Obama Administration Stripping Returning Vets Right to Own a Firearm: 100,000 Vets lose 2nd Amendment Rights

Under the Obama Administration we’ve already seen a significant downsizing of our military, in what some are calling a purge of anyone who holds “patriotic views.” But now we’ve learned that under this administration, over 100,000 Veterans have been stripped of their 2nd amendment rights to own a firearm.

When a returning Vet becomes eligible for disability compensation, often because they were severely injured in the field of battle, they have to go through a review process with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). During this process, a number of Vets, for a variety of reasons, are sometimes found to be unable to manage their own benefits. If this happens they are assigned a financial manager who overseas their benefits.

But here’s the kicker, the second this happens they are put on a list of Mental Defectives and stripped of their right to own a firearm. They get entered into the F.B.I. NICS System, and can no longer legally own or buy a firearm.

Although the VA process in no way looks at the vet’s mental competence in regards to owning a firearm, he instantly loses his right to own one under this idiotic review process. His safety, and the safety of others has nothing to do with him losing his rights, and what’s even worse is this would be illegal if it happened to an ordinary citizen. For instance, over 7.6 million Social Security beneficiaries are assigned fiduciaries, but the Social Security Administration does not send any of those names to the F.B.I., and none of those people lose their right to own a firearm.

These are people who are trusted to carry far more impressive weaponry while overseas in the field of combat, but for some reason this government doesn’t trust them to carry a firearm when they return home. I guess it’s fine when they are overseas dying for our country, but the second they return home this administration seems to see them as some sort of threat.

Military Vets Targeted by their own Government

I guess this really shouldn’t be that shocking, considering some of the information that’s come out over the last couple years. From this administrations attempts to demonize anyone with patriotic views, to them actually forcing Marines to Disarm when the U.S. Defense Secretary visited Afghanistan, their disdain for our men in uniform is more than apparent.

But it goes much farther than contempt for the military; in fact, I believe this government is involved in an outright assault on members of the military.

Back in 2009, in a DHS memo describing the threat of homegrown terrorism, former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano called returning military veterans right-wing extremism who posed a potential threat to the country. She said, “The return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.”

Although she later apologized for her remarks, it in my opinion shows how our government really views our military – as a potential threat.


  1. This is insane bullshit. Vets should be demanding food, counseling, jobs and medical care. Owning a gun causes mostly trouble for the gun owner.

    • Wow you’re a real Genius! How they hell does owning a gun exactly cause trouble for the gun owner? I hope you never have a criminal break into your house, but if you do hey maybe you can use your insane liberal logic to stop him.

      Or since it’s the guns fault, maybe you can use that insanity to talk the gun out of shooting you and your family. You anti-gun people really have no basis in reality.

    • If anyone has the right to own a gun is it a vet. Anyone that thinks a vet doesn’t have the right to own a gun should probably realize that that vet suffered and saw things just so you could open your mouth back home and actually think you deserve and earned just as much right to say anything you want. That vet made it possible . Either stfu or go as earn the rights. I am a vet and everyday I still have problems. Everyday I think of my buddies that are MY heroes.I miss them. We did not sign up as 18 yo kids and give our bodies and souls for the right and come back here to listen to a govt tell us how we are fucked up and we don’t have the right for this and that when I know first hand I/We have fought for them!…why have the loud mouth civilians done? Or loud mouth liberals. Real Americans fight for their county! The real Patriots fight for love of country! Not go to college and still run their mouth like they are in the Jungle or the desert.

      • it’s very foolish to exclaim that the military is fighting for our freedoms by them fighting in iraq and afghanistan. Nothing they are doing over there is ensuring my freedoms of free speech or right to beast arms here in the states. Theres no one in the caves of afghanistan scheming to take away my rights……they dont care. Our government is the only ones threatening our rights and until the military stands up to uphold their oath to protect against enemies foreign and domestic (again, our gov) your statement will forever be wrong. Also,a fairly large percentage of our military/vets have had little firearm training and for some none at all if we are excluding basic raining. Know first hand-Air force for three years as ndt inspector before switching over to army 19D for 6 years.

          • He was saying that he did fight for those freedoms…and yes, one scheming idiotic can take your rights away and that is what those”cave people” are trying to do.

          • Do you have any proof or a video link where they are openly threatening the constitution our vol of rights? No, didn’t think so. The only right the cave people are trying to take from you is your right to live.

