Obama Forces States to Stop Quarantining Returning Healthcare Workers

The Obama administration and the CDC have forced New York and New Jersey to halt their quarantine policy, which would have stopped healthcare workers who had direct contact with Ebola patients from possibly infecting U.S. citizens.

Earlier this week, after the Obama administration allowed another Ebola infected doctor to enter the U.S., and then roam the streets of New York, Governors from New York, New Jerseys, and Illinois enacted their own state level quarantine which would have isolated healthcare workers for 21 days upon return from the hot zone. Today, the Obama administration and the CDC choose to yet again ignore the public’s health and safety and demanded the three states immediately stop isolating returning healthcare workers.

Politics over Health and Safety

This morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was forced to release a nurse who was being quarantined outside a New Jersey hospital. The nurse, Kaci Hickox, who worked directly with Ebola patients in West Africa, was quarantined after returning home with a fever.

Hickox, a registered Democrat with a history of left-wing advocacy and ties to the CDC, set off a firestorm of criticism and attacks from left-wing activists who seem to care more about third-world countries than they do for people inside the United States. Almost immediately after the Governors took steps to protect their states, the Obama administration sent out White House officials to undue their efforts.

Obama’s Ebola Czar takes Control.

While Obama’s Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, hasn’t done a thing to help protect the American public, he is doing exactly what he was hired to do; stop all legitimate coverage on Ebola, and win the media PR war.

Instead of coming up with a plan to stop the spread of Ebola, the Obama administration choose to wage a public relations war against the Governors.

‘We have let the governors of New York, New Jersey, and others states know that we have concerns with the unintended consequences of policies not grounded in science may have on efforts to combat Ebola at its source in West Africa,’ a senior administration official said in a statement.

‘We have also let these states know that we are working on new guidelines for returning healthcare workers that will protect the American people against imported cases, while, at the same time, enabling us to continue to tackle this epidemic in West Africa.’

Remember, prior to this crisis, even the CDC said the only way to effectively stop an outbreak was to isolate patients. In fact, and as we reported a couple weeks back, a number of West African countries have effectively stopped the spread of Ebola by doing just that.

After enacting strict border patrol policies, two West African countries, Sengal and Nigeria, have successfully stopped the spread of Ebola inside their borders. So while the Obama administration continues to play politics, West African countries are having success in stopping the virus using the very same strategies that the CDC and the White House are now telling us don’t work at all.

The only way to prevent the spread of Ebola is to immediately stop all incoming traffic from infected countries.

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  1. The single minded destruction on a base level that Obama is in control of has to stop. It is the absolute disregard for human life that he is showing by not placing these people from the hotzone into isolation , not only for their sake but for the sake of millions is a blatant political “hush” if I’ve ever seen one. To place family’s , friends, neighbours , towns and city’s in harms way is just one of the sure signs that this man (Obama) is only concerned about political relations and the whispering of so called “advisers” to make a political gambit of the human race. This attitude sickens me. If he gets this hideous disease or his family does what will he do then ? Blame it in god ? I’m sorry Obama but the blame will lay on you.

  2. I was born too late to remember small pox, though when I joined the military I was still inoculated for it. The process for stopping Ebola from my understanding of the literature and stories I was told by my grandparents is the same. Quarantine the infected, vaccinate all in the area, that’s how it is supposed to be done. That is how you stop a disease in its tracks. If doctors and nurses have an issue with that then they need to stay home. I don’t understand why they would feel any different. A 21 day quarantine is no longer than your average patrol for the CG and short by a long shot for the Navy. I’d say quarantine them and give them a computer so they can review medical records or something so they can still earn a paycheck.

