Obama Administration Passes New Order Making it easier to seize guns without due process

It seems the Obama administration is keeping its word on using the Department of Justice to restrict the rights of gun owners in America.

The Washington Times is reporting that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has just given the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) new powers that will make it easier for the ATF to seize American citizens guns without due process of law.

According to our laws, American citizens must be convicted or charged with a crime before the government can seize their firearms. Under these new Obama Administration rules, Due Process just got thrown right out the window.

The ATF has been given the authority to “seize and administratively forfeit property involved in controlled substance abuses.” This means that anyone suspected of substance abuse can now have their firearms seized without even being arrested.

According to the Times, this gives the federal government the power to seize the guns of citizens, even if they are merely suspected of substance abuse. These citizens do not have to be officially charged or arrested. Hell they don’t even have to be guilty.

Under these new rules, you are effectively deemed guilty by default, and will likely never see your property without engaging in a long and costly legal battle with the federal government. For those that think this power won’t be abused, just look at how Tennessee is abusing a similar law and seizing paper currency from people who have never been charged with a crime.


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  1. It appears that this administration is making it’s own rules/laws as it goes and our only hope is for Nov.8 to bring in a new administration.

      • got that right…globalization conspiracy as the masses sleep….they tore up the constitution…and media is part ofthe conspiracy….keep the masses sleeping and misdirected……….

    • This is the Freedom of the What? As a retiring member of The First Operational Detachment, and a founding member this is NOT what I gave my all and the lives of friends to have our rights taken from us! This is Just what Thomas Jefferson was afraid of and penned and Stated their should be a revolution every twenty years!!! Sad so sad as we come home and see despite like this. God where are the men with common sence? I will us my vote and voice and when they come for mine they will fine it being used to remove there’s! Michael this Country is about to explode?! Everyone around me see the same. At what point will the masses stop believing a 5 second blurb!
      Sir my prayers are with you.

  2. totally stupid. can’t believe the american policy makers let this fly. total disregard for the second amendment and the rights of our citizens.

    proves the republicans better stand up and get this guy iut of office. wish I new who voted and passed this. someone should post all their names and emails

    • Even after the election, there is still two full months of Fearless Leader if he loses.
      We’ll all be facing a NWO like it or not. All that resist will be placed into internment (FEMA) camps and systematically reprogrammed (brainwashed) or disappear.
      Perhaps all the “preparations” people are making to survive whatever disaster can be perceived should be refocused on “surviving” a NWO using whatever means possible until it can be overcome.

  3. this move is not totallyunexpected – just look at his track record – he circumvents what he knows he can’t run over… beyond that, turncoat mitt is nothing more than what my assigned moniker suggests: he’s a demonazilibtard in a red dress for “cosmetic” purposes… he has verbally sanctioned ALL of 0bamination’s activities and maneuvers in the last nearly 4 years so don’t expect any change whatsoever… he is already quoted as saying he’ll “keep parts of 0bamination UNhealthcare” which means the individual mandate will remain in place since that is one of the most hotly contested line items… we’re in for 4 more years of open, unmitigated, ever-encroaching socialism with Vitalis Man – mark it down…

    better be/get prepped very soon because it isn’t going to be pretty…

  4. I suggest you all be ready before the election. It’s going down hill regardless of who wins. Just because the player changes doesn’t mean the game does. Get it together and be ready to move. I can’t believe it’s gotten this far without some kind of retaliation. Either way, when the SHTF like I’m sure it will, I’m off to the wilderness. Good luck everyone.

  5. not to rain on anyone’s parade, but could one of you provide a link to this order?
    i like to individually confirm stuff that i read /hear and have not been able to locate it on the white house website.

  6. The Police state will become the new norm. there may be pockets of resistance but the majority of Americans won’t fight. we will become like Nazi germany. look at how far they’ve pushed us but do we push back? no. we just wait for the new president to change things.

