Obama Admin Says Screw the 4th Amendment: FBI Doesn’t Need Search Warrants to Spy on Your Phone

In yet another attempt to shred your constitutional rights, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is ignoring the law and going forward with plans to setup cellphone tower simulators that can intercept phone calls and texts. The simulators, nicknamed “Stingrays”, are being setup in public places throughout the United States.

Big Brother is Watching You Obama

Since cell phones are programmed to automatically connect to the strongest cell tower sign, these simulators force your phones to connect and send its unique registration information directly to the Stingray device – allowing the feds to listen in on your calls, and intercept your private text messages.

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson, two senators, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), are demanding the Obama administration answer questions about the spying program.

The letter reads in part,

Dear Attorney General Holder and Secretary Johnson:

In recent months, media reports have detailed the use of cell-site simulators (often referred to as “IMSI Catchers” or “Stingrays”) by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.  Most recently a November 14, 2014, Wall Street Journal article (“Americans’ Cellphones Targeted in Secret U.S. Spy Program”) reported that the United States Marshals Service regularly deploys airborne cell-site simulators (referred to as “DRT boxes” or “dirtboxes”) from five metropolitan-area airports across the United States.  Like the more common Stingray devices, these “dirtboxes” mimic standard cell towers, forcing affected cell phones to reveal their approximate location and registration information.  The Wall Street Journal article reports that “dirtboxes” are capable of gathering data from tens of thousands of cellphones in a single flight.

DHS Funding Grid that can Track Everyone Anywhere in the Country.

Last year we reported on a Department of Homeland Security plan to setup wireless tracking grid networks throughout the United States. The system, which made its debut last year in Seattle, Washington, is able to track your movements through the electronic devices you carry.

Wireless Mesh Networks

With funding from DHS, these wireless mesh-networks are being tied into existing smart grids, traffic cams, and wireless video surveillance systems; giving the government not only the ability to track your every move, but also giving them real-time, broadcast-quality video surveillance at 30 frames per second.

Obama Administration Re-Authorizes NSA Phone Spying Program

After pretending to be outraged last year by the National Security Agency’s bulk phone surveillance program, a program the he has authorized multiple times, President Obama again re-authorized the program which allows the NSA to “collect, store and search metadata from Americans’ landline telephone records including numbers, call times, durations and more.”

Between these wireless mesh-networks, the DHS Fusion centers which are now scattered throughout the country, and the stingrays systems that are popping up everywhere, this government’s obsessive need to monitor everything we do has reached levels that are far beyond anything we’ve ever seen

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      • Really. I’ve had the feeling for a long time now that they are all a–holes. That they all should have been used cars salesmen because of the line of bull they feed the voters every election time. The other question I have is ” which a–hole do you vote for ?” One is as bad as the other.

    • you could demand your local municipality pass laws outlawing the use of these within their municipality, if they refuse, you know who NOT to vote for.

    • Easy, don’t carry a cell phone or other electronic device. You got along fine without them 10-15 years ago, why can’t you get along without them now? The telecom industry has convinced you you can’t live without them. Doesn’t buying into that crap make one a sheeple?

      • I am a small business owner. Clients need to be able to reach me no matter where I am during the day. What would you suggest I use instead of a cell phone or other electronic device?

  1. i just have to say for all those that think this country was ever built on for the people by the people need to step back and look clearer at things… cuz this was all words to appease the citizens.

    the fact is the government has always watched its citizens it is only when the throw it out in the lime light that it makes you think they are just starting.

    the fact is it doesn’t matter who you vote for, what party they are, or who you make as a president. The fact is the president is just a figure head it is congress that runs it all. when they need to look good in some way the president looks good, when they need to get the attention off of them the president looks bad. have you ever stopped during the times when the president is looking bad (no matter who the prez is) what congress is up to? the answer is prob not and that is what they want lol…

    the fact is our country will never be for the people by the people until the “people” stand up and fight more to make it that way and that will only be possible when we do not have the style of government in place. The Native American’s in my opinion were smarter then any of our founders why? because they learned how to make peace, respect one another, and their word actually meant something.

    just my opinions lol.

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