  3. More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola. I don’t think violating the Constitutionally protected freedoms of an individual outweigh the danger this poses. I am with Obama on this one. The minute we allow for detaining on people “just in case” we go down a path where we can detain others “just in case” for other reasons. He has a guns lets detain him “just in case” He is Muslim lets detain him “just in case.” And make no mistake this is a detainment. I’m not Obama fan but it feels like you are attacking his view just because it’s Obama

    • This has nothing to do with violating the Constitution for a couple of reasons. First, these are doctors who are knowingly took the chance of getting infected by going there. It’s not like they got it here, and then were quarantined. If these doctors care so little for their own country they should not be allowed back into the country. These are stupid liberals who want to make themselves feel better helping poor Africans but could care less about those “stupid Americans.”

      Second, up until a couple of decades ago Quarantine was routine practice for incoming immigrants or those suspected of having a disease. It’s common sense and has nothing to do with taking one’s civil liberties.

      Third, nobody forced these idiot doctors to go to West Africa. If they will not self-quarantine and Obama will not stop travel then I see no other way to protect the country.

      • Nope this is an illegal detainment. As a gun owner I still know guns kill more people than ebola daily, the flu does too, as does MRSA. Should we detain them, lock them in tents until the death from those things go away? Muslims kill people in other country’s. Should we detain all of them even if they are American?

        And immigrants are not Americans, these doctors are. They have broken no laws.

        Nobody forces you to own a gun or catch the flu but those are statistically more deadly. They are not idiots they are trying to save lives in a dangerous situation. Something pretty heroic.

        Maybe there should be a quarantine for those people (gun owners, people who refuse flu vaccines, anyone with HIV) since they kill so much. Rights are being violated here and these people have done nothing wrong but travel and help others. This country needs to stop being so GOD DAMNNED AFRAID and read the Constitution all of the time. Not when it is convenient for your left or right agenda.

        • Oh cry me a river. The poor idiot liberal girl is being so mistreated. Sorry I don’t buy any of this. I guarantee this chick was a plant.

          Why is the fact that she worked for the CDC being scrubbed from the web? Why is the fact that she is a known radical left wing agitator being scrubbed?

          And your arguments about gun owners and people with the flu are stupid. This lady, if she even really went, decided to go on her own. These do-gooder liberals shouldn’t be able to then come back and spread this crap. We do have laws on the book that would prevent them from entering the country.

          • The best way to stop the spread of disease is to isolate individuals who are sick. So why not test them upon arrival in the US? If they were coming from places with an outbreak of plague or TB I’m pretty sure they would quarantine them. If their group care so deeply about humanity why not quarantine themselves one month before returning home? I would not want to be the individual who brought this home and killed my child or other family member. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”

        • From what I have read, there is, not was, a law on the “books, whereby the President of the US has the power to quarantine individuals who pose a threat to the health of the country. As for Gov Christie, he simply enforced a law ALREADY ON THE BOOKS FROM the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. It has nothing to do with rights; it has to do with the survival of this country. If an argument pops up that what happened in 1918 doesn’t apply; the cause of the Pandemic was never found until …2005. By the way, the symptoms of that pandemic were much the same as ebola. It killed between 40 and 100 million people worldwide, never forget that.

    • Chad, this has nothing to do with attacking Obama, it has to do with protecting people. Although I do agree that Ebola doesn’t yet pose a huge threat to the U.S., it does highlight how unprepared our government is to deal with any sort of potential pandemic or threat.

      I’m not a fan of any forced quarantines, but I agree with most of what Joe says.

      These healthcare workers are knowingly taking a risk that none of us signed up for. It’s irresponsible of these doctors to go out in public immediately upon returning from West Africa. They shouldn’t be treated like animals, and I’m not sure forced quarantines are the answer, but they should not be allowed on a plane or back into the country without self-quarantining for at least 21 days. They made the choice to leave.

    • I don’t understand what’s so offensive about telling someone who HAS BEEN AROUND A DEADLY AND CONTAGIOUS VIRUS that they need to sit tight until we’re sure they don’t contract the virus! I’d gladly sit through quarantine if it meant my family wouldn’t get sick, even if the chances of getting sick were tiny.
      You only get one chance to stop the virus from spreading.

