Less Than 24 hours After the Election, Obama Administration Backs UN Gun Control

Less than 24 hours after President Obama’s reelection, it looks like he may be making good on his promise to curb gun rights. According to Reuters, President Obama has backed the U.N.’s attempts to reopen the UN arms treaty talks which would control and regulate the sale of firearms at an international level.

Un Gun TiedThe month-long talks at U.N. headquarters broke off last July after the Obama administration, in what now looks like was only done for political reelection purposes, decided to pull out of the draft treaty. But only hours after his reelection, the Obama administration signaled that they would be rejoining talks and threw their support behind the gun control measure.

The U.N. Small Arms Treaty would effectively place a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. This ban could affect all private gun owners and as we pointed out earlier in the years, right before talks were suspended, the proposed bill had language that would implement an international gun registry of all guns and ammo.

The new United Nations Arms Trade Treaty will be considered for finalization in March 2013, and just like we pointed out yesterday, more gun control measures are likely right around the corner. The timing of this announcement, a mere 12 hours after the results, should raise red flags for anyone who is concerned about gun rights over the next four years. In my opinion, this decision to re-engage with the United Nation leaves little doubt that gun rights will come under attack over the next four years.

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  1. I think that this man who thinks he is god, is the most dangerous President this country has ever had…
    But as long as these lazy people who will not work and have their hands out for all this free stuff, nothing will change.
    I was raised in a hunting family and know how to handle a gun..My husband died in ’89 and would be applauded to see what is happening in this country.. I am looking to be 79 in the fall and I have a 38 and I know how to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Applauded means to cheer for as in “clapping your hands together”. I THINK YOU INTENDED TO SAY “Apalled OR Appalled”.

  2. We have got to get Senator Landrieu beat in Louisiana, she does what Obama wants not the people of louisiana want.All he does is pull her strings.

  3. One thing everyone here seems to have overlooked and ignored and that is the simple fact that Obama has already instilled a form of gun control in this country. How? Simple. Have you tried to buy ammunition lately? If not, go ahead and try. Ammo not only has gotten very scarce but quite expensive. Why? Simple. Our government (not our military) has been buying it all up and is hoarding the ammo. They’ve spent billions buying all they can get hold of. So, effectively, Obama has gun control in that if you can’t get the ammo, what good is your gun. Chew on that for awhile.

  4. We need to protect our rights especially the 2nd Amendment. What Carol is saying about the Government buying Ammo does not surprise me in the least. US Citizens have been questioning this measure and the lack of ammo for some time? We all feel sorry for the losses at Sandy Hook, but these powers to be are using it to gain what they want, gun control! And they are getting it! Very Very Sad about our Politicians selling us out!

  5. None of our elected politicians care about anything but themselves. They say “YES” to the majority of the un-informed people that will keep them in power. The rest of us can suck it unless we defend our rights and express our First Amendment Rights to “Freeedom of Speach” in order to protect our Second amendments rights to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.

  6. I am a disabled veteran and I did not fight for this country just to give us my rights. I have always heard that we would be defeated from within. We need to get ahold of our country and get it back in the hands of “TRUE” Americans. I will never let the UN control my life. They cannot make other countries do as they say so it sure will not happen here. It will be a cold day in hell before I give up my guns to the UN, they will be prying my cold dead fingers from them first. I would only give them up 1 bullet at a time……..

    • As long as we have an American destroyer in the White House and a congress and senate that only worries about getting re-elected and making their big bucks then us LITTLE PEOPLE don’t have much of a chance. If we don’t have guns then only the enemy will have guns and we will have NO protection.

  7. stop the crimals they are the one’s with gun’s that kill ,they get gun’s on the street, not the people who have promets

  8. I think all those democrat communist should be run outAMERICA to what ever socialist country that will take them.We do not want them here. And be sure and send Obama and his whole brood with them.They are all sorry excuses to even claim to be American’s.Its time for the American people to stand up to stand up to these communist implants.

  9. I think all those democrat communist should be run outAMERICA to what ever socialist country that will take them.We do not want them here. And be sure and send Obama and his whole brood with them.They are all sorry excuses to even claim to be American’s.Its time for the American people to stand up to to these communist implants.

