Obama wants Australian Style Gun Ban: Wants to limit amount of Ammo you can have at home

During a live discussion on Tuesday, President Obama praised an Australian style gun ban and hinted that he wants to see limits on how much ammo a person can have at home.

On Tuesday, President Obama slammed American gun owners and the NRA accusing them all of being responsible for the so-called increase in mass shootings – even though actual gun violence is at an all-time low. Obama said, “My biggest frustration so far is the fact that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage. We’re the only developed country on earth where this happens. And it happens now once a week. And it’s a one-day story. There’s no place else like this.”

He went on the trash America, claiming we should be more like Australia where they’ve completely banned long guns. He then pushed the lie that gun owners don’t have to go through background checks in this country to buy a firearm, claiming that people can just “walk up to a store and buy a semiautomatic weapon” without having to go through a background check.

But that claim is actually a complete lie.

Since 1998 firearm dealers around the country have been required to use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), to verify that a person seeking to buy a firearm is not prohibited from doing so. There isn’t a federally licensed gun store in this country where you can buy a firearm without having gone through a background check. The President’s claim that you can just “walk up to the store” and buy a bunch of guns without having gone through a background check is a Complete Lie!

Is a ban on large ammo purchases coming?

After lying about gun owners not having to go through background checks, the President then upped the ante and claimed that the reason these mass shootings are happening is because gun owners are allowed to “stack up a bunch of ammunition in their houses.” Not surprisingly, he failed to mention the fact that he invites known drug dealers and murders into the White House on a regular basis – completely absolving himself from being part of the problem.

Earlier in the day, the White House told reporters that the President is looking for ways to “unilaterally,” – a fancy way of saying unconstitutionally acting without congress – act on gun control. After the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut President Obama signed 23 executive actions to restrict guns in this country and has taken similar actions after other recent mass shootings.

President Obama’s claims that gun violence in this country is “off the chart” simply isn’t true. Yes, there have been a number of high profile shootings lately, but they are in large part hyped by the media – in my opinion, spawning even more copycats who are in it for the fame and notoriety. In fact, based on the government’s own statistics, gun violence is actually down by 70% since 1990.

But thanks to media hype, and a never ending barrage of propaganda from this government, 56 percent of Americans when polled said they actually believe gun crimes are at an all-time high. Only 12 percent thought they were lower, even though every statistic available shows they are actually at an all-time low.

On the flip side of the coin, something the media likes to conveniently ignore, gun crimes are at record highs in certain areas of the country like Chicago. Ironically, Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and makes it virtually impossible for law abiding citizens to even purchase a firearm, yet the city averages 7.3 people being shot every day.

So maybe we should take the President’s advice and do a little “soul searching.” Unfortunately for the people who like to blame guns for the country’s problems, the root cause of violence in this country has nothing to do with guns. What these people fail to grasp is the fact that banning guns does nothing to stop evil.


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  1. i was watching the news when i saw the, i’ll be nice and not say what i think of him, i got so mad.
    and now that we gat ride of Cantor the rino, they left will be going nuts coming up with more lies than ever, trying to save thier jobs.
    EVERY person that reads theese type of sights and are patriots must get out and vote new republicans hopefully tea party members in offices of all types around the country.

    • You are so redneck that its painful. I live in Australia where the laws Obama has been talking about have been in place for years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. With a correct license people can still own firearms for hunting and sport. But there is no way you can justify me that people need an automatic for hunting or a shotgun to keep beside the door.

      • That’s why you live in Australia a former penal colony, and I live in America founded by free men. I used to dream of visiting your country because I admired the free thinking people there. Well that’s one I can mark off of the bucket list.

        • Hate to break the news to you but America was also a penal colony. Know your history, the British would not just send colonist, but also dumped their undesirable here. Now admittedly we did not have as high a concentration as Australia, but we were used for criminals.