      • its difficult to understand why we are in iraq or afghanistan
        the marine follows orders likewise the soldier and sailor
        let us honor our forefathers

    • Demanding food, counseling, jobs and medical care? I guess you’ve never met anyone in the military have you? That’s what’s wrong with this county, everyone thinks they are owed something.

      99% of vets can fend for themselves and don’t need handouts. They just want to be left alone and don’t want restrictions put on them that make it harder to be self-sufficient.

    • You Melody, are an idiot! Just because someone has a hard time navigating the screwed up red tape that people like YOU have put in their way of receiving the benefits they deserve does not take their GOD GIVEN RIGHT away

    • Vets deserve all those things and more. All vets since before 1776 should be honored and taken well care of upon their return home. We own them our freedom and rights. Owning a gun only serves to protect a law-abiding owner, his or her family and other innocent Americans from evil or tyranny. I own a gun, pray to God I never have to use it, and it does not cause me a bit of trouble.

    • Melody, if you were standing in front of me I would punch you in the throat. That is the biggest bunch of liberal nonsense I have ever heard.

      You gun grabbers can kiss my backside. When “it” happens, people like you will be hanging in the town square by your necks.

    • Perhaps the responsibility of the military itself should be the focus, of better training combatants to handle whatever they’re supposed to handle. Perhaps there should be better methods of ensuring those recruited are the very least likely to come out of combat with any mental health issues in the first place, and the military recruiters not being so fundamentally desperate as to just take anybody. Maybe Uncle Sam should do a far better job of motivating and inspiring folks to join, instead of settling for convicts as numbers-fillers. Maybe all of that has to start by stopping the current conversion to Socialism which many of our ancestors fought against.

      • @sith; I don’t say this simply because I am retired military. I have been all over the world and seen most major militaries and their personnel. The U.S. military member is the best trained in the world, across the board, compared to most others. Combat affects different people different ways, according to what happens. If you have ever committed a felony YOU ARE INELIGIBLE for military service, much less have a firearm. I do agree about the socialism. The fact that while training COULD be better, there is a cost associated with it and has to be taken into account. Unless things are perfect, training can ALWAYS be better, but not necessarily practical.

      • No military branch recruits criminals. If you’re in and break the law, you get removed. Stop spreading lies about the military. Don’t even try to join the military if you think they are going to “fix you.” We don’t need problem people. Regarding the Second Amendment, yes the military supports it, but once out you’re a civilian/veteran, unless retired, and have to meet the same standards. Retirees should maintain their skill set in case they are called up.

    • Mel looks you got out voted, because vets were and are willing to die for you so that you can sit at home and talk shit, may I ask you to at least sit their with your stupid ass mouth shut.

  2. “Owning a gun causes mostly trouble for the gun owner”

    Either you’re trolling, or you’re an idiot. Owning a gun causes trouble for people looking to make trouble with the gun owner.

  3. As a retired vet and having seend some of my fellow vets take their own lives due to PTSD and numerous other issues, I thik this may not be such a bad idea, maybe a little extra investigation before they can own a gun would be advisable. But I do want to mention that this is NOT an Obama thing, this has been happening since Vietnam. Stop making this a political thing and make it a thing about the VETs! Some of our boys need real help not just physically but mentally as well and I’ve seen to many eat a bullet because they were not monitored close enough.

    • Dude please don’t pull that PTSD crap! This has nothing to do with PTSD and no one is arguing that people with severe mental issues shouldn’t have access to guns.

      If you had taken the time to look into it, this has nothing to do with PTSD and most of these guys are actually losing their rights because of financial issues, PTSD wasn’t even taken into account in these cases. And this is 100% because of the Obama administration and is nowhere near what happened after Vietnam.

    • Frank is right, most of these people that have been placed on NICS had nothing to do with PTSD and were never even received a screening for mental problems.

      And as for PTSD, yes there are a lot of vets that have come back pretty messed up but to label everyone with anxiety as a PTSD psycho is a big big mistake. And maybe a lot of them are having problems because they are being screwed overseas and then screwed when they get home.

    • Sorry Ray, but this is a political thing. Vets aren’t taking their own lives because of PTSD, they are taking their own lives because of the mind altering drugs that are being pushed on them from a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, backed and supported by a corrupt government. That makes it political. Vets from all over this country are in support of taking cannabis to cure themselves of PTSD and they are proving that it works. When you have a government and president that continues to refuse the truth, against the will of the people, that is corruption. Educating yourself of the many benefits of cannabis and cannabis oil just might help you save a few brothers and sisters and it will also open your eyes to just how corrupt YOUR government really is.