    • Firstly, Ebola has NEVER been in America before, so our immune systems aren’t set-up for under developed countries diseases, much like the Aztecs where wiped out by the Spanish.

      secondly, they knowingly went to these countries VOLUNTARILY, with the potential to get infected, being potentially placed under quarantine to verify they have not contracted the virus should have been a known possibility for them. and no it is nowhere near the same as “he’s a gun owner, let’s detain him, he’s a muslim let’s detain him”

      it’s more like “hey that guy fired off rounds inside city limits, let’s detain him.” the shots where already fired, the crime potentially already committed, prior to detainment. whether or not they where blanks is what is in question.

      these people went there, and treated infected, these are the metaphorical shots fired, then they returned, this would be the metaphorical getting caught red handed with the smoking gun, now all we have to do is detain them and figure out if the shots are blanks or where they loaded?

      it is not trampling on rights at all, in fact if you want to get REAL technical they COULD be charged with bio terrorism for bringing an outside virus into the boarders of the U.S. and knowingly and willingly coming into contact with other individuals, this is what is known as intent to do harm. should we now just arrest them on these terrorism charges and then forcibly detain them like the criminals they ACTUALLY are?? would that work better for you?

  4. The CDC put her in the hospital because she was running a fever when she got off the plane – an ebola test was done- ebola tests can come back negative even though you are positive for the first few days. Gov Christie did not cave, he just sent her back to Maine. Gov Christie is fantastic during a crisis, like Sandy and he is keeping all of us safe. What about my rights since I live in NJ? This nurse doesn’t give a shit about my life or anyone else’s in the USA. Why am I expendable so she can have her tv?

    • I’d love to know why these medical professionals, who supposedly know all the ins and outs of Ebola treatment and the risks, don’t self-quarantine and use a little common sense. You’d think health care providers wouldn’t be so whiny and selfish and just DO the right thing!

      • Technically they are required to do the right thing by the hypocratic oath.. doesn’t seem to be stopping them though. Said nurse should be fired and blacklisted from ever getting a medical field job ever again. same with N.Y. doctor.

  5. Do any of you read the things you write in these comment sections? Do you realize by being hateful or ignorant to these complete strangers means this is a group of people that now think your angry, hateful and ignorant. I mean who cares what other people think but still is this how you converse face to face? You all make valid points from either direction, but the hateful and ignorant tone you deliver those points with just makes me wish I was from another country. It’s clear why everyone hates Americans, just read through comments sections about any topic, and it will be filled with hate and ignorance rather than adult conversation or debate. We can’t hate problems away, so we must communicate information neutrally, otherwise we’re screwed and none of what we say will matter at all. I was a fan of Obama but gradually over time I have changed my mind, honestly I think all politicians are greedy scumbags and feel we’d be better off with state governments only. Our power only goes as far as state, the feds do whatever they want. That needs to end before they drive us into the ground any further. Educate don’t hate.

    • In the words of a former Ranger company commander of mine, a good one, “the Lord didn’t put me here to win a popularity contest.” In short, being a Christian, doesn’t mean being stupid.

  6. If you alienate all the healthcare workers, no one will be left to take care of you. Not to mention, doctors and nurses have been working with Ebola for years in other countries. But since it wasn’t here, no one cared. These doctors and nurses signed up to help save lives before the recent quarantine was put in place. So, they did not knowingly volunteer to be quarantined. That is now how the WHO treats their healthcare workers upon returning home. It would be different if they volunteered knowing that when they came home they would need to go into a 21 day quarantine. More people die of the plague and TB in the US than have died from Ebola, but you aren’t screaming for the medical professionals that treated them to be quarantined…

    • First off, if they have done it for years why has it never been seen in the U.S. before? maybe they self quarantined before returning home? hrmm probably. nextly more people have died from TB and “plague” because this disease hasn’t been arou8nd for as long within our borders, i’m sure once the spread has reached all throughout the U.S. it will likely get right up there with the other diseases you mentioned, so stop playing coy and stupid and use the thing god gave you called a brain.

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