Obama announces more Unconstitutional Executive Action on Guns

President Obama is yet again lawlessly sidestepping the constitution by passing another executive order that fly right in the face of prior congressional votes.

This morning President Obama announced a wide range of executive orders that he will use to go after guns. Despite being broadly rejected by Congress, Obama is ignoring not only the will of the people, but the constitution itself. In fact, during his press conference this morning President Obama admitted that the actions he is taking were voted down by congress, but says he will go forward with them anyways.

President Obama

Here are the specifics and what it means for gun owners:

These Actions attempt to end Private Sales by making gun owners obtain a Federal Firearms License to sell their used firearms.

Private sellers – possibly even those just conducting a single sale between family members – will be required to obtain a federal firearms license; something that will almost single handedly shutting down the private sales marketplace overnight. The exact language is pretty vague, but the President has given the ATF discretion to decide who they think is or isn’t conducting firearms related business; it seems the intention is to make it impossible for people to sell their used firearms without a license, or risk ending up in prison.

White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett said that selling as few as “two firearms” could require somebody to obtain a federal firearms license. However, later in the call, Attorney General Lynch revised that number down further. “It can be as few as one or two depending upon the circumstances under which the person sells the gun,” Lynch said.

Since the process of obtaining a license can take months, and be rather costly, this action alone could shut down private firearm sales all together.

Gun Ban for some Social Security Recipients

One of the more sinister, not to mention blatantly unconstitutional, parts of this executive order is that millions of social security recipients could soon be told they are no longer legally allowed to own a firearm. On a conference call with reporters, Valerie Jarrett announced that the president will require the Social Security Administration to begin making rules for prohibiting certain Social Security recipients from legally obtaining guns, something that could ban millions of Americans from legally owning a firearm.

Obamacare in Action: Doctors will now report your mental health problems to the FBI

Ever have depression? What about issues with anxiety? Well under Obama’s new executive order you could be reported to the FBI, causing you to lose your 2nd amendment right to own a firearm.

Without congressional approval, or any piece of legislation making this legal, the Obama administration has finalized rules that will allow doctors to report the names of patients who they think have mental health issues directly to the FBI. I guess we now know why it was so important for them to push Obamacare through without reading it; we now have government sponsored network dressed in white coats.

Obama, who apparently has never actually read the constitution, insists his actions are within his legal authority and supported by “the overwhelming majority of the American people, including gun owners.

Gun laws already on the books, but Obama Admin refuses to Prosecute Gun Crimes

If this is about ending gun violence and stopping crime, why has Obama pretty much stopped prosecuting gun crimes?

While Obama would like you to believe these executive orders are about protecting American citizens from violence, the truth is these polices have nothing to do with going after criminals or cutting down on mass shootings. Not a single thing in these executive orders will go after actual criminals, gang members, or the people who are actually committing crimes with guns.

If this is really about protecting us from criminals, why not enforce the laws that are already on the books?

Since taking office, President Obama has refused to go after people who have lied on their firearm background checks. In fact, his administration has even has stopped prosecuting so-called strawman purchases, where someone illegally buys a gun for someone who is prohibited from owning one under current law.

Since he took office, gun crime prosecutions have hit a decade low, down almost 50 percent from their peak under President George W. Bush in 2004. The last time federal gun crime prosecutions were this low was under another Democrat President who claimed he was against criminals having guns, President Bill Clinton.

Obama gun prosecutions

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  1. Fortunately for all of us, executive orders are not laws and we don’t have to obey them, which means you can tell Obama to take his executive orders and stick them up his executive backside.

    • The problem with that is most of the country, even the idiots in our courts, think they are. And many people have been caught up by these executive orders and will end up in prison as a result of the,

      Hell 90% of what this guy does is unconstitutional but he gets away with it.

    • I was out pheasant hunting with my doctor and asked if they were going to report individuals based on Barry’s new Fatwa? Replied, “No, We don’t have time for ACA let alone this latest round of bullshit.”

