Obama threatens to bypass congress: Says he will use Executive Actions to Govern Country

President Obama is threatening to no longer work with congress, and says he will instead govern through executive orders.

Obama, in a meeting with his cabinet, said:

“We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we are providing Americans the kind of help that they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” Obama said.

Obama continued: ”And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward in helping to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible, making sure that our businesses are getting the kind of support and help they need to grow and advance, to make sure that people are getting the skills that they need to get those jobs that our businesses are creating.”

While he didn’t directly mention going after guns, he did draft two orders last week that will allow the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services to access your private medical records in order to determine if you are mentally stable enough to own a firearm. So I would expect even more gun control attempts through executive orders during the next couple of weeks.

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  1. I think he is trying to be a fascist and attempting to turn us into a third world country where we have no say on anything and if we do then we will be persecuted.

        • AMEN…They want my guns, Come get em…I’ll willing to die for beliefs and freedoms…are you willing to die to try to take them!

      • Uhh, I am a combat computer key border with a background in internet patriot messaging.
        That means I will email and type messages about our US Gov. from the couch in between my potato chips and my 3rd dinner for the evening.

        • I hope that every one reading this will agree with Vegas Jim, as I do. We The People are being leaded by the nose or given the choice of the REPUBLICAN way OR the Democrat way,( for give my poor wording please), an the party’s just sit back an Laughing an eating , drinking at the same table. We the people yell at each other , put down each other , all the while the two Party’s are going look at them fighting each other isn’t that sweet! So Please stop with the this Party an that Party , tell them “WE THE PEOPLE” had enough an get some Good Old persons from the dirt in office. Remember “Will Rogers”. Made thing simple easy speaking an Always got to the point in stead of this talk, talk,an then you have know Idea what the Heck there talking about! We need first an up most to take care of home “FIRST”, An to heck with the Poop out side the USA.The worst part is that them in DC. are to darn close to each other an they pick who is come up an who is well just sitting. No I don’t have all the answers but we together sure can. thank you for your time an hope your eye’s don’t hurt.God Bless America !


    • why Kenya? his was born in this country if you think he should be impeached, contact your congress person, and good luck with that one

        • Funny how the only person that did prove he was born here was given a “Clinton” for that effort in an “accident”. The only President to pay millions to hide his records while he demands his opponents be released, unabated. Lib er al…..you should be careful. Your head is planted too firmly up your backside, you’re not gonna be able to see it when “der leader” comes to collect his penance.

      • If he was born here why has he been using countless SS numbers that dont belong to him? Why is the Head of Social Security currently in hot water because they have failed to supply a judge with Obamas records? Stalling and for a third time asking for a continuance. Obamas is a as crooked as the hind leg of a dog! He is a U.N. plant and he should be charged with espionage as per our laws.

        • Mike B… I think you are right. Honestly anyone who is possible of critical thinking and putting together the facts can see the bigger picture. Anyone who is not able to see it has become part of the matrix.

        • what difference does it make where he was born, he is in power now and we can’t do anything about that. What we can do is keep our eyes on our Lord and trust in Him and Him alone

  2. I think this global economy collapse is hand in hand with his anti gun laws, and every other thing he and his puppeteers are doing to provoke us into civil war, and induce martial law, where he will be locked in white house. Pay ATTENTION to what’s going on, don’t fall for media hype about distracting bs. This whole thing will be going up soon. I guarantee it.

    • Why does everyone blame Obama for everything that happens in this country? Seriously, gun control didn’t start with him. It’s been going on in one form or another since the birth of this country. The modern gun-control era can be pinned onto the HCI, which is now renamed the Brady Campaign. Anyone remember him? Geesh, a freaking Republican. But, but, it’s the black antichrist’s fault. He was born in Kenya. waaaa. Yeah, fine, Obama’s a statist pig, along with every president this country has had. But quit blaming HIM for every bump in the night. America is fucked up and it has nothing to do with Obama or Bush or or or. We the people keep voting these POS’s into office, along with every congress person.

