NYPD Releases Gas into New York Subway System in Chemical Attack Drill

The NYPD has begun releasing what they say is a set of harmless gases into the subway system to study how chemical weapons could be dispersed through the air. The test, which has some subway riders concerned, started this morning during peak rush hour times.

According to New York’s NBC4, Police, working with Long Island’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, were spotted placing air-sampling devices in specific areas on the street and within the subway system across the five boroughs.

While researchers insist that the chemical release will not harm New Yorkers, the tracer gases being released, called perfluorocarbons, are known to have health effects on humans. According to the Swedish Environmental protection agency, Excessive exposure to perfluorocarbons can cause effects on the brain and heart.

The gases are supposed to mimic how a chemical or biological weapon would react if released. If you remember, last year The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) conducted a series of biological tests where they actually released bacteria into the Boston Subway system to evaluate sensors installed in the tunnel systems.

At the time, DHS said that the bacteria would have no adverse effects on the public, but as we reported last year, there were a number of adverse health risks associated with the bacteria that was released.

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  1. Hm. Well, if you look at it this way, that’s all well and good that the gas is “harmless.” However, not everyone reacts the same to certain things. Peanuts for example. Joe Schmoe could live off peanuts, but his buddy could be deathly allergic. I understand that they want to see how the gases move in a populated area, but wouldn’t it be more feasable to perform the tests in a controlled environment as opposed to letting something that is “harmless” turn into a potentially fatal thing? Now I’m not saying that the gases are going to turn everyone into flesh-craving lunatics from beyond the subway, but there could be some extreme adverse reactions.

    I just don’t get why these people get paid a ridiculous amount of money to muck everything up and have tunnel-vision about how they do it.

  2. NYC Subways are never the way to go when traveling in the city. they are death traps, If your traveling in NYC take a bus… it may take a little longer but it is by far the safest form of public transport in NY.

    • Subway is an excellent way to travel.It is a trade off, a one in a million chance of something bad happening verses an efficent form of everyday travel.

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