Obama names Ebola Czar with ZERO Medical or Emergency Management Experience

Today, after being criticized for multiple failures in their response to the Ebola crisis, the Obama administration announced they have named an Ebola Czar to deal with the continuing crisis. The problem is instead of picking an actual emergency preparedness or disease expert; they picked a political lobbyist with no experience in emergency preparedness or disease management and prevention.

Today, Ron Klain was picked to head up the country’s emergency management and response to Ebola. Klain, best known for being Al Gore’s lawyer during the “hanging chad” controversy during the 2000 presidential election, is apparently the best is administration could do – which is pretty sad, and confirms much of what I’ve been saying about our country’s lack of preparedness.

Klain, a long-time lobbyist and divisive political operative, was a debate preparation adviser to President Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry. He was also a key player in administering the Obama administrations failed 2009 stimulus program.

They picked a Lobbyist/PR guy over an Expert in Disease Prevention.

This is exactly what I’ve been warning about for some time now. These people care more about PR than they do about the health and safety of the American people. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not just the Obama administration, it’s the entire government. It’s a deep-rooted problem that was here long before this administration; this one just seems to be exceptionally good at making problems even worse.

Why would you pick a Political PR guy to head up the country’s Ebola response? This guy has ZERO public health, infectious disease, emergency management or healthcare experience; how exactly does this address the fundamental preparedness problems were facing?

What’s needed here is not another political flunky; we have a whole government that’s made up of those kinds of people on both sides of the aisle. What we need is an actual expert who can reform this country’s emergency preparedness agencies, and make sure we’re actually ready to deal with the threats that are out there. This is just one more example, in a long string of examples, that shows just how important personal preparedness really is. You are the only person you can count on.

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  1. I think that this administration is doing exactly as they intended to since the first election. Which is to cripple the US. The whole government needs a huge overhaul! I am sure that the founders of our nation are doing somersaults in their graves for what has been happening over the years.It seems that there are very few, if any who enter into congress that actually give two thoughts of how things will affect our countries people. The american people have been and are continually losing their freedoms and “non americans” seem to be gaining. My only hope is that we can make it through the rest this term and what will happen between now and then. The fact that now there is some schmuck in charge of the Ebola issue (that i am sure is bound to get much worse) who has no clue on what he is doing, just shows how little our leaders care, and for the administration to decide to send our troops over to help with the crisis in Africa, just makes me livid! Our Troops have no business being there. I have plenty of friends and family that serve our country and I fear for their safety.

    • I agree! I’ve said all along this is Obola’s design. He has put in place all the policies and people needed to do harm from the beginning.

    • Tiffany
      U just said exactly what I’ve been thinking since the obama administration started running this country into the ground ! Thank u

    • Tiffany,

      I agree with you 150%! I shudder to think about what the next 2 years will bring. Obama and his administration has/have continuously usurped, overrun, stomped on and has just fallen short of shredding our Constitution. I am a retired Army vet with 32 years of service and a Vietnam vet (’67”68). I was over there 3 months when I discovered that we had no business being there. Those factions in the Middle East have been fighting each other since Biblical times & we have no business being there to impose any kind of government that smacks of democracy or a republic. I (and my military brothers) took an oath to “defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. . . .” And I would do it again if called upon, but not in another foreign country. But, if the real bad guys, WHOEVER they are, make a decision to kill and murder AMERICAN citizens, I will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure that I am defending our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

  2. History does repeat itself. I want to point out a similarity to what happened in 1918 with the Spanish Flu Pandemic, a disease that killed between 40 and 100 million worldwide or five percent of the entire population, and what is happening now in the US with ebola, the appointment of a person as Health Commissioner for a major city, a very major city, a man who had no medical experience, a political appointee. He wasn’t even a doctor. Let us hope things don’t turn out as they did in 1918.

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