Less Than 24 hours After the Election, Obama Administration Backs UN Gun Control

Less than 24 hours after President Obama’s reelection, it looks like he may be making good on his promise to curb gun rights. According to Reuters, President Obama has backed the U.N.’s attempts to reopen the UN arms treaty talks which would control and regulate the sale of firearms at an international level.

Un Gun TiedThe month-long talks at U.N. headquarters broke off last July after the Obama administration, in what now looks like was only done for political reelection purposes, decided to pull out of the draft treaty. But only hours after his reelection, the Obama administration signaled that they would be rejoining talks and threw their support behind the gun control measure.

The U.N. Small Arms Treaty would effectively place a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. This ban could affect all private gun owners and as we pointed out earlier in the years, right before talks were suspended, the proposed bill had language that would implement an international gun registry of all guns and ammo.

The new United Nations Arms Trade Treaty will be considered for finalization in March 2013, and just like we pointed out yesterday, more gun control measures are likely right around the corner. The timing of this announcement, a mere 12 hours after the results, should raise red flags for anyone who is concerned about gun rights over the next four years. In my opinion, this decision to re-engage with the United Nation leaves little doubt that gun rights will come under attack over the next four years.

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    • Folks, (Father included) who are from time to time, talking, remarking about, “impeachment,” you just have to understand.., it TAKES three (3) years to move through that procedure and he’ll be out of office by that time, anyway ! I’ll bet those talking “impeachment,” are the same folks, who the first time b.HUSSEINobama RAN for office.., said, “He can’t get elected,” THEN, these same, ‘do nothing,’ folks.., all during 2011.., said, “Ohhh, he can’t get elected, again…” Folks AND Father.., we OWE the circumstances we are now in.., to the, “Apathetic, Pacifistic.., Christians in America ! The same people who are on the edge of their seats daily, watching the, “Zimmerman Trial !” All while our current Commissar N Chief, is SPENDING 150 million U.S. Tax Payer Dollars.., FLYING his “fam,” and hundreds of businessmen ALL over Africa ! BUT.., bHUSSEINobama DICTATES that the White House Tours MUST be shut down.., as THEY are far, far too expensive.., to keep operating, so Amerians VACATIONING this summer, cannot SHOW their young children, the White House !~

  1. Study Fabian Society . Their logo is a turtle . Their goal subjugation of USA
    And doing Away with. Constitution ,declaration of independence
    All people would require paperwork to move anywhere shopping,visiting inter and intra state.All folks 17-25 would do mandatory service no exceptions . Army of united nAtions
    Would control population. Don’t like it , go to prison or execution. Read the monster from Jekyll island . Fabians are all you would consider blue bloods read and learn

  2. Anyone, giving our U.S. sovereignty to the UN, without a clear set of UN values that includes the guidelines of the “Golden Rule” as paramount, is fool-hearty. That is like buying a pig in a poke. The UN is important, and can be crucial to the world’s survival, but it needs critical OUTLINED guidelines that allow the UN to alter or abolish any government, religion or culture that does not treat others without harm. [ The Hippocratic Oath ]. Any individual, group or state that allows “Sharia Law”, or an Eye for an Eye as sacrosanct behavior, is an abomination to humanity and must be dismantled. [PERIOD] The UN Charter should implicitly state this before we ever engage in selling out the values of our fore-fathers, that endowed this nation of the United States, to work toward the betterment of humankind. The fore-fathers outlined in documents these principles and it has taken Centuries to improve upon them. But to give our goals and sacrifices away now under such partisan sell-outs, is criminal and without a shred of decency of fore-thought. As President George Washington would have stated it, I believe: Shame on the Partisans, for they have disgraced humanity without caring or due educated thought for the sake of selfishness and lack of courage to stand for integrity.

  3. Let it pass. Then we can convict Obama the Peace laureate of trafficking arms to all the Middle East terror groups, in international court, then repeal it. No sweat.

  4. Has any one considered that every bill this man has signed is null in void. He’s not an naturalized born United States therefore his very presence is nothing more than trespassing on public property; and every action Obama has taken with his pen and mouth is an assault with a deadly weapon murdering thousands of naturalized born United States citizens. So I ask What does the law normally do with mass murderers such as Mr. Obama. THIS MAN AIN’T EVEN BLACK..HE’S JUST ANOTHER DUMB KENYEN.

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