      • Because you live in a city and buy your food from a grocery store. I live in a rural area where bears commonly break into houses. Pepper spray doesnt always work fool. And sometimes its nice to have a semi auto for hunting for quick follow up shots…especially if something is charging you. Get out sometime away from your computer.

      • The primary purpose for our automatic weapons is to keep a tyrannical government in check. This was the entire purpose for the creation of the second amendment. Many times throughout history have people with automatic weapons made military occupation unbearable for an opposing force. Soviet afghan invasion, Vietnam , Iraq, US afghan invasion, Northern Ireland, and so on……… Shootings are at an all time low historically in the US friend. The truth…… The absolute truth is that the elite want us disarmed. Slaves are disarmed, not free men…


      • I live in Orlando Florida… you need a shotgun behind your door an a pistol under your pillow. Everyday armed home invasions..woman getting raped..car jackings… groups of you thugs beating innocent people to near death or death… an its not just here its in every city across this country. The northern cities like New York..Chicago etc where law abiding citizens can’t have guns have it even worse. Soo maybe you live in crime free paradise…. we don’t. An you can’t buy a fully automatic weapon unless you have a class lll license… not easy to obtain.

      • To faith:
        You are sadly an ignorant fool. The founding fathers here did not want the citizens to be able to have the equivalent firearms in those days the militia and military had because they could go hunting with them… dummy.

        They wisely did that so we the people could have and maintain comparable fire power to keep the government from rising up and enslaving us just as had been done so many times before.

        Sadly the weapons we citizens own can hardly be said to be equal to the ones the police and military have no a days. Yet out govt gives ship loads of those weapons we can not have to other nations to kill their leaders over there….go figure? No one gets my weapons and I would rather die than turn them in. I have never hurt any person and never intend to unless my life or freedom is threatened. You are one dumb ass ,,,did you know that?

      • You’re a Greens supporter, aren’t you? Bit out of your field here, lol. I may live in the same country, but you’re deluded thinking shows how far from the land you are. As farmer, I have seen the damage feral animals and some deranged people have inflicted on others. While I support SAFE gun ownership, that doesn’t mean I think semi/ automatics are the issue- it’s a case of WHO and ACCESS. And while I’m not completely sold on the idea of a massive disaster/ apocalyptic scenario, I, like many others on here it seems, aren’t prepared to put our lives on the line for your idealistic views.. I wager you believed little Johnny in his flak jacket- the Port Arthur Massacre was not instigated by Martin Bryant- that noob couldn’t put two sentences together let alone carry out multiple attacks with only kill shots. Lets not forget the major discrepancy- forensic reports stated that not all of the ammo matched/ a lot of it didn’t even match his rifles. I don’t deny he was there and carried out some of the kills- after all, the government needed a scapegoat, didn’t they? But it was all too slick and easy for the ensuing uber tightened control laws that got passed oh so quickly, no? The day before the massacre, Bryant was back at the gun shop, because HE FORGOT HOW TO LOAD THE AUTO RIFLE. And further more, a bolt action rifle is good for hunting, I agree, but what seems to concern people on this site, is the scenario where your countrymen turn on each other and whatever YOU have, may be what OTHERS need or want. So as the love n light hippy you are, I suppose you will just throw some of your tofu at them and run away, right? Because if you’re up my way in the Victorian High Country, forget about asking me for assistance when you’re running for your life. But if the zombies do catch up to you and I’m there, I may be disposed to giving you a mercy shot with my .22. Hope I’m close enough, though, the range for a kill shot isn’t as long as my dad’s old sniper rifle. Consider it a friendly gesture, lol. Btw, you are still allowed shotguns in your home gunsafe in Australia. And if you own auto’s (military, armoured security and personal bodyguards only) or handguns (military, armoured security and personal bodyguards and civvies by application only), they have to be registered and kept in lockdown at your local gun club and you must go to the range and practice with your firearms as per instruction (minimum bi-annually, by appointment, with registered instructors beside you who are responsible for signing your sidearm or rifle in and out, and who count the bullets you use), or they are confiscated and sent to the smelter (allegedly). Anyway, as I said, enjoy your inner city life. Keep in mind the saying ‘We’ll keep our cowshit in the country and you can keep your bullshit in the city’. Because when you come trolling on to here and oppose what the majority think, it’s really YOU, who is the redneck noob, idjit. :) :)

      • Well you are horribly miss informed, you can not purchase automatic weapons in this country without a lot of hassle and money, but also no hunter worth his alt would hunt with one. And lastly we may be rednecks in this country, but at least I have manners.

