) that people wear masks. The government still hasn’t come up with a plan to house people displaced. This whole mess has made me realize a bow and arrow is nice but a warm sleeping bag and good supply of MREs and tank of gas is what are needed immediately after a disaster ; people are in shock the first few days then the druggies start looting and desperate people start fighting. The lines for gas were frightening to see miles of cars switched off on a frigid day waiting for hours for the chance a station would open. Lesson learned: the government will not save your ass when chaos reigns, at least not for a few weeks.

  7. Already lived thru one disaster…ICE STORM..Jan 1998 in Canada…remember??…NO POWER,NO HEAT, NO RUNNING WATER …..NO HELP for 3-6 weeks…..Anyone who has survived a disaster realizes that one should always be prepared & depend on one’s own self sufficiency.People!!wise up!!Your gov’t is about as reliable in an emergency/catastrophe as dust in the wind…. Life is about survival of the fittest NOT following the pack

  8. too bad none of those union electricians can wire a generator to run a gas station. BTW this is what they voted for soooo….. let them eat cake!!!!!
    cradle to grave government care….they cant even balance their own checkbook.

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