  2. two words mr dictator sir. “MAKE ME!”

    you don’t have the ability nor the finances available to stop private sales across America.and your EO’s where never meant to be used to create law against the citizens.

  3. I am a little confused here….. I have a gun “any gun” worth lets say 500 dollars and I sell to you for 200 dollars cash money WHO beside you, me and god will ever know about it…. That boat won’t float….sorry ….ain’t my monkey….

    • besides this photo at the top of the page ….with well you know who ….having his finger pointed in the shape of a gun ….DO THEY NOT EXPEL kids now days for this action in school….can we not expel him for this unapropriate action ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. This Israeli Dictatorship is getting bolder. They know that increasing numbers of Americans are becoming aware of the foreign control over our Government. Obombanation may wear an inscription inside his gold ring with a Muslim inscription, but he takes his marching orders from the “children of satan”, the $ changers, ZioGlobal
    Merchants from Israehell.

    We can scream and yell and stomp our feet, but nothing will change until we cut off the source of the Isreahell’s power, money created by the bank they own which they cleverly and fraudulently named THE FEDERAL RESERVE.


  6. Impeachment for this lawless traitor should be immediate, if Congress has the backbone to get it done. Then tried and convicted and allowing our borders to be breached by the trash that wants us dead.

  7. so your all stupid then? the only thing this changes is that gun shops have to be federally registered meaning they have to do background checks. in many states criminals legally buy guns from unregistered places…the point is to TRY and stop that. dont be so simple.

    • wrong buck, he is trying to stop ALL firearms sale transfers between PRIVATE individuals, and even restrict the NFA trust so the government can confiscate NFA items upon your death, rather then next of kin receive it.

      he is thinking his EO with have enough enforcement behind it to make the law abiding abide to his NEED an FFL to transfer EO.

      the funny thing is the way he is wording it you need to apply with the ATF for a FFL to sell your private collection. you can’t go through an ffl 3rd party.

    • Buck, gun shops are all ready “licensed”. Next time please know what you are talking about before commenting, this is how this government is allowed to get away with this stuff because there are so many people ignorant of the actual gun laws that are already on the books. There is not a gun shop in the county who sells firearms without a license and without performing a background check on the buyer (unless the buyer has a ccw and has already gone though the background check process).

      • Off Grid Survival, you are correct. Our gun dealers are federally licensed and do a background check on the phone through the FBI. At the gun store I show my driver’s license and fill out the application to buy a gun. The dealer calls the FBI, gives them my information (my name, place of birth, birth date, home address, social security number, the dealer’s ID number, weather it is a long gun or hand gun, and I forget what else), and secures a clearance from the FBI to sell me the firearm, all while I wait. The phone call to FBI might take 10 minutes. I pay the dealer and walk out of the store with my new firearm.

  8. So if you are a senior or on social security, the SSI dept will decide if you should own a gun? The very people that are preyed upon, because you can be in a wheelchair, young bodied and smart but be on SSI and can’t defend yourself? I’d like to know the criteria they will select for this. And this transferring of medical diagnosis to the FBI or to anyone but another physician caring for you goes against HIPPA(except in public health where the health dept knows if you get salmonella based on a positive blood sample/stool sample). I understand if you are a danger to yourself or others the doctor by law must notify the police. But a diagnosis alone means nothing, it’s the actions that mean everything. I just wonder sometimes if movies like the Hunger Games isn’t a clue to us that this is where we are headed. The gov’t has all the power, food and control and the people have nothing and must abide. When you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have them.

  9. Our future Dictator is trying to take our guns away. If we only weapons we have are Pitchforks and Torches, when he declares Martial Law, he will be able to do what ever he wants without any chance of retribution.

    The goal of Obama and his Puppet masters is to establish a World Government. We may be put under Martial Law before president Obama leaves office. All is needed, is for a concocted emergency to be declared and the Constitution will be thrown out, never to be seen or heard of again.

    Just a note of warning to all. Be careful what you say in these forums. It can come back to bite you in the rear-end if we are put under Martial Law.

    The Groover

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