Obama Administration Working with U.N. on a Global Gun Ban

The Obama administration is in the middle negotiating a Small Arms Treaty with the U.N. that would effectively place a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. Gun on the Constitution This ban would affect all private gun owners and will be used to implement an international gun registry of all guns and ammo.

Despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly oppose the idea of banning firearms, this administration seems hell-bent on limiting your access to guns.  From the politician who admitted that he would rather see people become victims of crime than allow them to own a gun, to this administrations work with The National League of Cities to ban guns in cities and townships throughout America, there is no doubt that our right to bear arms is under attack.

firing rifleThe future of the 2nd Amendment is in serious jeopardy. Every gun owner in America needs to wake up, our right to keep and bear arms is about to be put into the hands of the U.N. who will severely limit your ability to own any rifles, shotguns and handguns.

A conference is being held in July 2012 in New York to draft the final language of the treaty. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration have already signed on to support the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kans.) and 57 other senators sent a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warning them that they do not have legal authority to sign any treaty that would affect an Americans right to own firearms.

This week, Sen. Moran spoke on the Senate floor about S. 2205, saying:

“More than two centuries ago, our founding fathers wisely amended the United States Constitution to guarantee a Bill of Rights for its citizens. Since then, our democracy has stood strong as Americans have enjoyed liberties unparalleled in the world – including the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.”

“Today, our freedoms and our country’s sovereignty are in danger of being undermined by the United Nations. To ensure our liberties remain for our generation and future generations, I am offering legislation to protect the rights of American gun owners from the effects of a U.N. arms treaty.”

“In the days ahead, I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure an Arms Trade Treaty that undermines the Constitutional rights of American gun owners is dead on arrival in the Senate.”

Here is the Full Speech:

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    • No politician and certainly not the U. N. can take away our second amendment. it is OUR CONSTITUTION, OUR BILL OF RIGHTS. Let the blood be on there hands if they try!!!!!!!!!

      • When they come to take the guns it will be the neighbor boy who joined the every other weekend Natl Guard troops who did what they were told at Kent State, like they did in Louisiana after Katrina, and you will have to decide if today is the day for you to use lethal force. The decision is very difficult to take another’s life. When your life is not immediately threatened most of us would be hard pressed to take the life of BOYS WHO are doing what they are told. Good Luck to us all. I hope the fear we feel will pass like Y2K.

        • Dean, I think they learned from those past incidents and they also realize that American troops would find it hard to fire on American citizens. That is why our government will use foreign troops to “control” us.

        • Im sorry but it won’t be the boy next door,Or any american military.
          The first thing my drill Sargent told us when we asked him what would happen to us if we where ever ordered to take the gun’s of americans. And this is what he told us (we will be shiped over seas and Foreign forces would be brough in to enforce the the laws.
          I searved from 96 to 2001 us army 3rd ID.

        • The Romans use to send troops far away from theirs stations so it was easier to fight the population. There will be no different then out troops working with foreign nationals. Troops from Kentucky sent to Oregon because they don’t know the faces or anyone. Logistics in deployments. The tip of the iceberg has already passed its the damage of the iceberg we haven’t seen that worries me, the signing of this treaty doesn’t worry me, its the mass population that has its head in the sand, most will gladly give them up so that the current dictator will protect them. People better wake up, look at how Stalin took power, those that opposed him starve or were shot. that’s what’s coming.

    • The politicians need to work on the buget, or maybe even pay attention to their wives and family instead of putting their noses in the obama toilet or should I say Butt. Its a sad thing that the bad people have to ruin things for the honest and hard working citizen ,by robbing, raping and killing children .To me Its all the more reason to carry a wepon to protect your family and yourself from these Idiots We cant be as lucky to have 24 hr body guards or protection like our politicians or President .Leave out rights alone before you start a war in your own country.People will protect what is right and what is theres at all cost.Thats why we have a second amendment


  1. am i the only that realizes that almost every part of the bill of rights has been replaced with another bill of legislation?

  2. To this group of politicians, you need to sit down and reread the constitution. It gives us the right to vote you out of office just the same way you went in. I think we need to go back and put our rights back like they were and you voted in folks,leave them alone,,We were fine until you started messing with them and trying to line your pockets with votes. My constitution says I have the right to bear arms and I will until I die. In my neighborhood,we arm ourselves because the government has made some lazy sorry folks around here.They take what is not theirs and say there is nothing we can do,, WRONG, We worked for what we have and noone is going to take it.

  3. what most fail to grasp is that since 1913 there has been a gradual departure from dependence upon and guidance by our Constitution until this farce of a despot who has all but physically shredded it on national TV… it’s time for We, The People to take a long, hard look at how we will let the future of our America go, to whom and by what standard…

  4. Thought I’d share something that I learned a few days ago that is indirectly related to this. Talked to a salesman at a Sports Dept and , to confirm what I heard, talked a little while ago to a customer rep at an ammunition dealer. What a learned is if a customer buys a certain amt of ammo (what amt is the question) their name is red flagged and turned in to the FBI. It’s right scary to me.

  5. The UN Arms Treaty will cover only international trade in arms and seeks to prevent arms trade to areas where significant destabilization might result. The US participation in the treaty must be ratified by a 2/3 majority of the US Senate, which is highly unlikely, and the effectiveness of such a treaty is nil without US participation, since we export the majority of arms in the world.

    Whatever language gets hashed out in the July conference will have no bearing whatsoever or the US constitution, the second amendment, or your current or future rights to bears arms in this country. Those rights are being eroded at a state and local level and on an individual basis.