    • This country is heading to the wrong direction because of ignorants like you who listen to Rush, mark Levine and the like and don’t think for themselves.

  2. Lies or not…guess how many shootings we’ve had in Australia?

    Restrictions only limited to proper use here, hunters can buy weapons and property owners too.

    Point is, banning the general public from guns has stopped evil.

    • You’re a true sheeple. See Steve’s comments below for further proof. Australia is in no way comparable to the US. How may people do you have trying to sneak into your country any given day? A dozen, maybe a few dozen while we’re expected to have 90,000 children alone this year. Their not coming to your country. This POS administration refuses to protect our borders and you expect me to hand in my weapons. You and every other liberal socialist POS can kiss my backside. Our rights are given to us by the creator and we will not lay down and give up for anyone.

    • my, my, what will you do when a group of thugs comes to your house where your wife and children are and start doing whatever they want,,,maybe if you throw rocks they will leave.
      in my area we watch out for each other, we all know each has at least one gun, we watch each kid as if they are our own, and ask people we don’t know what’s up.
      cleaner living threw superior fire power.

    • until evil comes knocking at your door.
      where do you think a evil empire would rather be, a place with no guns or a place with a gun behind every door?????

    • You Aussies should take a look at this video. Then you will be more informed. Youtube search “Gun Control in Australia- Watch and Weep”.

    • You never had that many shootings before. Your rates were always lower than us but they are going up now that you did ban guns. And you don’t consider rape, mugging and break-ins evil? Those are all up since your ban. I am also starting to believe a large number of mass murders are planned by someone other than the identified gunman in order to pass laws like you have and once they have passed such laws they start doing things the people would never have put up with before. Should we list all the crap your government has done since the ban?

  3. I’m an Australian, I had to hand my gun in after the port Arthur massacre. We have not had any more massacres, but in my opinion gang crime involving handguns has increased. If you belong to a shooting club though you can still buy rifles and handguns. I’ll have a bit of a whinge here and say that the authorities tell us to rely on the police protecting us, however the police are never there when you need protecting ( might as well just issue them with brooms to sweep up the mess ).

    • i am sure that when you handed in your gun, thug in Australia lined up to do the same.
      this is the problem that we face, the criminals do NOT ABIDE LAWS, so if you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns.


      • Two comments. One, guns don’t kill people unless the trigger is pulled or people kill people not guns. Two, tell the bad guys they have to restrict how much ammo they store and the weapons of choice they use to commit crimes. In the Army, I was in that was called fire superiority. Hunting weapons just don’t do it.

  4. When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson, the purpose of the 2nd amendment is so America can remain free and not become a slave to the state, people need to be able to do something so America can remain free

  5. The primary purpose for our automatic weapons is to keep a tyrannical government in check. This was the entire purpose for the creation of the second amendment. Many times throughout history have people with automatic weapons made military occupation unbearable for an opposing force. Soviet afghan invasion, Vietnam , Iraq, US afghan invasion, Northern Ireland, and so on……… Shootings are at an all time low historically in the US friend. The truth…… The absolute truth is that the elite want us disarmed. Slaves are disarmed, not free men…

  6. I’m more concerned with police and government stocking up on military grade weapons and hollow point ammo. Who are they planning to fight? Based on news reports, the average joe is much more likely to be killed or wounded by an overzealous cop with an inflated ego than some lone nut gunman. The nut will be caught and killed, but cops who kill get paid administrative leave and absolution by internal affairs and a pass from the DA.

