Obama Administration to Bypass Congress in Attempt to Make Buying Guns Harder

In the wake of the recent mass shootings, the White House is taking full advantage of these tragedies in an attempt to enact stricter gun control laws. In a session with the press, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney indicated that the Obama administration would use their power to push for gun control. He accused Congress members of failing to enact stronger gun control laws and told the press that the Obama administration would likely take action without congressional approval.

White House Threat to Congress… DOJ will make it harder to buy a gun until Congress passes gun laws

Eric HolderCarney said there’s a “reluctance” by Congress to pass stronger bans and then told the press that President Obama “does support renewing the assault weapons ban.”

Carney went on to say that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, you know the guy who said he wanted to brainwash the public into hating guns, would use their power to make it more difficult for Americans to purchase guns. Carney told reporters that the Justice Department will “enhance security by making it harder for those who should not have these weapons to obtain them” by calling for more background checks.

In my opinion, this has nothing to do with “enhancing security.” If they wanted to enhance security, why don’t they talk about the hundreds of people who have been killed on the streets of Chicago this year because of gang violence? Where’s the media outrage over that? How are enhanced background checks going to solve that problem?

In my opinion this is just another attempt to push their anti-gun agenda. In fact, the current system already blocks criminals from purchasing guns. The current system requires that firearm dealers perform an automated F.B.I. background check on anyone who is trying to purchase a rifle, shotgun or handgun. It prohibits them from selling to anyone who is:

  • A Convicted felon
  • Under indictment for a felony charge
  • A fugitives from justice
  • A drug user
  • Deemed to be mentally incompetent
  • An illegal alien
  • A Legal alien admitted under a non-immigrant visa
  • Dishonorably discharged from the military
  • A person who has renounced their American citizenship
  • A person who has a domestic violence restraining order
  • A person who has been convicted of domestic violence

So who exactly are they planning on adding to this list? It seems to me the current regulations have it pretty well covered!

We will likely see a major crack down on the 2nd Amendment

Calls for gun control have taken over the media airwaves. Over the last couple of weeks, anti-gun activists, politicians and even some so-called “conservatives” have taken to the airwaves in order to push for stricter gun control measures.

Bill Kristol, the neoconservative founder and editor of the The Weekly Standard and a regular commentator on the Fox News Channel, told Fox News:

I don’t think they have a right to semiautomatic, quasi–machine guns that can shoot hundred of bullets at a time. And I actually think the Democrats are being foolish as they are being cowardly. I think there is more support for some moderate forms of gun control.”

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly called on Congress to pass new gun laws requiring the registration of all assault weapons. He then used his show to call for congress to pass more restrictions on buyers and stated that all gun and ammo purchases should be reported to and then tracked by FBI.

Last week on Fox News Sunday, Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia stated that he thought the Second Amendment left open the possibility of gun-control legislation on certain types of  “handheld” weapons.

As we pointed out last week, we have two of the most Anti-Gun Candidates in the country running for office; now that we have people who were once thought to be strict defenders of the 2nd Amendment flip-flopping, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before our right to bear arms becomes something entirely different from what our founders intended.

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  1. Where’s the balance of powers? I think everyone in the executive branch needs to be charged with treason and have their asses thrown in prison or exiled would be better since they have no respect for OUR ” we the people” constitution.

    • It’s the same old thing from the left-wing….disarm law-abiding legal American citizens! They just don’t have the mental capability to understand what would happen to this country if the criminals are the ONLY ones to have guns! DUH!

      O’Reilly and Kristol have been leaning strongly to the left for quite some time! FOX News needs to show them the door to the back alley and tell them not to come back!

        • I stopped watching O’shilly two years ago. Finally saw through his smoke screen and found the lib he really is. Fox should fire him and hire a real conservative.

  2. It makes so much sense now! More laws for us law-abiding citizens to obey while criminals(you know, those pesky people who break the laws) have yet another law to break.
    NEWS ALERT! Criminals break the law! More laws are not going to make a criminal say “Darn, I can’t buy that gun now, it’s illegal.”
    I say arm the masses! When a criminal pulls out his pistol or rifle or shotgun or assault rifle or baseball bat he should know that he may be endangering himself!
    And, I call upon all of our law-enforcement officials. As the officer in Oak Creek(Milwaukee, WI area) did, kill the bastards who do this. Screw the arrest, do away with those useless waste-of-flesh people.
    Oh, by the way, if you are considering killing a bunch of people: you are a loser! Put a bullet in your own head and save everybody else the grief. Why must innocents pay for your being a loser?

    Whew, I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Well now, if they pass enough laws and restrictions, we can ALL be criminals. Then, by their new definition, they can prove that they’ve been right all along.