      • Obuma is a total lier everything out his mouf is BS. Instead of putting people to work his first year was spent trying to pass Obuma care which is a total failure. he wouldn’t even pass the bill to support the oil pipe line from Canada which would have created thousands of jobs and reduced our oil imports from the countries that hate us. I remember as a kid growing up I was always told NO other country can defeat us militarily That we can only be defeated from with In I never understood how until now. which is exactly what obuma is doing is going to defeat us from within by financially and economically collapsing us why all the bail outs and spending money like crazy like the solar panel fiasco. yet no one was held accountable or even put in jail and if ur against Obuma the “the media persecute you and call you racist. Also there flooding us with illegal aliens to throw more fuel on the fire then there the Benghazi incident and lets not forget the IRS scandal yet the panzi liberal media is Hush Hush F!@#@ Tards they should be calling his A$$ out on everything he does I cant wait til the whole thing Implodes Obuma can take every penny these clowns have and they will still Love him well I’m not one of them This is a great country until we stopped caring and lost our balls to stand up for whats right I don’t care what they say Gays or try to make us believe homosexuals and being gay is not right same sex couples is Immoral. The pundits can spin it any way they like I’m not a hater I have nothing against others what they do behind closed doors is there business and shouldn’t be pushed onto society to young kids to think its right no way Im sorry but I like P!s$sy ok that’s how you have a family and when its on tv I just flip the channel or I block those channels and I teach my kids wrong and right peace out all GOD Bless all and the USA all haters can kiss my A$$ I have views and right as well as you we have equal Opinions that’s all

        • The oil pipeline through Canada is a despicable act of greed. This oil pipeline will destroy thousands of acres of Canadian forestland. All because the US refuses to loosen its dependence on fossil fuels. Frankly, the oil produced there should be used to support the Canadian requirements of oil/fuels before exporting it out and still raising the cost of gas here locally. Gas here is 1.30 per litre, which translates to $4.94 per US gallon. In addition to that our cost of living has risen by approx 300% over a period of 10 years while wages have actually lowered for most jobs. Many employers can now hire new immigrants who will work labour jobs for minimum wage when 10 years ago that same job was paying 3-4 dollars above minimum wage.

  3. Somehow I thought he was limited in using executive orders. Since he no longer is involving the other branches of the govt in his doings, this makes him a dictator. If he can do whatever he wants we might as well dissolve the constitution and disband the govt. This is the effect this has on our country. When is someone going to do something about this? Isnt this what our elected officials supposed to be doing? Taking care of business? Or are they only covering their own asses and position and throwing us all to the dogs?

      • Not in today’s world. NSA collects and stores all data….you only need to “arouse suspicion”. Then they can comb through and find what they need. The most prosecuted crime in Nazi Germany…..not turning in “violators”. You’re the one that needs a clue.

    • Yes and no on the limited executive orders. In some things the office of president is limited, but that’s where it gets tricky with the Supreme Court. They aren’t exactly interested in curbing the actions of things policies that make them more powerful. It’s all about pulling power away from the people and into the hands of the government. Let’s remember the old saying. “All evil needs to win is for good men to do nothing.”

    • When are “we” going to do something about the wrongs done. Don’t think it is going to do any good to vote for the right guy. Good guys can be threatened and bought. Try starting with one issue at a time & find a group,petition site, etc. It’s not about waiting for “someone” to do something. It’s about us doing what we can.

  4. No one is doing anything because this whole issue, and many more panic issues, are a load of hooey. Remember that when you look back and the sky never fell.

  5. Wake up America! He’s probably the best President your ever going to get! the Dude cares about the people! It’s stupid enough your gun laws surely you want your medical records checked to have a gun so the whack job next door doestnt shoot you and your family! whith this I place might cut your murders and crime down to every few hours instead of minutes! 3rd world YOU are 3rd world as far as free medicine goes!And you are still practicing Genital multilation “circumcision” American’s are known world wide as the most ignorant country! yep I’m Half Australian and Half Anerican so loose the tunnel vision People…..