  10. I think all those democrat communist should be run out AMERICA to what ever socialist country that will take them.We do not want them here. And be sure and send Obama and his whole brood with them.They are all sorry excuses to even claim to be American’s.Its time for the American people to stand up to to these communist implants.

  11. I don’t understand you people. You must realize, the intellectuals understand much, much better than you or I what is best for us. They are so much more superior than we are and only want what is best for us. Their motives are purely altruistic and you need to know that your interest is all they care about. The sooner you learn this, the sooner they will be able to take control of our country and take care of all our needs.

  12. I’m from Texas, and one of the things I have always loved about La. is their unfettereD rights to fish and hunt in a wonderland of fish and fowl and large animals while protecting the rights of those who love the freedom SO- HOW THE HELL COME YOU CAN’T GET RID OF TRAITOR LANDRIEU- SHE IS AGAINST EVERYTHING LOUISIANA STANDS FOR. GET RID OF HER NOW OR LOSE TEXANS WHO LOVE YOUR STATE !!!!!!!!!!


    WA Both senators Cantwell Murray
    OR Both Wyden Merkley
    CA Both Boxer Feinstien
    CO Both Bennett Udall

    NE Ried
    MT Baucus
    NM Udall
    CO Udall

    THANK GOD FOR UTAH AND IDAHO-Let the rest go down with OBUMMER

  14. It is frightening how tied Obama is to the Powers of the U.N. over the Will of The American People! It is frightening how much Obama has given in foreign aid vs The American People! It is frightening to know we have a President who is more concerned for Corporations than the people. Life on Earth has become frightening.

  15. Read the Patriot Act. If you haven’t then you have been foolish. It is now the law of the land. Not the constitution. We might as well have thrown it away with leaded gas;.

  16. What do you expect from a socialist, Marxist bastard to do? Be transparent, honest and work for the good of our country? Hell no! This SOB and all sheeplets need to be done away with. Send this POS go back to Africa.

  17. Excuseme but does anyone remember who killed JKF?
    Everything was totally manulipulated by the government, as is what is happening today. The sheeple do not see. I am sorry but I have lived long enough to see what is going on but I am not one of those living on government support to keep me alive with cigarettes, food, housing, liquor- now that ebt pays for all of tht – I am the f@@@@g taxpayer that pays! Get rid of obama, hilary and all those a@@@@les that suck of us- Let him go everywhere on AF1 our dime and vacations on MV this year to cost millions while people are still out of work and are saying 3.49/gallon is wonderful. How about gas at 2.75 when he took office – HELLO – IS ANYONE OUT THERE???????

  18. Obama is fighting for his life if he doesan’t distroy our country and hand it over to the ones that got him elected they will take his head and the heads of his family. Just look at what he is doing giving stupid people anything they want without working for it. When the country goes broke these people will be stealing anything just to keep from starving. People with something will fight to keep what they have. If honest people don’t have guns to protect themselves this battle will be short and won by thugs. Without money our military will fall apart. Obama and his buddies walk in the door. The two things standing in his way, that they haven’t counted on, are americans will not give up there guns and we will not give our country away to anyone. Americans with guns outnumber any army in the world and most know how to use them. We can just hope somehow to avoid any of this. Starting with getting Obama and everyone backing him out of our country before it’s to late. We are being divided but not concored.

    • What b.HUSSEINobama and the rest of the Liberal Socialists in America have NOT figured out yet, is YES, but EVEN THOUGH the American Public, that apathetic, pacifistic bunch of citizens.., will realize that one day these, “Peace Loving Mooslim Terrorists,” will multiply what they did in Boston, when they sat a Black Powder Satchel Charge down in front of an innocent little 8 year old boy and blew him and 2 others out of this world. One day in the future, they will KILL a whole bunch of innocent children.., and when they do, they are gonna FINALLY p_ss off “BUBBA,” in America ! (And remember, BUBBA resides in ALL 50 States) When that happens.., very soon afterwards…, our Border Patrol will have to CLOSE the ‘incoming lanes,” on the bridges over the Rio Grande River, to MAKE ALL LANES.., South Bound into Mexico, to handle the NEW, “surge,” of outbound traffic, when all these, “Peace Loving Moooslims,” decide things just look a lot mobetta for them, outside of, “CONUS,” The Continental United States Of America !

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