POLICE STATE: Obama Administration Caught Spying on your emails, phones calls, bank records & Internet usage.

In what could be one of the largest scandals, and breach of public trust to come out of the white house, information is coming today suggesting that our government is involved in one of the largest collections of private American public data in the history of our country.

They’re Specifically Targeting Americans

The National Security Agency has long argued that their power allows them to spy on those outside the United States, while always maintaining that private American Communications were off-limits. But it looks like the latest Obama Administration scandal has The FBI, on the NSA’s behalf, forcing Verizon Communications to turn over data on millions of U.S. customers.

The order specifically targeted American Citizens, and explicitly excluded those outside of America.

The Obama administration, who had to respond to yet another scandal this morning, tried to defend the actions by claiming that the massive amount of telephone records were part of U.S. counterterrorism efforts that were critical to protecting Americans from attacks.

Do they really expect us to believe that millions of Americans are terrorists?

So based on the Obama administration’s admission, one would have to believe that millions of Americans are now in some way taking part in terrorist activity or plotting to attack America. Do they really think that people are going to buy this crap?

Obama Administration Apparently Declares everyone to be a Terrorist

Over the last couple of months, it seems the Obama administration has been very busy not only targeting their enemies through the IRS, but also spying on Americans and Journalists by claiming it’s all part of U.S. counterterrorism efforts.

Obama Administration Secretly Obtains Phone Records of AP Journalists

bigbrotherAlthough we have reported on this administration’s efforts to spy on American Citizens numerous times, it seems the Mainstream Media really didn’t care until it happened to them. The Mainstream Media’s ignorance all changed when the Department of Justice secretly obtained phone records for reporters and editors who work for the Associated Press news agency.

According to the AP, the Obama Administration secretly collected phone records on AP writers and editors from the beginning of April 2012 to the end of May 2012. The records listed outgoing calls for both the work and personal phone numbers of individual reporters, as well as lines from the AP bureaus in New York, Washington and Hartford, Conn., and even a main number used by AP reporters in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Attorney General Eric Holder Orders DOJ to Spy on Fox News Reporters

Soon after the AP story broke, The Justice Department had to admit to secretly obtaining a controversial search warrant to spy on a Fox News reporter’s private emails. The action was approved by people  “at the highest levels” of the Justice Department, including “discussions” with Attorney General  Eric Holder.

Millions of American being Spied on Through Verizon

Late last night, The Guardian, leaked documents that proved the U.S. Government was targeting American citizens, by forcing Verizon Wireless to turn over all their data on its users.

It seems The Obama administration is secretly carrying out a domestic surveillance program, how big that program is and why it’s being conducted are anyone’s guess. What is known, is through a provision in the Patriot Act, the Obama administration convinced a judge to issue a ruling that required Verizon Communications to turn over “on an ongoing daily basis” to the National Security Agency all call logs “between the United States and abroad” or “wholly within the United States, including local telephone calls.”

According to the New York Times, the order prohibits its recipient from discussing its existence, and representatives of both Verizon and AT&T declined to comment Wednesday evening. To me this suggests that even more cellphone carriers may have been forced to turn over data on its users.

Dept. of Homeland Security orders American Laptops, Phones Can Be Searched Based on Hunches

A 23-page DHS report, obtained by The Associated Press and the American Civil Liberties Union under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, shows just how little the Obama Administration thinks of your privacy.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, when traveling, you basically have no right to privacy. The Report concluded that U.S. border agents should continue to be allowed to search a traveler’s laptop, cellphone or other electronic device and even keep copies of any data on them based on no more than a hunch.

This means the Obama Administration is now claiming to be able to read and copy the contents of computers carried by U.S. travelers without a warrant or even a good reason to suspect wrongdoing.

FBI Demanding Software Makers allow them backdoor access to Spy on Americans.

The Washington Post is reporting that a FBI panel is seeking to fine tech companies who won’t give them backdoor access to their software.

The government task force is preparing legislation that will force companies like Google and Facebook to allow law enforcement to spy on users and intercept online communications as they occur. The FBI is upset because in their words “there is currently no way to wiretap some of these communications methods easily.”

So rather having to go through the trouble of obtaining court orders, and then having to work with these companies, they are now seeking direct access to all internet communications through backdoors in computer software.

It’s pretty clear, this Administration & the rest of the Government think we have no rights!

From allowing the IRS to target patriotic Americans, to targeting reporters and spying on American Citizens, it seems our federal government has forgotten who gives them their power. In case you have missed some of the stories that we’ve reported on over the last couple of months, here is a very small example of how this government is shredding the Constitution and taking away your rights.

Maybe those so-called crazy patriots and preppers aren’t so crazy after all huh?