    • oxygen……R U breathing Helium? This moron at the helm isn’t worth his weight in dogshit! The best since who? Putin? Hussein? Khomeini? lol

    • Oxygen, you are more like half progressive and half clueless. You might look at Germany in the 30’s, Russia thru out history, North Korea and Cuba if you think it is wrong for citizens to own guns. If you are half Australian you will know that the quoted outcome of your country’s gun laws were all lies. But then again I believe you are a progressive commie!

      • Firstly we haven’t lost our guns its still easy to own a gun in Australia we have just put checks and balances in place to make sure mentally unstable or convicted criminals don’t own one. Secondly since we put those checks and balances in place there have been no psychos massacring innocent civilians, which was the desired outcome.

        • Guess what, we also have those checks and balances here too. The mentally unstable or criminals cannot legally obtain a firearm here. All of the mass shootings were committed by someone whom stole a gun or obtained it through the proper channels. The common link….liberal progressive with mental health issues. Just who determines if you are mentally fit? what qualifications are there? This isn’t about saving “the people”, it’s an obvious attempt at disarming us whatever means necessary and going around the checks and balances put in place by our founding fathers.

    • He has doubled the national debt, taken dozens of lavish vacations on our tab, and allowed Americans to be butchered while ignoring their plead for help. He is the worse thing to ever happen to to America. I hope he pays dearly for hos crimes.

    • Oxygen myself and everyone who has read your comment is now dumber for it. You need to make that proverbial popping noise by pulling your head out of your butt, clean the crap from your eyes and ears and wake the hell up.

    • Americans are dumb, yet this Australian, who can’t spell or construct a proper paragraph that actually makes sense, is smarter. Seems legit.

    • Really Oxygen? Go back to Australia, other countries are very jealous your not very bright are you? It’s dumbasses like you that are allowed to vote in our country that fucked it all up to begin with!

  6. In the ’40s, ’50s and into the ’60s that kind of thinking came from ‘UPPITY N
    ……’……blacks. And look what happened to them!

  7. I’m tiered of people taking up for obama he’s a fuckup and every one knows it. and when nothing goes his way him and all of those obama lovers yell raceisum.us Americans are fed up with the whole Obama race card shit us white people are over it and blacks should do he same we hate Obama for his brain less ways and he will never be a leader in this country

  8. it must be a scarey thought nowing ur own goverment is murdering its own people for profit and power.obama is not in charge hes a puppet on a string answering to an elite few that tells him what to do hes just a fall guy nothing more

    • Nate you are spot on about the puppet. There are about five or six people in the US and maybe twenty or so that run the entire world, money can buy anything including a pres.

  9. Maybe the problem isn’t the President using this power. Maybe it’s the fault of a country that can’t spell.
    “Tiered” TIRED
    “Scarey” SCARY
    “Anerican” AMERICAN
    And the ever popular butchering of your and you’re.

    If you would have paid minimal attention in school, you could form a decent sentence. Don’t blame the education system. They put it in front of you. You just didn’t do it. The same way most of you didn’t actually vote in the last 2 elections. Don’t for one second try to argue the point. We are screwed. Plain and simple. But, we can come back. We will come back. How? I don’t know.

    But the alternative? Total government control?
    I think not friends. We need a leader who will fight for us. Who will put our needs above those other countries.
    Yes. I may sound heartless. But you can pull the splinter out of someone else’s hand with a plank in your eye. Fix America 1st. Then, if we can. Help others.

  10. This is unfortunately happening out of the stubborness of the congress to pass bills that have all put our country on halt… Remember the government is supposed to represent THE MAJORITY… But this has been bought out by the corporate and elite… I don’t support any party except MAKING AMERICA (every one) successful… This will not work with us allowing our leaders to be the top earners or their puppets… We need to find renewable and sustainable living for every community without need of outside resources so that we leave this mindset of a throw away world….This has to be our national goal…so STOP the bickering and demand a GOVERMENT that supports this…any other bitching is wasting our children’s future….

    • “Remember the government is supposed to represent THE MAJORITY…”

      Actually, no, it’s not. If that was the goal, we’d have been set up as a direct/pure democracy. The reality is that our system was set up specifically to ensure that the majority did NOT rule all the time–i.e. that major population centers did not always call the shots at the expense of the more sparsely-populated, rural and non-urban areas. This may sound crappy, but think about it: would you want the socialists and communists who tend to populate and spread their ideology in major urban areas calling the shots all the time because they have the numbers…or would you like to have their influence at least blunted by the (often) out-state vote?

