Obama Administration Promises: More Gun Control Laws Coming

The Obama Administration is about to take steps to push through more gun laws, and they’re threatening political opponents by telling them they will have “political hell to pay” if they get in their way.

Early this morning Vice President Joe Biden spoke at a White House event and told the crowd, “The country has changed,” … “You will pay a political price for not getting engaged with dealing with gun safety.”

Sandy Hook to be Exploited Again…

The Obama administration is trying to capitalize on the sixth month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Shootings, and is using the tragedy to yet again sway public sympathy in their favor. The administration has sent out Sandy Hook victims’ relatives to meet with lawmakers in order to make emotional pleas to push through further gun control legislation.

Ironically, as the administration attempts to yet again re-engage on the gun control debate, a report issued by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS-a component of the Justice Department) shows that firearm homicides in general, and violence at schools, has decreased substantially during the last two decades.

The BJS Report showed that:

  • Firearm-related homicides declined 39%, from 18,253 in 1993 to 11,101 in 2011
  • Nonfatal firearm crimes declined 69%, from 1.5 million victimizations in 1993 to 467,300 victimizations in 2011.

While the administration would like the public to believe there’s an epidemic of gun violence, the numbers show something entirely different. In fact, the only places we see an increase in gun violence is in cities with the greatest number of gun control laws.

In cities like Chicago, where it’s almost impossible for a law-abiding citizen to own a gun, we’ve seen an explosion in violence. The very cities that are set up as beacons of the liberal gun control policies are the same cities where criminals are running wild. Over the past ten years, more people have been murdered on the streets of Chicago than the number of American forces that have died in Afghanistan.

Despite what the numbers show, the Gun Grabbers are starting to win the debate.

Unfortunately the anti-gunners don’t seem to have a need for things like facts and figures. As a Fox News article that covered the BJS report points out, a recent Pew Research Center poll found that while “The gun homicide rate in 2010 was the lowest it had been since [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] began publishing data in 1981,” 56 percent of respondents believe that gun crime is higher than it was two decades ago, against only 12 percent who believe it is lower.

Another interesting fact in the BJS report, especially when you consider this administration continues to demonize so-called “assault rifles”, was the fact that about 80% of firearm homicides and 90% of nonfatal firearm victimizations were committed with a handgun from 1993 to 2011. So when you consider these numbers, why is it “assault rifles” that are always targeted by this administration?

We need to do a better job of informing people to what the facts really are. Guns save lives, and the numbers show it.

If we’re not careful we could lose this debate, and our rights along with it. From targeting school children who dare believe in the 2nd amendment, to successfully helping to  dry up ammo supplies for American Citizens, this government is ruthless and relentless in what they will do to win.

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  1. We need to stand together an stay strong, it would be nice if the ammo company’s would stop selling there ammo to the goverment an let us Americans buy it. Why support a cause that does not follow the Constitution and in the long run they will use that ammo on the US people and the ammo companies that sold it to them.

    • Thank you Al, we do need to stand together. As firearm owners we need to support each other if we ever if we want to retain our freedoms.

  2. The problem with standing together is that you just make a bigger target for big brother.Buy what you can when you can but don,t be afraid to use it when you need to.

  3. All of us who are willing to stand against the government as it steals our rights should have some type of correspondence with each other, which should not be on websites like this where the NSA will be monitoring the things we write to each other. As government gets bigger and stronger, the power of U.S. citizens becomes diminished.So, under Pres. Obama and his untouchable, and unaccountable cronies, we are all in serious trouble. Americans who don’t believe in big government need to stand together.

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