    • They are losing the right to own a firearm because they are not able to financially take care of themselves. This has nothing to do with ptsd.

      Basically a vet who comes back, has no job and is having money issues is now under this government deemed mentally unstable.

    • Why pray tell is wrong with letting someone end their live? I may someday want to and I’d sure like to make and quick and painless. Medicine, therapy and counseling doesn’t work many times and they should have the right to shoot themselves in the head when they lives are miserable.

      • When you end your life this way the government makes money off of you as well…just had someone do this and hazmat charged them outright 6k to clean it up…..find a better way to end yourself so we don’t have to clean you up.

    • “As a retired vet…”

      As a still serving combat vet I say shut up and stop trying to quantify your authoritarian support under the guise of wanting to help us.

      PST is not a disorder. Depression is; however, the vast majority of support mechanisms are inadequate and treat symptoms, they leave us alone and over whelmed which is why so many of our own have taken their own lives.

      Returning vet’s need to be strengthened, not monitored.

      There are good people who are trying to help, but the institutions established by government do more harm than good because… it’s frakking government and it doesn’t take a genius to realize how wonderfully effective government is at anything other than taxing and killing.

    • Im calling you a lier and a Nazi to your face, people that lie about medicine worship evil, they are trying to take nations defense like what happened in ww 1 and 2, its a crime system, involving more then just this planet, and people trying to kill or control men and women who are capable to work or learn for Delta Force, they made movies about, now is a bad time to be a cop, or someone trying to think like pisiden, ,,, everyone is their own weapon, use them and keep this country free, turn your back on my country and her Army and watch how fast hell raps around you,

  4. The bill causing this was signed into law back in ’93 and the cited article is saying the V.A. is adding vets to the list. Why is the V.A. adding vets to the list in the first place? And how is this Obama’s fault. I have a lot of issues with him and such but the cited article doesn’t say anything about Obama being involved on this issue.

    • Now this may be hard to comprehend for some people but here it goes.

      OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT, this is being done while he’s the president, therefore he is responsible. Just like Bush was responsible for policies while he was in office, Obama is now responsible for policies that he is enforcing. Please look into how the government works!!!

      And the 1993 law that you’re talking about (the brady bill) wasn’t used in this way until this administration took over, so again that’s why people are blaming Obama! But hey I guess we can blame Clinton too if it makes you feel better, since he’s the jackass who pushed the brady bill to begin with.

      Let’s make this real simple, and easy for those who can’t stand to hear that their idol may be doing something wrong. Let’s say Big Bird was our President. If this was happening during Big Bird’s term, he would be responsible since his administration is the one who runs these federal bureaucracies. Get it?

      • Where does it state that this started happening under the Obama administration? I can’t find exactly when these cases started to appear. I know how Government works and I also know that there’s a number of middle men between Obama and the head of the V.A.. Your argument is like saying that because Obama is the President, everything that goes wrong with anything government related is his fault which is just ridiculous. Should he use his power to help correct it – hell yes he should get off his lazy ass and do it. I’m just saying blinding saying it’s the President’s fault just because he’s the President isn’t quite right. I would say the same thing if this story came up when we actually had a President that got stuff done and didn’t sit on his butt all day like Bush.

        • And there you have it. Thanks for showing your true colors with that last Bush statement. I think most people here would say that Bush is no different than Obama, but how you ended your last statement just shows who you are and that you are willing to do or say anything to makes your hero Obama look like a saint.

        • “I would say the same thing if this story came up when we actually had a President that got stuff done and didn’t sit on his butt all day like Bush.”

    • What does that even mean? It clearly says who wrote the article. It’s the same person who writes a majority of the articles on this site, who by the way I would like to thank for actually covering these kind of issues unlike the mainstream asshats who could careless about our military.

  5. Interesting how the government trains soldiers how to use a weapon and trusts them with it to fight their battles, but then takes it away when these same soldiers come back home. What is the government so afraid of?

  6. They use the same law that Ford, Carter & Bush the 1st used for the same reason – the Gun Control Act of 1968. This isn’t something new that Obama invented. The government has been at it on veterans for over 40 years.

    • I agree that many Presidents have abused the military, but this current guy has taken it to a whole new level.