  11. A few years back the Australian government created new gun laws off the back of a conspiracy called the port Arthur massacre. There is no theory about this one and any shooter knows that 35 shell casings and 33 dead people is the work of pros not a lunatic. Anyway they picked an actual lunatic so pretty much can’t defend himself and there you have it, job done. I understood how, but not why, as we never had a gun problem. It was a test for what they are trying to do in the US, as they try to pull the country down from the inside. The elite don’t want the US as a superpower- You can’t have 2 superpowers and the elite made it pretty clear after the GFC they want China running the show as they own nearly 80% of the US. Don’t give up your guns! Rant over

    • Dan I totally agree with you and so many people are waking up to what is truly going on.For the people who dont know what is going on there are still many who at least know that things are not right and there is something bad in the works.
      There is no plan to hand over the guns. Not while we are alive.

  12. He is an Islamist. Studied Communism. Belonged to a Communist league when he was younger. He and his family are heavily connected, to Communism as well as very powerful people running the real government. He has an education in Constitutional law and is not a lawyer, nor a member of the bar Association . He was put in place to deal with taking the Constitution apart at all cost, enacting martial law and disarming the population. A population without guns is easy to manage. We’re in for a Tyrannical future. There is a direct line connecting Stalin, Marks, Lenin, Hitler to Obama. Read Orwell’s 1984 you’ll get the “Big Picture”
    His depopulation agenda using Monsatan, Big Pharm and Medical care are the last link to the Money Men who control the world. He wants a piece of the multi-billion dollar pie that’s floating out there. If his GMO, Franken-Science machine ( Monsatan) doesn’t survive and his Obama care flounders, he’ll probably throw in the towel and go for broke. He’s not an American and doesn’t have the interests of this country at heart. Beware this man is pure evil.

    • Bert you have been reading outside the main stream media pool of treat them like mushrooms.
      You have stated what only a few of us know to be fact, watch your back.

  13. No one should be bypassing Congress! We the people have checks and balancesto protect us from power hungry facists for a reason. We thanks to our for-fathers and the constitution have the right to vote representitives into congress to represent both political parties and give the people a voice. If we willing give that away because its nicely covered by a facaud of smoke and mirrors. Would we eat shit just because someone told us it was healthy for us?

  14. This dude needs to go one he is destroying our military he is brain waisting our children and he is trying to disarm the citizens for his own agenda of taking over total control of the people….. I think it’d time the emperor must fall before it gets any worse than it is already…

  15. Checks and balances?? The only “checks” are going straight to the IMF and their cronies and the balances (our taxes) are dwindling due to unemployment and overspending. Voting (for anyone in their system) is not going to accomplish anything. Turn off the “programming box” and start helping out your neighbors, regardless of their ethnicity or religious beliefs. Stop believing that “things and bling” is what gives you your identity. OR, keep asking those who have been voted in to do something and keep getting more of what we have! Mr. Anonymous said it best. All that is needed for evil to win is for good men to do nothing!

  16. Parts of his gun laqs makes sense…if your a nut job you shouldn’t have a gun period! The assault rifle ban and its definitions are the only part that’s unconstitut. And seriously if you think him being in office is this whole work conspiracy to destroy our country explain WHY? Don’t just spout crazy nonsense with no legit proof….idiot rednecks.

    • Just watch and pay attention. Look between your legs as you watch the whirlpool suck the country down the toilet. If you didn’t notice, the US is bankrupt and the presses are still running and the goons are at your doorstep. Wake up. sheesh!

  17. He has doubled the national debt, taken dozens of lavish vacations on our tab, and allowed Americans to be butchered while ignoring their plead for help. He is the worse thing to ever happen to to America. I hope he pays dearly for hos crimes.

  18. Can’t wait for the revolution to start. At least we can finally eliminate the communists in this country that is supporting this ass wipe by putting them where they belong, in their grave.

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