    • I have been around the world and I’m here to tell you I would rather live somewhere where even the criminals are armed than a place where only the police and military are.

  3. I really don’t want to state the obvious, but if you prevent me and others from legally bearing arms, the criminals are going to continue to buy them on the streets. They get them there now anyway if they cannot get their girlfriends to buy them legally for them in a gun shop…

  4. Why don’t they just pass a law requiring people who plan on going on a shooting rampage, to test their gun on themselves first before shooting anyone else with it? This new law will be just as effective as all the other ones spree killers obey, and the politicans will be able to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

    • Yes Chant, that could work. The could require a shooting rampage license with a paid tax stamp for every innocent you intend to kill.

  5. How about we pull out collective heads out of obama’s rectal cavity, Vote for some one that’s not so self serving… Alternatively, I’d say start buying!
    Laws like locks only keep honest people honest.
    I’m Sure all the gang bangers have concealed weapons permits!

  6. Personally, I feel that background checks truly aren’t effective as they are now. The whole “Deemed to be mentally incompetent” thing only works if a court determined that. It doesn’t cover if they have a history of mental illness. If they’ve been treated for mental illnesses, that needs to be included in the background checks. More stringent laws aren’t the answer. Crazy people and criminals will continue to do what they do. They’ll just find a different way of doing it. But at least something can be done about the crazies.

    • Bob would you have us all willingly submit ourselves for psychological evaluation the next time we want to buy a gun? That would make the background checks a bit more “effective.” How about some kitchen knives? Or rope? Or plastic trash bags that could be used to suffocate someone?

      • Absolutely not. That’s not even what I said. I guess you were in too much of a frenzied furver to actually read my comment. What I’m saying is that anyone who already has a history of mental illness needs to be screened. I’m guessing you took that personally; which would lead me to believe you’re one of the people I’m refering to. To be honest, from looking at your picture, I’m fairly cerain you are. I’ll tell you what though, you’re perfectly welcome to get one of those trash bags you were talking about, and put it over your own head. Please?

        • Except that people will be less likely to be seen if they have a problem if it is going to cause them to lose their rights. This is already seen in the military and how “mental health” is viewed as practically a death sentence for your career (especially for those that are flyers).

          I also like the ad hominem attacks that you have now resorted to. Those that resort to such attacks have almost always already lost the arguement and turn to belittling others to try and cover up the weakness of their arguement.

          • To be honest, I still have plenty of logical argument to go. I just felt like attacking this guy personally, since he went off on an illogical rant. I felt compelled to follow suit.

        • Well.. there are valid points on each side of this point. I do know that two shooters (Co and Va.) had been seeing Dr.s and each Dr had concerns about the public safety. It would be scary to place in the hands of one dr that might see a patient and “read” depression whereby the patient might harm themselves and yet another dr. might see that same patient and diagnose it as “rage” and of potential harm to society. Tis a fine line!

        • Jimmy CC: What Bob was trying to get at (I think) is that nobody should have the right to probe someone’s medical records to ferret out that information as part of a background check. I think the problem is one of unreasonable expectations on the part of many people – particularly progressives – that life should be perfect and nothing bad should ever happen. Bad people are the problem, not the tools they use to do bad things. There was recently a report of a Chinese fellow who murdered multiple people with a knife…so outlaw knives? Silly, right? YOu cannot prevent a crazy person from doing crazy things. What is worse is to disarm everyone so that the crazy person gets no resistance at all. If the people in the theatre in CO had been able to respond with force, fewer people would have been wounded or killed but nothing would have stopped the guy from doing his dirty deed.

  7. All the mass shootings are Just what Obama needed.
    I should say Exactly what the U.N. Planned.
    Has anyone here wondered how so many felons can all have firearms ?
    Who has been arming Mexican Nationals / drug cartels ?
    See any similarities in Fast & Furious and the gang violence in the U.S. ??
    The key denominator in 90% all gun Violence can be traced back to one scenario.
    Global Firearms for only the enemies within & abroad.
    Ever give any thought about the Fact that all Admins have been covertly disarming law abiding American citizens while Arming funding, Leading
    Every war on the Globe.
    If “We The People’s” Security was the primary Objective in disarming Americans , why hasn’t the gun Control freaks stopped Arming our enemies ?
    Because Gun Control Is People Control.
    All Politicians ,regardless of their Publicized
    stance on gun Control are For Controls.
    It’s the Politicians who are afraid of “We The People” bearing arms against their Treasonous azzes.
    It has not one dammed thing to do with Gangs, Psychos etc. Other than the street violence being the tool / excuse for the politico’s total Control of the Masses.
    FYI; The Similarities in all the mass shootings only serves to raise my suspicions about What Gov agency is Brainwashing / Drugging the Perps into carrying out their assaults.
    Sounds over the top maybe, for now, However one needs to recall, simple History to learn how the Communist / Marxist of the past promoted, created Gun Control for the “Greater Good” .
    What President reintroduced the Phrase “Greater Good” in several of his Propaganda speeches ?