  7. What these “Aussies” aren’t telling you is that the murder rate is the same as it was before they changed their laws. But the new weapon of choice is the kitchen knife.

    Now, if you want to have a knife that could be used to hurt someone, you have to be a member of a knife collectors group. Plus, have a license to transport the knife to a show.

    In England they are banning carrying knives, since they, too, still have problems with people killing people.

    The problem isn’t the guns, or knives, or – what next, clubs or chairs or whatever people use to kill other people. The problem is that people by our very nature have always settled disputes with violence. Witness the Ukraine situation now, or the new outbreak in Iraq, and new fighting in Afghanistan.

    The rates of violence are pretty consistent no matter what weapons are available. So, as noted above, Obama lies and he knows he is, but he has a built in fear in his heart and mind of what he cannot control, of those who do not follow him.

  8. look at history!! every government who has disarmed the populace has followed up with mass killings of dissidents!! it happened in russia, it has happened in germany. china, the list goes on. and now obama is trying to do it here in america!!! law abiding gun owners are not the problem!!! hyped up bullshit lies about fake gun violence is!! you never hear in the media about how guns have saved people from burglers. and the thwarted robbery attempts because the vamerican people were armed and protected themselves. the truth is that there is no gun problem in america. just like there are no terrorists in america!!! total bullshit!! if the feds cared about terrorism then they would protect our boarders!!! they dont!!! terrorism is an invented justification for taking away the constitutional rights of the people!! open your eyes!!wake up and smell the fuckin coffee!! i dont give a shit what goes on in australia!! this is america!! here we have rights!!!

    • well said my friend.
      the media are for the biggest part controlled by people that think the way of the democrats, the others just stay quite as not to stir the pot,,the two nuts in vegas the other day, how many stations reported that the the guy was shot by a patron in the wal-mart carring with a permit that stopped at least one more death?
      you never hear about all the killings on a daily basis in chicago, n.y., detroit with the strictest gun laws in the nation is the highest gun crime city in the country.
      gun free zone signs are like telling the bad guys do what you want the law addiding people don’t have a gun.
      i could go on and on but it makes me sick the more i think about it.

  9. In 1996 newly elected Prime Minister John Howard of Australia pushed for stricter gun control. That year the Australian Parliament passed the National Firearms Agreement which banned the private ownership of all semiautomatic rifles and semiautomatic and pump action shotguns. The new law also established more restrictions in the licensing of other firearms.

    According to the National Firearms Agreement private citizens were forced to turn over the banned weapons in a government buyback system. Beginning on October 1, 1966 through September 30, 1997, the Australian government spent $500 million in purchasing and destroying more than 631,000 banned guns. Howard and other politicians promised the citizens of Australia that they would be safer now that these horrible weapons had been taken off the streets.
    ***from news article
    The trouble with this insane thought is that, in Australia:
    Armed Robbery up 69%
    Assault with guns up 28%
    Murders up 19%
    Home Invasions up 21%
    Love Australia-love the Australian People. But to think that being unarmed is some sort of magic elixir from criminal behavior is just plain stupid. The police REACT to crime-they are NOT psychics. The police cannot predict a criminal act. The only person protecting you…..is you! No amount of purifying incense, jangling of cymbals, or spooky spells is going to stop a bullet aimed at you. But all criminals understand armed and ready.

    • and just think, the increase in crimw after the govt spent 500 million in tax revenue to give back to the people who gave it to the govt first.
      i did not know that the spelling for obama in australia was howard,,hmmm

    • the only problem with that statement, is the pres says don’t do as i do, do as i say do. One would wonder why the hell the govt needs so many rounds in thier inventory, they sure as hell don’t use any on the border.

    • I will follow all new gun laws as stringently as the government follows the constitution and immigration laws. Enough said

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