    You might want to consider the possibility that scarelore like this is meant to distract you from the real, less obvious dangers.

    • You night want to stop taking the liberal media’s word and look at what is really happening. To say that the senate somehow has the power to stop this is naive at best.

      Have they stopped any of Obama’s Executive orders? Did they stop him from declaring 1 million illegals, legal? Did they stop the Drone Killings or his war in Libya? This government has no use for the Constitution and they will do nothing to stop this treaty from going forward.

      You need to open your eyes before it’s to late my friend.

      • What Joe said.

        There are Far to many Griz’s walking around with the idea that the Government is there to protect.
        Thats what you get when you watch propaganda TV such as CSI and the like.

        • The Sky is Falling! Time to stop listening to the right-wing media (which has a HUGE stake in the sale of guns, propping up of the price of gold, and this survival gear you all drool over) and get a clue. You’re all sheep flocking to the doomsday scenarios and spending your money, just like Rush and Glenn want you to do.

      • Joe, I totally agree with you. Why hasn’t the Senate done more to curb Obama’s changing orders. Obama does not respect our country, our constitution or anything. He’s on a power trip – he has control, and he’s ruining what our forefathers fought for many years ago. Obama needs to return to his native country where they don’t have all the freedoms we have here. Let him live their lifestyle and see how he likes it. Why doesn’t he have much to do with his half-brother? He’s good on word trips but not good on carrying forth our ideals and beliefs for the USA. 2012 will see a change – but it’ll take a lot to undo what damage Obama is now causing to our country.

  6. I just don’t get it. You talk about freedom and rights that you have not had for a hundred years, as though you still have them. You talk about the 2nd amendment, and how the Government needs to go, but all I ever hear is talk. You really think the publicans are going to repeal anything? Shrub was worse than Obama – think Patriot Act. Who brought THAT in? Democracy is an illusion and there are no real limits on executive power. You are all full of hot air and are keyboard warriors. I don’t see any of you taking to the streets. There are 300mill o0f you and not even 1% has the balls to act on what you say you believe in! You collect guns and keep them in the closet, and somehow that makes a statement! The authorities know you are just hot air which is why they do not need to ban guns. Any opposition to the government will at best be isolated and sporadic, individual statements which they will ignore. Get used to it, roll over and stock up on lube!


  7. The US Govt can have my guns, When they pry my cold dead fingers from them. If they tried this there will be another Civil War. “Its a good day to die!”

    • Monoke are you nuts? the criminals will have guns even if the government bans them. They ARE criminals after all. The only thing keeping crime down to what it is now is the right to bare arms. Another thing, Hitler took his people’s guns and look where that got them. No thank you. Molan Labe

      • You’re right Bull. I agree. If they outlaw private ownership of firearms (and that is what they are after) who do you think is going to show up at the gun collecting stations with their guns; the honest citizens. I would be willing to bet that not one drug dealer, gang banger, band robber, felon or other criminal shows up and says, “Sure mister officer, Here is my AK-47. And I have a couple of .45 autos too. Would you like those also”. For 45 years now, I have enjoyed hunting and target shooting. Some people like to play golf. I like to go to the shooting range with my 1911 because I am at war with those 9 inch paper plates that don’t hold beans when you are on a picnic. And you liberals think you are going to make the world safe by infringing on the little rights I have left.

        And let’s look at the economic side of things. Making ownership of firearms would send this country so deep into a depression we would NEVER evenly remotely think we could recover from it. I am not just talking about the companies that make firearms going out of business. I am referring to every little business in the country closing their doors. From the sporting goods stores who sell targets, to companies that make clay pigeons for trap shooting, to stores like Cabela’s and Bass Pro. STATES like North and South Dakota make more money off hunters coming into their states for the months pheasant hunting than they do the rest of the year. One motel manager in North Dakota makes enough money that he really doesn’t need to work the rest of the year. My home state makes MILLIONS each year just off the sale of deer hunting licenses. Figure it out. Twenty million divided by $80 is only 250000 licenses. And they sell a lot more than that. This list goes on and on. When you talk about taking guns away from people, you are not only talking about infringing on other peoples rights, you are talking about trashing the U.S. economically.

  8. The NRA has been talking about this for about two years now, and the liberals said they were nuts and just trying to scare people into donating to them, but then spinets of info started leaking out from the UN. Did the liberal attitude change?….no. In fact every liberal I’ve spoken to embraces the idea especially since their messiah is on board with it. Every dictatorship starts with the disarming of the people, but in the minds of the liberal, they’re making us safer

  9. So politicians will have secret service men and women protecting them with guns but we are not going to be aloud to protect ourselves with guns?? To me, if we should have to give up our guns so should those that protect the “law changers” that are in office.

  10. Do the only thing a LAW ABIDING citizen should do; PERSONALLY lobby your representatives in government through phone calls, emails, paper letters (these carry more weight), AND public protests. This is YOUR country – YOU pay for the services and the salaries of your representatives…including the the salary of the President. Ultimately, it is up to you to get active and make your voice heard, and if they don’t listen, VOTE THEM OUT.

  11. Kick the UN out of the USA, their worthless and have no power. When the time comes and I run out of ammo they will be met with homemade bombs.

  12. We have a Constitutional right to bear arms……….Our GOVERNMENT “NEEDS” to get back to following the fundamental laws of the United States of America. If you don’t, then you do NOT deserve to be our President or any governing official, supposedly representing us. You are failing to live up to appropriate standards of what AMERICA is all about. FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, OF the PEOPLE……NOT THE PRESIDENT OR THE GOVERNMENT. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND LET “FREEDOM” BE “FREEDOM”!!

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