  8. They (the gov) are trying to control a situation that cannot be controlled!! Nobody knows how or why one day a law biding citizen and legal gun owner suddenly snaps and goes on a rampage. Instead of disarming the masses for their own political agenda, they need to empower us to use any force necessary to stop a threat wether its a crazy guy with an AR or local gang bangers shooting up the local stop and rob.
    I believe they should have free tactical training available to anyone with a permit. Wishful thinking on my part but a deterent to the bad guys non the less if they new everyone was trained properly.
    Now as far as the clinton style ban, that proved a useless waste of millions at the tax payers expense. I was still able to purchase an AR, along with high capacity mags, as long as they were pre-ban mags. And really who the hell needs a bayonet attachment? Seriously, the big weapons manufacturers must love it, cuz anytime theirs a proposed ban theirs a run on the market with people like myself stocking up!
    This whole system put gently in one word is “FUCKED”
    Semper Fi

    • I agree with you on the training. I do not agree, however, with “anyone with a permit”. The 2nd SHOULD be all the permit we need. I guarantee you there is not one bad guy out there with a permit. The 2A says I have a right to keep and bear arms. It doesn’t say I have the right to after getting further permission from a gov agency. Our given rights are all slowly going away. And we are letting it happen.

      • Keith, I have to go with you on that one!…
        The best advice I’ve heard in a long time: “Buy precious metals, brass and lead”..

  9. Many of you on here like on many sites don’t like Christianity But “IF” any of you remember the story of the three Hebrew children in the Book of Daniel,and how Nebuchadnezzar made a 90’foot golden image that he enforced on all languages,nations,and people throughout the empire to bow down too when the music played.And how he threw those three men of God into the furnace [which was so hot that even the guards were killed who threw them in it].Anyway horbama is acting just like that old king of the Babylonian empire of that time with his “I’m greater than god” persona! The Word warned us of times that would be perilous! But the three Hebrew children DIDN’T Bow,or Burn and we as Americans shouldn’t give into their false “green peace loving gods” either!Our Fore Fathers could see these present day’s I firmly believe,and thats the exact reason for our Constitutional Rights!

  10. The obama admininstration won’t be happy till they abolish the 2nd amendment in our Bill of Rights–I despise these liberal MOONBATS!–I only have 2 guns and will only answer,that they can try to take my guns!

  11. In the Virgina Tech and Gaby Giffords shootings, LE knew about the shooters, had plenty of contact with the shooters, but because they did not update the FBI NICS system, the shooters were able to buy guns. In the Aurora, CO, shooting, the Psychiatrist knew he was a problem, but again alerted no one.

    If we enforced the laws already on the books, as you published, these people would not have been able to ‘legally’ get firearms.

    I’m a firearms dealer in CA, the toughest state for gun laws.

    I love your reference to Chicago, a city that is a poster child for, “When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns.” IL is the only state without a concealed carry law, so criminals who will never obey the laws operate with impugnity, knowing they can kill as they wish.

    Paul Johnson
    Escondido, CA

  12. Not suprised that Holder wants guns taken away. Being a Felon for Perjury he is not allowed to own one nor is Bill Clinton also Perjury & not Ted Kennedy leaving the scene of an accident involving a Fatality was definitely a Felony

  13. It’s a shame they weren’t so concerned about Gun Control when the DOJ, let drug dealers bent on killing Mexican and American citizens, have mlitary weapons

  14. I’m a strict constitutionalist and I don’t believe that most of of the above restrictions are constitutional let alone have more of them. Illegal aliens and renounced citizenship, yes, why? not covered by our constitution. Not a citizen. Dihonorable discharge and domestic violence convictions are misdemeanors and restraining orders don’t convict anyone of anything and they are very easy to get without any proof. Even convicted felons after their time is served and probation completed should have both their voting and second amendment rights restored. Violent behavior history/Mental incompetence may be the only one I would agree with as long as the proof used was beyond reasonable doubt and not anecdotal, circumstancial or contrived.Beware the government that wants to expand reasons to violate your rights. The second amaendment is second for a reason. It is second most important to the first!

  15. “We will likely see a major crack down on the 2nd Amendment”

    No we won’t. After Obamacare’s passage complete with the big finger, we will likely see a major crack down on government.

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