  7. This administration has had a goal of total “Gun control” since the beginning. When obama made the speech in Mexico in April ’09 blaming border gun shop owners for shipping guns across the border, I sent e-mails to everyone I know, saying, this is a move by the government to undermine the 2nd ammendment. Then came “Fast & Furious”. obama claimed he knew nothing about it and had no meetings discussing it. Holder gets caught lying to congress, subpinas were issued, and obama claims “executive privledge” after claiming , he had no knowledge of it.
    Which is it? He is a liar and a thief, guilty of violating the constitution. He was elected in ’08, based on Ignorance, of his background. If re-elected, it will be based on Stupidity.

    • While the embassy attack in Libya and with increased demonstrations at US facilities in Egypt and other near east locations, I believe it is only a matter of time before the next Executive Order placing us closer to a Fearless Leader proclaimed National Emergency.

      Additionally claims of being at war not being a time to change leadership rhetoric will likely surface, and could all be part of a ‘master plan.’ If the government can get away with assassinating a President to attain a goal, what is an Ambassador?

  8. Well, It is clearly over. The NWO started long ago, where were you all? it will happen. Accept and hope that you make enough money to buy food, seeds for your own food garden and water. We can do without all the other crap. Maybe 3D is coming to an end. urgent time to focus your strength to inner peace, open third eye and remove the negative forces from your environment. We are all light waves vibrating and experiencing this dimension here on earth. Time to advance to the next stage.

    • Yep, at some point in time we will all be moving on to the next stage; it IS inevitable. There is nothing anyone can do about it other than attain the best quality of life that you can. I agree with focusing on being at peace with yourself and your loved ones and accept that as it is.

    • Really? What are “you” as an individual going to do about it?

      Are you going to rally together thousands of people to stand up against the current regime?

      Are you going to stop the people that have the power and control to keep going on with the BS that is happening now? If so, you should run for office so you could be in a position to maybe do something about it.

      I honestly believe that we, as individuals, are unable to come together as a collective and do anything productive in making changes to the inefficiencies of the current leadership, or to turn around the economy and increase job situations.

      If you believe that making statements that the forthcoming $#!t that is coming down the pike and that there is little to nothing any of us can do about it other than accept it, make peace with ourselves and our loved ones and ride the wave that is coming as best we can implies we are nothing but “a bunch of pussies,” please, enlighten us with your miraculous fix all.

      I guarantee I am not a pussy, as a veteran I would again stand by and with any soldier / warrior with arms in hand to fight the good fight. I have sworn my oath to defend this country and our constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and take that oath seriously just as every man in my family has for generations dating back to the Continental Army taking up arms against the British.

      The $#!t is coming, that is inevitable; however it occurs, we must all make peace within ourselves to do what we must to retain a respectable quality of life for us and ours as best we can. That does not include singular comments like “you all sound like a bunch of pussies” without any reasonable foundation backing up such weak statements.

      Respectfully, I would love to hear it if you have something meaningful to offer.

      • I am impressed at the amount of words you put in my mouth in a singular post. The distinction between a survivalist and a lunatic is made incredibly clear in the comment section(and much of the content)of this website. A survivalist ensures that he or she has the knowledge and preparation for a disaster. A lunatic fixates on a singular cause of the end of the world as we know it. If you have lost faith in this country, I truly feel sorry for you sir. I have seen this country go through some serious shit, and each step along the way there were people like those who comment on this website, people like yourself, who say ‘this is it’ and spew hate at whoever is in charge. They strap on their tinfoil hats and drink the kool-aid. You all seem so eager for the shit to hit the fan, as if you encourage it.

        • Kool-aid… If it smells like crap and tastes like crap, it must be crap. There is also a fine line between a genius and madness and it is often straddled on both sides many different times through ones life.

          I do not believe I have lost faith in this country, as there are more good people out their with good intentions and strong convictions for doing what is right than there are people with evil or unscrupulous intent. I have however progressively lost faith in the elected leadership of this country over the past four decades; unfortunately when the only options remaining simply because they had more money to stay afloat longer than a better candidate make it a decision of the lesser of two evils, that puts everyone between a rock and a hard spot. I believe it will take a national catastrophic event before all the good people rise to the occasion. Unfortunately after a catastrophic event many of those good people will not be around to make that stand.