      Anyone in the military can tell you the same thing, today’s military has been destroyed. Bush started it with his BS wars, and now this guy has put the whole thing into overdrive.

  7. then tell me why Gabby Giffords can buy and carry both handguns and long guns? she’s the poster child for brain injuries and being mentally deranged…I wouldn’t trust her with a firearm !

  8. First of all i with many like myself. a heartfelt Thanks to all of you Veterans! You truly are Heroes! May The God of all Comfort comfort and Bless you oas only HE can’!
    His Wisdom. Is available to anyone who wants it. All you have to do is ASK IN FAITH!
    Just trust Him for HE is the ONLY ONE WHO IS ABSOLUTELY TRUSTWORTHY for
    SINNERS HE (GOD IN JESUS CHRIST) DIED FOR US!!! Now the ball is in your court
    HE will Bless you ! If you don’t already know HIM ask HIM TO MAKE HIMSELF REAL
    (Read the King James Bible ). And HE GODS HOLY SPIRIT WILL ANSWER all of your
    Questions ! May THE GOD OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PEACE BLESS YOU and your loved ones now and FOREVER. Amen. The SPIRIT HIMSELF will Intercede for us while I am Running the Race. Praying for all of you for PEACE from JESUS

  9. Wow…this went from guns to PTSD to a Pharmacy to you guys need a life. You really think any one gives a crap about your high school speech and debate in this forum? Absolutely not, let me guess you all are expressing your freedom of speech? Not even close. This is freedom of the USA showing it’s idiocracy. I wish you all the best…

    – 4 tour veteran

  10. I think the reason this is happening to our VETS is because Obama knows to the effect of, they are the military=guns=protection against him and his administration. And he is going to cover his behind at all costs. This is what I think he is doing. We already know he does not like the military, especially after he fired all the generals from the service last month, so go figure.

    • DING, DING, DING the winner. firing the generals was just the tip of the iceberg, Obama and his far left, agenda 21, non-Christian, and non-white cronnies are destroying this country from within and allowing other countries to do so from the outside.

  11. On a positive note, these idiots in D.C. that are doing this probably don’t realize the word is getting out to military personal serving, I bet a bunch of them aren’t pleased with tptb that they serve, people are waking up!!!

  12. So the people who have the most training and experience with firearms are no longer allowed to use them.

    What is next?

    Maybe people should not be allowed to drive ever again if the get a ticket or are involved in an accident?

    Maybe people who missed a payment on loan should not be allowed to use money anymore?

  13. As a currently serving 19.5 year infantry Marine, I can tell you that for the mass majority – this isn’t the case. If a service person is getting a right stripped, there is a reason – I am speculating here, but the cases I see the most are suicidal ideations. This is and has been a huge issue in the mil for some time. I had more time in FY13 sitting in a classroom going over Suicide Awareness than I did shooting my rifle (to be fair, I am a MSgt and I am not required to shoot…
    The mil isn’t head hunting “patriots”. They are hunting folks who are not maintaining standards, causeing issues like DUIs, spouse/child abuse, drug use – and handing out max punishment – this is due to the drawdown. We draw down to fighting weight after every major war, except for Nam – didn’t have an issue with people wanting to get out after that one. It may not be perfect, and in some cases, not fair (we do loose a few good guys in these things) but it’s the way it works. It helps to ensure taht we keep the best of the best in, and get the rif raf we took in to fill the fighting holes, out. Unless I can talk you into paying more taxes?? We just can’t have our cake and eat it too. this just might be one of those topics that unless you are in, and you have visability on the bigger picture, you might just take a face value, and then click on to another article. There are way too many experts on the web, and I didn’t see any source citing in the original article. I would keep it to an ad for a “Recon Bowie Knife” that no one in any recon comunity would carry…

    • You’re either a liar, an idiot or a paid government shill! So now you expect us to believe that over 100,000 Vets are suicidal?

      And as far as the article not being sourced, you know those underlined words in the article are called links right? The whole article is sourced and points to a number of other supporting articles which are also highly sourced.

      You’re own Generals have come out and confirmed most of what is being said here, that is right before they were purged by Obama. Why don’t you go talk to the 130,000+ that have lost their right to own a gun, ask them if they were targeted. Ask the 197 senior military officers who have been purged since he took office.