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  1. I find my self sitting here just saying wow. I knew things were bad but crap these guys have no fear of the people anymore

  2. If you don’t have anything to hide then who cares what they listen for. You tea party people are scared of your own shadows or you have something to hide.

    • On the contrary. I have a constitutional right to privacy and being safe from illegal search and seizure. I have absolutely nothing to hide. Despite that, my patriotism and desire to be a free citizen of the US makes me an on-going target. I am not affiliated with ANY political group but because I know my rights, practice them, and encourage others to do so, I’ve got a big ‘ol bulls-eye in the middle of my back. Heh. You do too, now that you’ve posted here, I am certain.

    • Progressive you need to go to another Country were there is NO freedoms like CUBA!!! Progressive like to have no rights , no Constitution, no freedoms for the people and freedoms only to them. Sounds like a dictator.

    • Progressive, tell that to the folks who were communist in the 1950’s. Communism is like any other political philosophy, the right of individuals to support that political philosophy deserves to be protected. Instead, during the Red Scare, careers and lives were ruined due to the over zealous fear of an idea. Those associated with the idea were blacklisted. Who is to say that tomorrow, some group or religion or philosophy that I adhere to won’t be the target of the zealous majority. We have a right to be free from government intrusion because it is the only way to ensure liberty persists. I don’t want government or anyone to listen in on my activities and you know what…they are not supposed to have to power to do so.

      The illogical arguments raised by people holding your position fail to make the connection that it has nothing to due with WHAT I may or may not be doing. Regardless of my activities, the government’s power to search or seize my person, property, papers or effects has been limited by the Fourth Amendment. I don’t need to justify my civil liberties, those are inherent in my existence as a human being. It is up to the government to justify the infringement. My Constitution is very clear about that. Anyone who is stupid enough to think that it has anything to do with right or left is too blind to see the reality of the world. I am sure that if the same thing happened under the Bush administration you would be calling for impeachment. I am neither a republican, democrat, tea-partyer or 99 percenter…I am a concerned American who loves the system our founders built and the country it created. It is sad to see so many Americans oblivious to the erosion of their rights and to blind to see the implications it has on the future of this country.

    • The point of the constitution is to restrict the government from gaining too much power, and ensuring that the people of America rule this country rather than one group of very powerful and well funded politicians.

      That’s what separates democracy from all other forms of government. The leaders of this country are not meant to be ‘absolute leaders’, but representatives of your rights, opinions, and desires; more like a hired manager than a CEO. You, the real CEO, ‘hire’ them by voting, and trust them to follow their job description, keep Your best interests at the heart of their decisions, and to not violate company policies. You also reserve the right to ‘fire’ your manager by impeachment if they cease to manage your company the right way.

      The problem with this action is not that anyone is ‘scared of their own shadow’ or hiding anything, the problem is that the manager is becoming the CEO and the real CEO is now nearly powerless. The roles are distorted, the ‘company policies’ are being violated, and YOUR best interests are no longer being considered.

      Remember why we revolted in the first place. We’re headed toward a similar climate of not only taxation without representation, but a slew of unethical violations that our forefathers never dreamed we’d face.

      Keep your eyes up, ear to the ground, and weigh your votes carefully.

  3. This goes way beyond any one party. This is big government at its worst. William Binner from the NSA said they could go back 10 years looking through your communications records if they didn’t like you. That sounds like they have been collecting data for quite awhile now. He said the only difference is now they don’t encryot it on the servers and no warrant is required to access it. That is the scary part. Anyone in the government with an axe to grind can start looking through these records to see if they can build some sort of a case against you. It’s getting to the point that no one in DC is trustable to look out for the regular guy. They are all in it for their own benefit and for those padding their pockets with cash. Just think, everything you purchase on line and receive an email reciept will be in their records. Every round of ammo, every piece of gear, every case of food.

    • There is a big difference and even you stated it when you said they’re not bothering with obtaining warrants. Yes Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr all spied on us, but none of them were elected after promising transparency and an end to the Washington way.

      This president has done more to take away our rights than all previous presidents combined. He’s like Nixon and McCarthy on steroids.

  4. I wonder why only Verizon is being targeted?

    Being a Verizon customer, I’m tempted to call Afganistan to ask the local time & weather a bunch of times.

    • The Verizon documents were what was leaked but according to the article AT&T may also have been ordered to turn over the data. If that’s the case then all cell carriers have probably been forced to d it as well.

    • Verizon is a government contractor who supplies telecom for the military anyone who’s been on a large remote base knows that only Verizon phones work

  5. I fail to see the problem. Mr. Obama is only doing what he’s told. We must all feel sorry for a ruler filled with insanity. It’s always the same old story. He’s firing his best General’s. History permits us the sight of this before. Hitler and Stalin, were the same. His gestapo is no different. War crimes follow them. In the end, his armies will turn on him.

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