          I also believe the mess our country is collectively in is a result of many terms of elected officials going back to at least Nixon and even earlier. I also believe the professional politician is a position that should never occur, the representatives should be defined by the local regional people and honestly represent their constituents for a single term, two at the most rather than be influenced by ‘the almighty buck’ of corporate lobbyists and lifetime retirement plans that get snuck pages deep into laws that get passed.

          The problem is that so many people have become complacent with the status quo, and not standing up for what they should have all along. Example: Parents have become afraid to punish their children in fear their neighbor will report them to Social Services and potentially be charged with neglect or abuse and their children taken away while they get imprisoned; the government should not be allowed to micromanage households, thank you ACLU.

          I further believe that IF there is anything that could be remotely considered as a singular cause, it will ultimately result in a domino effect of many problems facing various regional peoples differently and be considered as part of the all-inclusive SHTF.

          Regardless, of an individuals’ preparedness for one disaster over another, I certainly hope it does not ever happen; unfortunately the writing on the wall appears to be indicating an upheaval of some sort imminently. As long as one is at least prepared for ‘some [any] event’ they are most likely better prepared than the majority of the sheep.

          • On a side note, if ANYONE should be considered a bunch of pussies, that would be Fearless Leader and is biatch SoS Hillary for not allowing armed forces guarding our embassies, and making apologies to peopel that have attacked our embassies and killed an ambassador and other staff.

          • Mike I’ve got to say that at a second glance we have much more in common than I originally thought. I completely agree with many of your points, especially the danger of the status quo. While I agree that the government has no place in micromanaging households; I believe the government taking steps to disarm the dangerous. While many readers of this website disagree with me and consider this sacrilege, I believe that the government should have the right to take steps to prevent violence and domestic terrorism. I am a christian and a firm believer that Christ would rather have us all disarmed. Anyways, what troubles me about this website is that it pushes an agenda under the guise of survival preparedness. I’m all for free speech, but I am no longer going to use this site as a resource for survival preparedness. If thinking that Obama is truly the anti-christ, and that he is doing everything in his power to drive this country in to the ground, that he is going to bring about the apocalypse will encourage you to create a disaster plan, then so be it. (I am not addressing you Mike, as you clearly have a head on your shoulders). Although I do not see the same writing on the wall as you, and do not believe that the S is going to HTF in the near future, I am surely going to be prepared for it. However in the meantime, I am going to enjoy life pre-SHTF. I think it is all too common in the prepper community to obsess over a coming disaster, and frankly I think it is unhealthy. I could be wrong, but I think you’d agree Mike: spending ones time fixating on conspiracies, fanaticize the current political climate (as the poster below me has), and obsessing over the ‘impending apocalypse’ is simply a waste. There are far too many ways one can live a better life. Be prepared, gain the knowledge, then live a life Pre-SHTF. Whats the point of obsessing over an event, even if it is inevitable. If it does happen in my lifetime I will be content knowing that I am properly prepared but the SHTF hasn’t defined my life up until that point. Anyways, good luck. Stockpile, then smell the roses.

          • I agree 100% with disarming the dangerous, but to do so ‘preemptively’ without any warranted reason before a crime has been committed in my mind is not the way to go about it. If you take guns away from people that have not committed any crime, the true criminals will still have guns regardless; that is just setting good people up for failure right from the start.

            This whole article to me, other than commenting that infringing on a persons right to own a gun if they so chose is irrelevant because I do not own any firearms myself. I do own a number of bows and am quite proficient with all my archery equipment, which is all I need to provide additional food should the need arise.

            I also believe this site often goes off on tangents that are not directly related to “survival” issues, but some may feel these tangents offer brainstorming events and shed light to items that can contribute to a better condition where survival may be necessary. Being aware of your surroundings, the issues that are occurring locally and globally may have a direct impact on the longevity and level to which you will survive.

            I do agree that “fixating” on theories is foolish, but dismissing those same theories entirely is also just as close-minded. Life is too short, regardless of ones perspective, so everyone needs to ‘take time and smell the roses’ and spend time with those you truly care about, because whenever “IT” happens, whatever IT may be, I reiterate: “There is nothing anyone can do about it other than attain the best quality of life that you can. I agree with focusing on being at peace with yourself and your loved ones and accept that as it is.”

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