      Maybe try asking the 9 top commanders who we’re purged just this year for not towing the Obama line – Ask Gen. Carter Ham, Army; Rear Adm. Charles Gaouette, Navy; Gen. Ralph Baker, Army; Brigadier Gen. Bryan Roberts, Army; Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant, Marine Corps; Maj. Gen. Charles M.M. Gurganus, Marine Corps; Lt. Gen. David Holmes Huntoon Jr, Army; Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, Navy; Major Gen. Michael Carey, Air Force.

      Anyone who does not agree with this administration is being purged from the military!

      Maybe you should just go back to watching cable news, after all they always source their news and would never lead you astray. Oh yeah, if you really are a marine, you’re exactly the kind that Obama will keep on for life so you don’t have to worry about being one of the targeted patriots!

      • It’s a bit of a long read at 53 pages, but it’s a start – FY13 numbers won’t be due until DEC 31 with a publish due date to the COS of May 01, 2014. https://www.va.gov/opa/docs/Suicide-Data-Report-2012-final.pdf

        I am niether a liar, nore and idiot nor a paid gov shill (though I do not know what that is). I am a Marine. I am the one who has to call mothers when their son kills himself. I am the one who has to tell a father that his boy isn’t going to be home for Christmas. I am the one who has to tell a pregnant wife that her husband thought that he was worth more dead than alive, and that his $400,000 vets life insurance won’t be paid because of the suicide clause.
        What I am going to go back to doing, is working with these kids. I don’t watch the news because it’s mostly doom and gloom, and I work the oddest hours of anyone I know.
        Obama has nothing to do with my longevity as a Marine. I will retire in June of 2015, at 22 years regardless of who is in office.

      • I teach special forces , skydiving, tracking, optics, intel, , I never thought I would file a chane link order, command retention and cause, sweeps in some cases realy has you looking local, back rank can or should point out major law issues,, police targeting vets under secret, , orders, is not only a felony, its a move against nato, has happened before, people that hipe the other direction are going that, greed sell ,, check sat def link,

  14. I’ve seen this happen. A friend of mine who is VA disabled for mental issues but who is fully coherent received one of these letters out of the blue. There was absolutely no evidence for this finding and no opportunity to contest it prior to the VA’s decision. This ‘financial responsibility’ is a pretext to strip as many veterans as possible of their gun rights. Period.

  15. Since day one at military funerals the Flag that had draped the casket is presented to the next of kin. With the statement from the Commander in Chief, (The President, Some thing like”The President extends his condolences for your loss”, obama had it changed to “The Secretary of Defense extends…”,with disrespect displayed like that to A military person who has paid the ultimate price, whether it is for your “freedoms” or not, It For sure was for the comrades they with, makes no difference if the cause is/was just or not, you fight for the the people on your side, some being really close, Brothers in arms, after losing some,determination, anger,or perhaps a mix of other driving forces creates a bond that will never fade even through years and generations,I don’t think it takes a “rhodes scholar” to see that,I would ask this of all military personel, current and past Don’t you recall the “Code of Conduct” ,Six, printed on a card & issued to every BODY.The sixth one I will repeat,”I will never forget that I am an American fighting man, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I willtrust in my God and in the United States of America.
    So some of us may not be able to deal with “survivors guilt”,but I believe that most of us don’t or won’t take kindly to some or any of our ranks being jerked around, at any time, Ever. So being an observer from that perspective, I would’nt want to be an individule responsible for pissing off the troops, It has nothing to do with “guns”, it has a lot to do with the Constitution. Take the fire arms, If any Veteran needs them they know how to retrieve/recover, take them from advesaries. What I know for sure is that on the field of battle the American forces have something deep inside our being that can not be taken,example we retrieve wounded under very heavy fire.I saw no other forces ever do this as often as we americans.Enough said, don’t anger up the bulls, they don’t need horns, sorry for the length,not certain if any thing here makes since.

  16. Wow, stripping certain vets under treatment of the right to bear arms in civilian life! Veterans of real warfare almost always suffer some PTSD in my opinion. But that doesn’t make them dangerous to the Republic. Vets for the most part are patriots, much more than I can say of those who will disarm us. Where government slaughters have occurred throughout history, the populace has been disarmed. Hence the reason for our Second Amendment.
    Be advised, retired policemen in the insane State of California MAY own banned so-called assault rifles. You can look it up. The police state is building. I see the day in times of greater inflation, the police, when forced to choose between principle and paycheck, will choose the latter.
    Help the Tea Party elect God-fearing, Constitution-loving candidates this year!

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